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I totally agree with Jessica here. Its just not the same show. Also don't forget about the cancer researcher who gave up her job to be happy in life. Sacrificing a "gift" for freedom to do what she couldn't do before. True, her medical condition didn't cause her to do it but I think it paraells with Thirteen wanting to just be happy. Will definitely miss her but they do need to bring back Chase to get the back and forth dialogue back with House. Maybe the show could still be salvaged that way. Its not believeable with Park and maybe a little with Adams...


Foreman no longer has any personality and is merely a vehicle to provide conflict for House. That pipsqueak Park is an annoying mosquito. There is some hope for The Newer Girl if she and House can establish some chemistry. Wilson just keeps recycling lines from previous years, most significantly, "You aren't my friend anymore." (Who believed that?) I think the show needs to set a date for expiration and go out in a blaze of glory. Oh wait a minute, that was last year's finale. Me thinks they are on borrowed time.


Pretty much the only thing i like about this episode was the case, the rest no so much. As you pointed it the case and ethical dilemmas were extremely interesting. I havent been this interested in the case/patient since the African dictator that chase killed. But right now i cannot stand his "team" if you can call it that. As another commentor pointed out. Like every dynamic in the show went to crap. There is no team dynamic anymore, theres no give and take, no one stands and argues a point anymore. One of my favorite things about House were the differential scenes and now they are pretty much nonexistent. The house-foreman relationship [the faux house-boss/cuddy] is crap. in EVERY instance when Foreman was on the same level as house or slightly above him it was BARELY believable and BARELY worked, but now we are supposed to buy that he is dean of medicine and its going to work long term, yeah right. Dont get me wrong I think Omar is a very talented actor, i've like him since back in his ER days, and i like the Foreman character too, but i dont buy him having any control over house.


No one is glad that the approach taken to the thyroid of the patient?
I'm glad to make a memory of the first seasons where the explanation of each case were make like that.
What if I did not like was the way House resolved the case, and that explains it right there to Wilson and do not leave the room and left Wilson upset as in other chapters.


I love house best show on ty will allways watch it long as its on.love you dr.house


You forgot the subway hero in Season 7 (POTW was actor who played Shaggy in Scooby Doo) in your list of past episodes with same theme.

You are mistaken. House drove his own car into Cuddy's dining room, not Wilson's car.


Great review Lisa and I haven't watched it yet but will do so today or tomorrow. This of course is the first season I've NOT watched House episodes on the night they air. I will try going into this episode with an open mind. I know that you did and you always do. You don't deserve the criticism you've received because I know how much you put into your writing and how objective you try to be. It IS hard not to compare this show with its past because its past was so good! :)

The thing about this whole "new life, new look" for House is too little, too late in my book. It feels forced as if they didn't have a choice...oh wait they didn't have a choice. After the incredible mess TPTB made of Season 7, they really didn't have a choice but to move in this direction.

My sadness over what's happened to this show isn't about one person (Lisa) leaving the show, it's about the loss of a DYNAMIC. This DYNAMIC could have been preserved through well-written stories which would have kept ALL the actors enthusiastic about their jobs, as well as keeping the characters and stories interesting and the fans excited over the show, all resulting in HIGH ratings and we know HIGH ratings would have made Fox/NBCU very happy!

Forget the romantic relationship between House and Cuddy for a moment (which in my opinion could have been successfully written in the backdrop and not made the forefront of every episode or barring that it just never should have happened in an effort to retain the House-Cuddy dynamic we once had, but alas it did and now look at the mess we have left) just think about the difference between Cuddy and Foreman as Dean of Medicine, and Cuddy and Foreman in terms of House and his respect for them. House doesn't respect Foreman, not really. Ok in the past on a few occasions he may have respected Foreman, but does he now? Not really. Why should he? He used to imply he didn't respect Cuddy but he did and he showed it in his own weird House way. But Cuddy and House had a history, which Foreman and House don't have and that history had a HUGE impact on how House and Cuddy interacted. TPTB can't erase it, can't make us forget it happened, and can't cover it up. It's just there, in our minds. We already know the backstory, and it can't be erased or forgotten.

Before folks criticize me for my comments, understand that I used to LOVE the show, the WHOLE show, which means the characters, their stories AND the riveting medical cases. I can't tell you how much I miss the old team and how much I miss the second team and especially Kutner. In the early days Foreman was terrific, as were Chase and Thirteen. I even grew to like Cameron, she really "grew up" over the course of the show and you could tell House was proud of her, remember in Season 5 he had a rather serious personal talk with Cameron at the ER counter about her relationship with Chase and she felt comfortable enough with him to open up about knowing Chase was going to propose and why she was so afraid of it. I really loved that moment between Cameron and House, it showed just how much their relationship had evolved from the old boss-employee to colleagues on the same level.

Hugh is always going to be great and House-Wilson will always be good together but they seem unbalanced, the dynamic is just not what it was. It's impossible to watch this season and NOT compare it to past seasons, the show was just THAT good. When you've had pure excellence, nothing less than that will ever be good enough.

Keep up the good work Lisa and to all the fans, keep your chins up and remember the good times!


House drove Wilson's house through Cuddy's window, not his own. Although you wonder how he managed to keep his apartment and his house, and who took care of them, for the year that he was in prison.


Favourite quote from another show that relates to this episode:

Trina: Pop Tart?
Logan: Hmmm, a Tart from a tart.
Trina: Ye of the sickle wit. Can I ask you something?
Logan: Hmm, would you look at that? [mimics pulling something from his mouth] There was a string attached to my Pop Tart. [tosses away imaginary string]
Trina: Yeah. Well, I'm in a little bit of a jam, and I could use a loan.

Morale of the story... There is no such thing as a selfless act (@credit goes to Friends).

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