Hart of Dixie Review: Losing Inhibitions, Shirts

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Editor's note: I will try my hardest to review "In Havoc & In Heat" without making a single reference to Nellie and how it was getting hot on Hart of Dixie this week, so the residents of Bluebell took off almost all their clothes.

I will also attempt to do so as a heterosexual male, which could prove to be a challenge considering this episode was clearly aimed a certain female demographic that might enjoy watching Cress Williams and/or Wilson Bethel walk around for 40 minutes without a shirt on. Hmmm.... I wonder if anyone out there like that exists.

Getting Hot in Here

Overall, I enjoyed the antics of this Alabama heat wave, as everything around the edges of the episode was a blast.

Zoe was on fire with her retorts (I'm guessing that's a rhetorical question. I'm also guessing you don't know what rhetorical means); the chemistry between her and Wade was stronger than ever; and you've gotta appreciate the shout-out to Wonder Woman as Zoe was trying on seductive outfits (Rachel Bilson has long been rumored as a candidate to take on that iconic figure if a movie were ever made).

But I have a major problem with one key element at the center of the episode: Lemon Breeland. Specifically, in this case, the relationship between her and Lavon.

Is anyone out there feeling it? I've been given no reason to believe these two were ever a couple. Lavon is charismatic, friendly, social, a world-traveler from his days playing football. Lemon, through four episodes? She's rude, selfish, spoiled, narrow-minded. Heck, I barely even buy her engagement to George, who is as understanding of others as Lemon is short-tempered.

Hart of Dixie is making me laugh when it wants to, but it's not bringing up any other emotion. I watched Lavon cry and almost kiss Lemon with a look of bewilderment on my face, not with any tears welling up in my eyes. Expand Lemon's character, writers, or her heartfelt moments will never resonate.

It's a problem the show has in other areas, as well. Too many characters are one-dimensional. No mother-in-law-to-be in the history of mankind has ever acted as overtly and repetitively rude as George's mom, for instance. This was a chance to soften Lemon a bit, but Mrs. Tucker was painted in such a broad, over-the-top stroke that I didn't take any of her scenes seriously.

Still... I watch. And I mostly enjoy. Zoe and Brick have developed a fun rivalry and, hey, it's not like Bilson - always a hoot - didn't wear a revealing dress of her own this week. There was some eye candy there for my gender, too.

If the goal, as has been stated multiple times by cast and crew members, is to make Bluebell a place in which I'd like to reside, that goal has been accomplished. Just keep me away from Lemon while I'm there. She pretty much sucks.


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I love Hart of Dixie! It's charming and fun, it also reminds me of Everwood which was a personal favorite of mine. I've been enjoying everything about the season thus far, and this episode was no exception. It was funny, charming and a little emotional. Not to mention that a large portion of the episode featured a half naked Wade, which, funny dialog and riveting story line aside: was more than enough to keep me watching. Here's hoping they renew it!


I agree I want Zoe and Wade to fall in love, and I think they will, but not without the bumps first and of course some overlooking on Zoe's part. I think she'll come to her senses.


I dont think Ill be able to watch if Zoe and Wade dont hook up soon! I mean come on theres taking it slow and then theres just dragging out unnecessary tension! And if Zoe and George get together I will stop watching completely, talk about BORING! That will be the MOST boring relationship ever to watch!


"considering this episode was clearly aimed a certain female demographic that might enjoy watching Cress Williams and/or Wilson Bethel walk around for 40 minutes without a shirt on" Uhhh im a gay guy and i certainly enjoyed seeing Wilson Bethel walking out of a lake without a shirt. anyway i totally agree with you about lemon


I don't care for Lemon. I like that Lavon/Lemon and Zoe/Wade didn't happen yet.


I love this show ! (quite paradoxical to have an episode about a heat wave when it's getting colder everyday but it's actually kind of "refreshing"... in some way...) and I can't wait to see next week episode.
This particular episode was even more awesome than the previous ones because of... Wade. He is so hot ! It's probably going to be Zoe/George thing in the end (like, seriously, the guy is never getting married with Lemon it is obvious) but George is really boring and super predictable so I'm still hoping to see something great happen with Wade.
I'm not really into the Lavon/Lemon story for now but maybe something really interesting will happen between them at some point.


oooh man.... End up with George...don't break my heart. Wade is the hottest thing I have seen in, I don't know, forever. I would have dropped the show long ago if it weren't for the pitter patter that sexy thing lays on my heart every week. Actually the show is starting to flesh out. Summer heat episode by far the best so far. Could that be because of the near action between Zoe and Wade? You betcha. Keep it coming. Make my week.


i think that is Lemon's role: SUCKS!
and she is good at it!
I miss Didi already!


I Looooved this episode! Although, I was totally let down by the ending with Zoe and Wade. They really need to be together.:)


Does anyone know who the actress is who played Tucker's mom? It's driving me nuts!

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