Hawaii Five-0 Review: Together Again

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Ka Hakaka Maika’i: The Good Fight.

Now that all the members of Five-0 are back together, we got to see them get their fighting on on "Ka Hakaka Maika'i," as they were faced with a murder during a home invasion.

It was back to business as usual for the team, from Steve going toe-to-toe with MMA champion Chuck Liddell to watching the now five-person unit take down those robbers - and business was good!

White vs. Wo Fat

Watching our heroes go at it with these antagonists was one of the best actions scenes we've been treated to this season. It was nearly perfect, but one had get away, of course. Enter the requisite chase scene!

This happens so often, my wife has started keeping keeping track. Tonight the count was two: first the last home invader, then Boriero. 

Elsewhere, we got a visit from Wo Fat, or rather Joe White got a visit. You have to admit, White held his own pretty well, given Wo Fat’s history. On the other hand, I’m sad that Mokoto is dead, he seemed like a gentle old man and really didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Did you agree with Joe that he and Steve asking questions go Mokoto killed? I don't. I’m with Steve. The responsibility lies with the Wo Fat, as he made the choice. 

I have a question for the anti-Lori TV Fanatics, too: What do you think of how they started reshaping her character? Did you notice she was never “dressed up” (ditching the sexy business woman look) and was actually showing a strong tom-boy side when she talked to Steve about sparing with her ex-boyfriend when she learned MMA and Judo? 

I’m pretty lonely in the “I ♥ Lori” club, but it looks like Alex Kurtzman and his team were working hard in this episode to bring a few more converts over. I’ve said it before, I have no complaints with her joining the team; she has added a strong element with her profiling background and she prevents Kono from being the only girl. That’s “win/win” in my book.

That said, it was disappointing that the show stuck with its current trend of advertising a guest star and then only featuring one scene with him/her. This week we got to meet Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) from NCIS: Los Angeles. She clearly had a history with Joe, which I had hoped meant we would see her for more than three minutes. Alas, it was not to be.

In the end, with Wo Fat back on the war path and Steve having learned a bit more about what his father was talking to him about, I suspect Joe and Steve will need to be a bit more careful.

Whatever comes at Five-0, however, it will be nice to see them all face it... together.


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Overall the story was interesting. I went from thinking it was the sister to it being the fighter that killed the guy and was surprised when it came back to the brother in law. Great MMA fighting scenes with a bare chested Steve. Can't go wrong there. But where was the bromance?? Last season it would have been Danno wrapping Steve's hands while giving him crap about doing the fight and trying to talk him out of it. Instead we get Lori and a flat attempt at flirting...I keep hoping they get away from that, though I don't get an "interested" vibe from McGarrett at all. Lori may have been an interesting character if it hadn't felt like they forced her on us continuously and at the expense of the other characters screen time. Loved the reappearance of Wo Fat, but I worry that the eventual end to the long term story won't live up to this big ongoing build up.


u know what,I thought this show was built on the chemistry and bromance between Steve and Danny in the first instance.But in this season,apparently I was wrong with that.
There were so many scenes in which Danny should've been supposed to stand at Steve's side,but now he's kinda like background not one of the core characters.
If someone who's running this show want to replace bromance with romance,please just let Danny go!


Wow, Kudos to joe, given Wo Fat's past with the chinese army and all, he definitely held his own. get rid of lori already, i was a fan at the beginning, but now Kono's back, they might as well get rid of her by her dying from doing some heroic, at least leaves on a good note. cant wait till episode 10 when they reveal the truth my jenna kaye left, hopefully weston goes also. but overall, not enough Kono, Chin or Danno, dam lori.


You're not alone in the I


The chairman from Iron Cheif american if he ever decade to go into acting he make a cool badguy, I too felt Agent Kensi Blye was wasted Why not use one of your own team memeber to do something as simple as reading lips these Lori seem cool and bring a lot to the team


i enjoyed the episode, but i thought joe white would have fared better in a fight since he trains navy seals. Lori is still annoying, she takes away one of the best part of the show, Steve and Danny bromance. There are not as many scenes with them doing there usual banter. If it aint broken, then dont fix it. Last season when it was just four on the team the dynamics were perfect. Send Lori back to wherever she came from.


I loved the fight scenes from Steve, very hot.
The presence of Lori is forced and adds nothing. I think we have to put up with Lori, because she will be the team member who will be killed by Wo Fat. That's my hope.
Danno was very cute with the boy.


The take-down was good. Joe fights well.

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Max: How is your sense of smell Agent Weston?
Lori: excuse me?

Steve: Mouth guard.
Danny: You need a helmet not a mouth guard.