Sundays 10:00 PM on Showtime

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I just wasn't overly impressed.... I will give it a few more weeks to fully form an opinion but its yet to WOW me...


I'm also in the position of not having Showtime and I loved the first episode. I'm not sure I'd compare it to "24" yet, my all time favorite. To bad we can't just pay per view on this one.


Thanks Sean! Yeah it's definitely off to a good start.


one of the best pilots this season ive seen. my only complaint. dont have so many sex scenes if they're all gonna be censored like that.


Nice review Dan! Just wanted to point out your review was one of the top listed articles under google entertainment news. Thought it was pretty cool and had to mention it to you.

Certainly looking forward to where this show is headed!


I watched the pilot yesterday online since I don't get Showtime. I thought it was good. Morena Baccarin was excellent. I loved her reaction to Brody's scars in the scene in the bedroom. Claire Danes character was very off-putting, but thats in a good way. Too bad I won't be able to watch the show right now.

Also, I have know if anyone saw the picture of Christian Kane that was on the daughter's wall in the scene where Jessica barges into the daughter's room. Thats just really unusual...

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