House Review: Hilson, Take Snooze

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So, House is a set of lungs that need to be revived. And by House, I mean the series. No, wait, House is the patient that needs the set of lungs, as he is struggling to breathe given his inability to adapt to an episode without Wilson by his side. 

Or, hold on, House is Dr. Park (Charlyne Yi) who just needs to confront her parents and the attending that harassed her. On "Transplant," we see House struggle for about 30 seconds before getting his way. And we see another fellow comment on his medical metaphors. Do you think I'm stupid, she wonders. I would ask the same to the creators of the series since there is basically no payoff whatsoever for House being in jail. He hasn't changed. He feels guilty. He skipped a year in his middle-aged life and now Cuddy's gone.

Hilson, take 2.

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This episode was quite similar to season 5's premiere, "Dying Changes Everything." In it, Wilson is grieving the loss of Amber after House indirectly killed her. Remember the whole bus accident thing? When this series was still incredibly innovative? We see Wilson walk away from a stunned House and sayung things like "We were never friends."  T

Tonight, it was "I don't like you." I was actually getting into the idea that Wilson and House would be separated for awhile, that Wilson was finally standing up to House.  And then 20 minutes later, Wilson is punching House in the face with forgiveness.

And how about Foreman being the new Dean of Medicine? Does this series have a short memory? Remember when Cuddy wouldn't give Foreman a letter of recommendation because he switched the medication for that Huntington's study? So now all of a sudden, he's Dean? Foreman's newly remodeled office space looks more like prison than House's cell in the premiere, which is, I suppose, a tribute to Foreman's personality.

Out goes strong good chemistry between House and his boss. In comes Dr. Park, the awkward new, and only member of House's team. Where's 13, Taub, and Chase, asks Dorothy, waking up in a black and white Kansas without his Eames chair. "Why, Dorothy," Foreman says, "We couldn't afford to keep your department." 

So we're stuck with the girl who punched out her attending because he grabbed her posterior. Lovely that House and Dr. Park can bond over attacking their superiors. Last year we got Masters, the socially awkward, but genius girl medical student. Is the main difference here that Dr. Park has graduated medical school? And she's Asian? And maybe a little funnier and more deadpan?

I get it. I really do. House is transplanted back into the hospital after nearly a year in prison. It's a bumpy transition for all of two days before House gets his office back.  And it looks like next week, he'll be getting some of his team back, albeit for an episode before Olivia Wilde runs off and makes another movie.  Tell me again why the episode "The Dig" was so vital to the series if 13 is no longer going to be a character in the show? 

And where's Cuddy, viewers might be wondering? Well, she left the day after "the incident" as Foreman so poignantly called it and House is not interested in the details. Shame? Perhaps. Guilt? Definitely. Avoidance? Priceless.

So House admits to being wrong. One step forward. "But I haven't changed." And three steps back. I can't expect anything different from this series. David Shore has made it painfully obvious this is a series about a man who has tried and failed to change. But let me ask this, what is the point of putting him through everything he's gone through if he isn't affected by any of it? It was clear to me that hearing about Cuddy was too much for him. But it doesn't matter. Guilt is something House will always feel. One thing that did interest me tonight was something House said when he was talking with Dr. Park. He seems to have accepted that he's just not a great person. In the past, House has tried to be happy, especially in season 6. Now he's just accepting of his unyielding misery, and I suppose I have no choice but to accept it as well. 

Remember last week when I spoke about there being two types of fans? Let me expand that to the "Hilson" group. The Hilsons of the world are rejoicing tonight since the band is back together again. I will admit to laughing aloud when House brought in some Celine Dion to seduce Wilson into being his one and only friend. Wilson tried to play the angry card, and I would have realistically thought that the show would have dragged it out a bit more, but hey, everyone wants to see Wilson and House up to their crazy hijinks again, right? And lest we forget, it's been about a year since they've seen one another. Maybe now they can play a joke on Foreman, and House can make sinful comments about his suits and...oh, wait.  Maybe I'd just rather watch some old DVDs. 

Next week, the only female character left on the series that I care about returns (promo HERE). For one episode. Any predictions on 13's exit strategy this time around? And oh, by the way, where is Chase? I said last week he was one of the only people left on the series that I liked and he wasn't even in this episode! Hugh Laurie once said he wants this show to go out with a bang, not a whimper. We find out soon if this season is House's last. I'm hoping it will be. 

Leave some comments below on tonight's episode and on the future of the series. 


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"TPTB treat their viewers as House treats his ducklings, but they are no House." I totally agree. I'm tired of it. And tired of people bullying anyone who dares to speak against their god "House". It's a show, it has good times and bad, it makes bad moves and good. And most legit critics I've read all agree it's a fading series. All the hate and attack in the world against honest criticism won't change that fact. Anyways, most of the people I know who watched it called it a snoozefest. The show ISN'T what it used to be and that's a fact. It's a shell of it's former self.


it wasn't that bad it wasn't the best of House but still not bad Foreman as the dean I can't see that lasting long in my opinion hes like House and he will give into House sooner or later. I think it will get better once Chase and Taub come back because I want to see how Taub will deal with the babies by two diffrent women will pan out. I don't think I will give up just yet its the last season anyways


Well it looks like viewers have spoken. The ratings decline started at the end of season six, when the hilson crap fest was in its highest moments. Now the show comes back with a hilson episode and it gets the worst ratings ever. And don´t blame baseball for that. Baseball happens every year and the drop isn´t that massive.


