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Halfway through "Risky Business," I started looking at my watch. 

Typically I only care about the time to see if House is coming up with his routine epiphany at five to the hour. But tonight it was purely out of boredom. Here's was the problem with the episode: I only care and know about Wilson and House. 

Not only did I learn nothing new about House this evening - he's an ass, he's conniving, he's dishonest, he's brilliant - I also noticed that Dr. Adams is quickly moving into a type of role with which I'm uncomfortable.

House v. Foreman

First, she's trying to control House in a similar way Cuddy did. Remember that episode way back in season three that the writers have clearly forgotten about? It was called "One Day, One Room" and in it, Cuddy gave House more clinic hours in the hopes that he might actually feel something for people and spark some humanity in him. 

And here we are, five years later presented with a cleavage-y, smart, slightly naive character (minus 15 years of age) that is Cuddy's poor stand-in. Also Thirteen's, because she is so clearly willing to go to bat against the patients. Or was that Cameron? Sigh... I've lost track of young, sexy female doctors that have come through the series at one time or another.

Also, did House and the patient share any other quality than "asshood?" I'm just a bit confused on his role in light of the rest of the episode. Typically there's something tying the two together. At the beginning of the episode, I thought the parallel was that the patient missed his dead wife and was trying to move away from his grief by doing something a bit insane. 

Was House's "insane" parallel that he went to jail? Does a patient parallel count if it's paralleling House's actions in a different episode? Or are we supposed to just take a look at House and how he conducts business among his staff and understand that it's quite risky and could have gotten Park fired just as the patient's business was also risky, for his investors and for his family life?

What House and the patient lacked in loyalty in a backwards way, they made up for in the pushing people away department. The patient risked his relationship with his daughter and House continues to test those around him that choose to care about him, no matter how futile the task is. Bottom line, this episode was a filler and I could have used some laughs if it wasn't even pretending to be dramatic.  

And how about that last scene? House manages to get everything he wants (again!) including: revenge on his neighboring doctor, the satisfying feeling of manipulating Wilson, money for his department, and his version of foreplay, i.e. Dr. Adams destroying everything with House's guidance and permission. I suppose it's nice that House is imparting his destructive wisdom. It takes baby steps to reach the point of driving one's car into an ex's house. But I digress. 

Maybe the destruction of the other doctor's office was more like a Monster Truck Rally high, rather than a deeper, "I'm angry and hurt" explosion.

Any way you slice it, I will never watch this episode again. If someone wants to comment about any part of the installment that was truly worthy of analysis, please let me know. And while you're at it, tell me what you like about Dr. Adams. I'd like to like her. And Dr. Park. But I'm having trouble. 

Next week, Chase and Taub return! This show is sorely lacking in the familiar face department. At this point, I'm happy to see Taub and his nose. Desperate times...


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House is just thrashing around for something to say this season. It's been awful. I have not even bothered to watch the full episodes on two occasions because I'm bored. The characters are a mess - too many/ too predictable and too cliched. Like House himself, I feel I have no empathy or interest in any of them now. Except Taub. he continues to be the best thing about the series now.


I have not like the way this season has started off. All the characters are a mess. You wanted comments about Drs. Park and Adams. The only this Dr. Park has is the appearance of backbone. The way she mumbles her lines; it is like she has gravel in her mouth. She needs to go. Now Dr. Adams, she is a character that can be built on. During the earlier episodes she appeared to be one thing, but then she showed more by the way she played with Dr. Park and then became some what dark when she revealed her problems with her husband. My thought at the end of Episdoe 4 was she and House are going to end up drunk or high and in bed or some other weird relationship. Still Dr. Park has to go!


George, all women you mentioned had a hard time adapting to House, because they all were sensitive. And Park isn't even irritated by him, as they have much in common.
And I don't see how House is manipulating her more than any other person.


Foreman makes no sense and is completely unbelievable as [functioning] superior to House. Even if you forget about all the instances that could have contributed to the unlikelyhood that he would would have been chosen as dean(the "plagiarism*", the assault, the drug trial, etc.), All of which i think could be considered null and void given a strong enough recommendation from Cuddy.
The fact is in every other instance in which Foreman was equal to or higher than house, it flat out didnt work. Its abundantly clear that Foreman has, has never had, and will never have any kind of control over house.
You really expect me to believe that you let house walk out the door with a $200,000 machine, but you still ANY KIND of have control over him? Wheres the tight leash we were promised in the 2nd ep? It is clear that House is still doing WHATEVER he wants WHENEVER he wants, making Foreman as the faux dean of medicine an obsolete figurehead. Colonel Klink had more control over Hogan and his crew than Foreman has over house
[excuse me for showing my age and wikipedia it if you dont get the reference] @Nyctereutes
"Dr. Park is cool......From all women who worked with House, she's probably the best in dealing with his idiosyncracies."
REALLY?!?!?! of ALL the women who have worked with House, you think Dr. Park, who was so easily manipulated by him, is the best in dealing with his idiosyncrasies. No offense but is this your first season watching or something; What about Cameron? What about Cuddy? What about 13? What about ...just about every other female character this show has had? *Ive seen this term thrown around to describe this instance, but i dont think its accurate. Granted i havent watched the ep it in awhile but from my understanding Foreman didnt exactly "plagiarize" the paper, what he did was write HIS OWN case-study on a case that Cameron wrote one on too. Put it this way if i say im doing a paper on string theory and unbeknownst to me a friend writes a paper on string theory too, did he plagiarize me?
...underhanded; yes, ...wrong; maybe....but i wouldnt call it plagiarism/illegal


For a show that is supposedly on its last season its start has been very weak. If the producers intent to keep Adams and Park for the whole season then House is towards jumping the shark. The actual cast of characters is very weak and unbalanced.


