Hawaii Five-O Review: "Mea Makamae"

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Mea Makamae: precious object, treasure.

On Hawaii Five-0 this week, the team must uncover what "Mea Makamae" a salvage diver was going after that got him killed.

The episode offered an impressive list of guest starts, most notably Patty Duke and Peter Fonda. The former was great in her portrayal of Sylvia Spencer, and although the latter didn't receive a great deal of screen time, he still made an impression as Jesse Billings.

A Hawaiian Salute

I did have one main problem with the Princesa treasure story. That being when Dr. Asano (Autumn Reeser) stated that the Princesa was a Spanish trade ship that had ducked into Hawaii to make repairs and sank there. I'm pretty sure a Spanish trade ship carrying thousands of gold pieces wouldn't have been anywhere in Pacific Ocean, much less close enough to Hawaii during a gun battle that it made a reasonable safe harbor.

As a Spanish trade ship in the 1700s, her range would have extended at most to the Caribbean islands, more likely just around the cape of Africa. I will freely admit that Spain sent many ships to the Americas, but those were ships rigged for long voyages not trade. 

That aside, I really enjoyed seeing Patty Duke in this episode as Blake's mother. Just as enjoyable was when we figured out that Blake was attempting to recover his grandfather's remains so his mother could have some closure. It was a really nice touch. Hawaii Five-0, you redeemed your earlier treasure ship flub. 

Actually, I wonder if the treasure portion was only put there as a way for Danny to meet Dr. Asano. If so, then it served its purpose. It’s good to see Danny getting back on the dating horse. As much as I wanted him and Rachel to end up together, if she is going to be written out of the show, at least he won’t be lonely. 

Speaking of being written out of the show, clearly Steve’s calendar is being cleared as Lt. Catherine Rollins was sent on a new temporary assignment overseas. If we're lucky, this is a good sign that Michelle Borth will be returning to the role of Maj. Rebecca Gordon on Combat Hospital.

Steve and Lori

TV Fanatics and other fans have all expressed their belief that Lori was brought in as a love interest for Steve. This was the first week that I could see any indication there could be something to that. Consider his reply when Lori asked about Catherine: "That’s an old friend."

In the continuing saga that is Kono’s fall to the dark side, we got to see Frank Delano hanging out at her house and warning her to handle Chin-Ho. I discussed my feeling on Delano last week and his appearance here rivaled Fonda’s for shortest and did nothing to change my mind. 

I was glad to see Chin-Ho come back at the end and remind Kono that he has been through the same thing. I’m sure I wasn't the only one talking to the TV and telling Chin-Ho he was being a jerk after she stood by him. Okay. Maybe I was.  

Finally, Joe continues to be the father figure to Steve and a calming influence. He tried hard to wrangle in Steve’s one-track mind about digging into his father and Wo Fat.  Did Joe do the right thing by not sending the video as he said he would? Do you think Steve is better off not knowing what his father was doing?

Chime in now.


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Whatever happened to Hawaii Five-O? Didn't the network ever hear "If it ain't broke don't fix it?". Steve & Danny are no longer partners, Lori is Steve's backup, Steve can't solve anything without getting help from Joe, Kono doesn't have anything to say, and the Medical Examiner has more lines than Danny! The show should be renamed "LA Five-O" with all the Hollywood actors in it. The only thing that reminds one of Hawaii is the fat Hawaiian who sells shrimp ice cream at the beach! This used to be an exciting, fun show, like the original one with Jack Lord. Not anymore.


Did anyone else notice that Catherine gets "reassigned" after making the inquiry favor for Steve? Smells fishy to me anyways.....