Seems that it doesn't matter what this year brings, as it's "House's" final year. They can put whatever they want on "House"...just to see how many still watch. And, they're laughing all the way to the bank.


My opinion about Miss Palmer and her so called 'review' oscillate between pathetic and ridiculous. Is this site a joke? I'd say so because I don't get why the admins'd allow a disgruntled fangirl who's not able to get over her obsession for a stupid ship to do reviews otherwise.


Ms.Palmer as others have said,if you can't be bothered to get over Cuddy's departure and analyse the show as it is ,pass the reviewing duty to someone who can.
I actually think Foreman as dean of medicine makes sense,the fact is that if his antics had gotten back to the board he would have been in trouble back when they happened and he didn't so I'd say it all stayed within the team.As to his not being a great doctor,we should keep in mind that he may not be great compared to House but he is certainly more competent than Cuddy was, and as an administrator he will be evaluated on his ability to keep the staff in line and the hospital going not on treating patients.As Dean of medicine he is expected to understand what all the branches of medicine in his hospital are doing and why so he can see if they are heading in the right direction and reaching their educational and research goals ,but that's the extent of it.Also I was happy to see that in spite of everything he does admire House's talent and was willing to stand up to the board for him.
While on one hand,I think they could have made Wilson stay mad at House for a bit longer, on the other I don't mind that they didn't. The fact is that pushing House into getting into a doomed relationship with Cuddy is what helped lead to House's destructive behavior.I can't think of any friend with a brain in their head who would have encouraged that so soon after their buddy kicked a years long addiction and had barely started to address why he had become an addict in the first place.I'm pretty sure Wilson would see, in hindsight , that he'd better accept his friend as he is instead of trying to turn him into a suburban husband.
The young doctor's dilemma highlighted House's situation about the way things that happen at work have a way of raising issues in your personal life and I liked her beginning to stand up to House and Foreman more than the way wishy-washy Masters did last year.This girl will soon find her backbone and that would be an asset on House's team.
All in all,though it wasn't one of the best episodes of House,it moved the story foreward.I feel as though the writers are using these episodes as a prologue to the season,almost as if they were a pilot for a new series,it made me look at a lot of things with fresh eyes.


House will never change, THAT'S THE CHARM OF THE SHOW!!!! If you want dumb and boring, switch on any other channel! No one can entertain me like Hugh Laurie can, wrinkled shirts and all! Happy to see Wilson and Foreman back, but where was Chase?? I NEED to see that cutie every week also!!!! Funny, I thought I'd miss Cuddy last night, but I didn't.......but I do still miss Cameron. Her leaving was a big loss for the show. I liked last night's show, better than the season opener. House is always my #1 choice!!!!


if you don't like House come and see how Shonda Rhimes is slaughtering a perfect show like Grey's Anatomy with perfect actors. And you will count you're blessings for House producer.


TPTB said last season this season is the final one. Hugh Laurie said it too and added that there are just no more story lines to explore. I did not like Huddy at all and never liked Cuddy as a character very much either, but at least she was an intelligent foil for House. While House has been an inventive and insightful show, especially in the early seasons and Laurie a fabulous actor, the formula is old hat. TV and movies are full of brilliant characters who are second guessed or disbelieved every episode, look at L&O Criminal Intent as an example. Eventually, these eccentric and gifted characters get boring because every time they have to jump through the same hoops to prove themselves over and over in each episode and the viewer KNOWS this is going to happen every time. Sigh...


Your review was excellent. Ignore the haters who will defend this shambles of a show as long as Hugh Laurie is still breathing. He could take a proverbial dump in a scene and these morons would love it. You are right. The show has lost its edge and its purpose. House is now just a miserable man who enjoys being clever and abusive. It has gotten old since he has no humanity whatsoever to showcase. That's why many of us began watching this guy in the first place -- to see those slivers of scenes where we saw he had some heart or care for a fellow human being. Now he is just a nasty man with no focus. Why is Wilson going to be his friend again? I can only hope Wilson is playing House to find out why House did what he did to Cuddy and why House won't change. That would be worth watching but I highly doubt it. We'll likely find out that part of House's issues is he needs a father figure and he sees that in the big-hearted Wilson who forgives House no matter what (i.e. killing his girlfriend indirectly - remember Amber? Running off their friend and boss, literally by running his car into her home - remember Cuddy?). IF it ends up being a "bros-before-hos" show, the boys can have it. I'm seriously done. I'll read your reviews to find out what happens in mentions about my favorite character Cuddy for all future episodes. Something tells me you won't have to keep writing about this show much longer. I anticipate the ratings are headed downward and I'll keep my lil ole smug-ass smile to myself ...for now.

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