I absolutely agree with Alex, Martina and Kelly. Foreman is NOT my favorite character either. However, Foreman IS a great ANTAGONIST for House, as he was once House's subordinate. That makes it that much MORE annoying when he interferes with House's plots. I LIKE to be annoyed by Foreman, it makes it that much more satisfying when House eventually comes out on top. Alex is right, there is a huge problem for me with Foreman being unavailable as a Neurologist, the writes need to keep details like that very well checked, otherwise continuity suffers greatly. Dani: I don't LACK the understanding that reviews are subjecting. I AM CRITICIZING the review because the viewpoints expressed in it are OPPOSED to MINE. Last time I checked, in a DEMOCRACY we ARE allowed to bash views contrary to our own. What you fail to see, Dani, is that House HAS changed: he hasn't changed his philosophy, but he HAS evolved, accepted and self-inflicted punishment for his mistakes AND has learned to respect some of his friends, those who he deems worthy of respect. What he DOESN'T need is others trying to change him. He needs to change on his own. Of course, what MAKES the show interesting IS that others are trying to change him. Being a genius doesn't mean you are a genius at EVERYTHING. I cannot think of a single genius, outside of Leonardo DaVinci, who did not LACK greatly somewhere else: Mozart died an alcoholic. Dali was an eccentric. Steve Jobs was antisocial and a narcissist. Now Dani, what really disappoints me about your reply:
The property that was SMASHED was HIS. He paid for it, which is why the Check he gave Foreman was a "significantly larger amount than what he told House it was going to take to fund the department". Smashing up YOUR OWN stuff is not ILEGAL or viewed as wrong. ANGER is a serious problem, and bottling anger up can lead to RAGE. It is CLINICALLY known as a fact that anger NEEDS an outlet. So if HOUSE can find satisfaction AND help deal with Adams' anger so that she will be more functional, then I see no fault whatsoever. But if you feel SO STRONGLY about VIOLENCE, then I suggest you protest against our government's foreign policies. America IS violent Dani. Action movies, football, hockey, boxing, The Army, Cage Fighting, CARTOONS. Even the three stooges were "violent"… Younger viewers and the message they get? I doubt they will be driving into houses just because they saw it on House. You could more easily blame the Transformers movie franchise (by the way, the "good guys" said "I will KILL you" or "We will KILL them" at least 10 times in the LAST transformers movie). Dani, you will find the THEME TUNE will return once house has his team assembled and his department running. House is a great character. He is great fun to watch. If you are watching the show for the other characters, but HATE House, then you are watching the WRONG SHOW. If he annoys you, and you don't like him, but you like CUDDY, then you ARE WATCHING THE WRONG SHOW. If you hate his behavior, if you dislike him, you are watching THE WRONG SHOW. WHAT I DO agree with you, Dani, is the fact that the show HAS been stretched far beyond the capabilities of the writing team. They simply cannot keep the pace it needs to continue for more seasons. Some very serious talent needs to be invested in ending the show the way it SHOULD: AWESOMELY. Nyctereutes: House actually PAID for all the stuff Adams broke, so he can do what he wants with it, which is why he won't be going to jail.


I liked the last scene. Its like an anger relief. Although she didnt seem very irritated in the episode.


Dr. Park is cool, I really adore her. She's logical, strong personality and fun. From all women who worked with House, she's probably the best in dealing with his idiosyncracies.
Meanwhile, Dr. Adams is... meh... Her only advantage - she's very beautiful (combined with prety clothes she wears, her looks are damaging my self-esteem :D). But her character is plain/undeveloped. I don't like such girls in real life, I don't like them in House.
The last scene was absolutely out of Adams' character; not to mention, that scene was irritating and illogical. This should bring House back to jail, but somehow it will not.


Why is everyone crying about missing characters? Look at it as a completely new show with completely new characters. The episode is quite fine if you aren't spending the whole 42 minutes crying about Chase, Taub, Kutner, Amber, Cameron, Cuddy, Thirteen and Masters not being there. All of these characters were all NEW to us at some point. Now we get to experience a new batch of characters that might come and go as well. I definitely believe House has two more seasons left in it so don't be crying about how this is the last season. I also want to point out that both the prison and psychiatric institution episodes were two of the best in House history and both solely featured House with a bunch of new characters. House CAN carry the show by himself. The only problem I have with the show in its current transition state is Foreman. Foreman couldn't get a job at any other hospital due to his exposure to House and yet the board makes him Dean of Medicine? That just doesn't make sense. And did no one else catch Foreman telling Park that Andrews was the only neurologist they could reach? ISN'T FOREMAN HIMSELF A NEUROLOGIST? I know he's Dean now, but he's still a doctor for crying out loud. And he isn't afraid to keep doing the work as was seen in the 2nd episode. That was a very weird plot-hole to hear. Aside from that, I'm looking forward to more House. I wish we could get a new Dean though. Foreman just doesn't cut it for me. Cameron would have made more sense, although I would prefer if it was someone new.


I've learned not to judge a House episode on one view only.

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