GJ--the average fan does not want to "guide" the stories. After an awesome season 1, I think maybe some of us are a little bit let down with the first few eps of season 2. Hopefully, Kono is undercover and her story arc will have us cheering when it resolves. It just seems to me that casting female characters needs work. It was great to see Larisa Olyenik, but the Jenna Kaye character was a let down, mainly because it seems to me that they do not have enough time to fully develop the female characters. We never saw Jenna in a fight scene, and That made her boring. Same thing goes for this new Lori character. Not sure about anyone else, but I''m under the impression that she is also working for Wo Fat, as Jenna exited when Lori arrived without bothering to find out anything about her. Just a personal preference, and perhaps rude, but I don't want to see all-Anglo actors and actresses on Hawaii Five O. It's Hawaii-not Salt Lake City. Lori should have been Asian or native Hawaiian IMO. Highlights--I loved Max and it was great to see Patty Duke! Loved the treasure storyline and Danno was hilarious in this ep flirting with museum lady. Love Scott Caan! Despite the current frustration, Hawaii Five O is still a great show.


I will add to the list of fans who don't like the Lori character and also don't care for Lauren German's acting. I hop4e they don't make her a love interest with Steve*Ugh* I am disappointed that they let Michelle Borth go as Catherine,I liked her with Steve. The episode was not bad,love Alex,think he's great. Love all the original team members,Alex,Scott,Grace,and Daniel. I just wish Lenkov would get rid of the Lori character and bring Kono back!.


****Mrs. Smith
October 11th, 2011 11:40 AM
Am I the only that sees that Kono is working undercover.**** Nope. I feel like they've been waving the "undercover. Deep, deep undercover" flag on this story line since the very beginning. Do they think we've never seen any other tv shows?


Who was the half-blind barman? Should fans be "guiding" the story lines? Either get a life or get a job as a screenwriter on your own show. I think many of your comments are just plain cruel, people.


This episode was just okay.The story lines aren't the same as last season.I think it gets weaker.And the new girl, Lori, doesnn't add the show anything, she ruins the show, and can't even act.I realy don't understand that why producers wants to keep her, they have to do something about her.If this goes like this, the show's ratings will drop more.HEAR US UP PETER LENKOV..


While new characters change the formula, formulaic is bad when it's overexposed. I loved the history. Spanish treasure ships did travel in the Pacific too. Max was funny. Joe's intriguing. Liked the scenes at the shrimp/ice cream hut. I didn't like the way Danny (flirting) and Steve (saying goodbye) acted towards Asano and Cat. Lori's alright but needs improvement.


I thought this was a pretty good episode. I really loved Patty Duke's scenes, especially when she asked Steve if he had served. Alex was wonderful as always. Peter Lenkov has already said that Kono's story is a five-episode arc, so it'll be resolved soon and she will be back with the team. I'm sorry that Catherine is gone, and I'm sure their relationship wasn't serious to either of them, so I didn't think their goodbyes were particularly
awkward. I'd love to see her come back though. I'm glad Lori isn't a love interest for Steve, and I don't think she adds much to the show.


It's good to read all these comments - and I hope the H50 producers are listening, because these come from people who care about this program. And I'll add my voice to those saying Lori should be gone; Steve and Danny need to find their friendship again (the camaraderie has seemed strained - at least the writing is not as good as it was in the first season for their banter). Joe now becomes someone we're not sure we fully trust; his not being upfront with Steve re the tape is betraying a trust - and Steve has too few people to trust with his deepest concerns/feelings as it is.
Again, Lori is just wrong. Peter had twittered that Lori was not a love interest and that "Catherine was coming back."
Really? Coming back to leave? Which is what happened in this last episode. Steve calling her an old friend; the incredibly awkward scene between them; Steve's feeble 'meet you in Mumbai' line - truly sorry to see Catherine go.
She was the perfect love interest for Steve. Please don't let it be Lori! And hope Catherine returns. As for the Kono affair - like it. It adds another dimension to the program and concerns a character we care about. Teaser for next week looks interesting.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Danny: The treasure Blake was looking for looks like he might have already found it.
Steve: Yeah, and it might have gotten him killed.

Steve: You're putting the guy's hand on like it's a glove. Max, that's disgusting.
Max: Yes, but very effective.