Homeland Trailer: Revenge for Brody?

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Carrie befriended Brody to conclude the most recent episode of Homeland. Or maybe she was just feeling him out in person. Or perhaps she had truly become addicted to following this man's life.

Indeed, the interaction between central Homeland characters on "Semper I" was fascinating to deconstruct.

Look for things to get even more interesting this Sunday, as Brody actually confronts the man who tortured him. Will he ask for face time with this terrorist out of revenge? Or out of fear that he'll blow Brody's cover? Watch the official Showtime trailer now and see if you can get an idea:


I love this show, and I can't wait to see where Brody and Carrie's relationship goes from here. I wonder if she'll actually start to develop feelings for him the way Lynn (I think that was her name) did for the prince.

Uncle jackass

I think it's a testament to Homeland that I can't predict the plots or directions of the story. In comparison, the show 24 which was a bit unpredictable because of an over-elaborate circumstances of events. Homeland leads with character whose actions can't be predicted. In terms of character development, we can't tell if Brody and Carrie were scoping each other (@review) or flirting with each other. I suppose I will just have to tune in.

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There's a theory, men secretly fear their wives are crazy and women secretly fear their husbands are losers.


Carrie: I missed something once before. I won't, I can't let that happen again.
Saul: It was ten years ago. Everyone missed something that day.
Carrie: Everyone's not me.