Hawaii Five-O Review: "Kame'e"

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Kame’e: The Hero.

Steve and his team worked to stop an assassin who was targeting Navy SEALs this week, making Steve and the Five-O team "Kame'e."

Who else is excited that Lt. Commander Joe White is moving to the islands, where he could potentially be a regular (or at least significantly recurring) character on Hawaii Five-O? I have made it no secret that I really enjoy Terry O'Quinn’s portrayal of White and this week's revelation just added to my budding man-crush!

Shot of Kono

I didn’t realize what a hot head Steve could be until Joe White was added to the mix as the sage wisdom-imbued father figure. After watching Steve go after Drayton in the cooler, I actually wondered if Lt. Governor Denning was right in his assessment that Five-0 had been over-stepping more than they should have.

Was Steve this big of hot head last season and I just not see it? Or do they need a grumpier McGarrett to make Joe White work as the calming influence?

Elsewhere, I was also very happy with Lori Weston this week. First, the writers turned down the “sultry sex-kitten” look/feel about 50%. She is still attractive, but she didn’t seem out of place.

Second, the skills she showed off made her one part Jenna Kaye, one pary Kono and 100% awesome as she went “Steve like” toe-to-toe with Danny in the car about marriage.

Speaking of Kono, she is either sliding to the dark-side faster than you can say “Anakin Skywalker” or, as one TV Fanatic suggested last week, she has gone undercover for Captain Frye.  Either way, I hate the story arc with a passion.

To start with, it’s not connecting to Five-0 other than having Kono as the key officer. Past that, Grace Parks can’t do “wounded and brooding." She just looks bored and Billy Baldwin as Frank Delano is yet another Haole cast in a roll of an important character. 

Wait, the dirty cop turned mobster is named Delano?? In Hawaii??? Really? Really?!?  First we had “Captain Frye” and now “Frank Delano.” What’s next, is a Corleone going to show up?

Did they buy this story arc from a script set in Chicago/New York or did one of the writers work on Detroit 187 last year?

I really hope that Alex Kurtzman and his team finish up this whole “Good Wahine” storyline and get Kono back to the Five-0 where she should be kicking ass and taking unconscious names. 

What did you think of Baldwin's portrayal of Delano? Is there more to him other than he looks rugged and dashing with only half of his face being lighted from a naked light bulb?


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I read all ur guys' comments here be4 I leave mine.
Well,I thought I was the only one who disliked the Lori character at all.
And I'm too disappointed to say anything about the very last episode,coz nothing make sense there,oh except KONO's storyline.
I believe that she's working undercover too,but what I do not understand is why Steve and Danny didn't show even a little bit care about Kono.Weren't they a team????? Orz
And if my memory is correct,it was Steve who made the decision of stealing money from HPD.Now what,as if he's not a part of that.
BTW I do appreciate the ending part of the NAVY SEALS stuff,I was shocked,honestly!


Did anyone notice that the picture of the "Lieutenant" who was going skydiving was wearing an enlisted uniform. Also wondering why McGarret's former SEAL commanding officer Joe White (Terry O'Quinn) is still only a Lieutenant Commander? I would have expected him to be a Rear Admiral or at least a Captain. I guess the writers need to be a little more savy about the Navy if they are going to continue to use that story line.


Fortyseven, that is the most condensed and accurate "reply to all the comments before" I have ever seen... I love it!


Is anyone letting CBS know how you feel about the changes this season?


Well, I used to like my name. I don't know what everyone is getting so upset about. The ratings will continue to fall with this Lori Weston on the show and they will can her. Unless, they are complete idiots. In that case, this will be not only the second season but the LAST season. I agree with most of you, she cannot act and she forces TRYING to be sexy...not working for me. Until they put something else on opposite H50 I will watch it. Don't like Castle. Hope H50 doesn't turn into that (sorry peeps-don't hate me).


Well I have read the comments here. I thought I was the only one who saw that the Lori character sucked. What the hell are they thinking? She cannot act and she's not sexy though it's apparent she tries to force it. I will give it a couple more episodes then I quit watching. Anyone know what else is on?


I agree, why are you showing Steve with that Lori. She does not fit in AT ALL!!!!! You people do not know when to leave well enough alone. She is a lousy actress. Make her a clerk, keep her in the office and off the case. And when is KONO COMING BACK FULL FORCE!!!!!!!! You create a good series and then screw it up A.S.A.P. Get a CLUE. Lori STINKS. DUMP her.


It seems like they are sacrificing Danny's screen time for Lori, and it's really not working out. Especially because Lori's character is annoying and rather smug. They need to put back the Steve-Danny interaction, And why are Steve and Danny acting as if they are totally oblivious to what's going on with Kono? It's as if only Chin cares what's happening to her...that doesn't seem like the team we got to know in Season 1


I liked the Joe, Chin & Steve scenes - good chemistry there. Max was good comic relief. Good to see some action and more plot after last week. Danny didn't even show up until almost 15 minutes in. That is just wrong. Lori is a boring character that brings nothing to the team. She doesn't fit in with the team and has no chemistry with anyone. The delivery is wooden and emotionless. Her scenes, particularly with the widow, were terrible. The only one in a car with Danno should be Steve. Need more bromance and carguments - the dynamic that launched the show. Loved the Seal scenes and Danny's line, "You did that" at the end - very powerful. Skydiving was "Mighty Mouse", but still looked cool. The music rocked last night. Still don't like that no one asked about Kono. Her story line looks interesting, but I can't wait for her to rejoin the team. I'm not feeling the ohana like I did last year. Good ep, major improvement from last week, but I want Steve and Danno back together again.


Fred, the girl is Serena Karnagy

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