How I Met Your Mother Review: Mystery vs. History

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So video killed the radio star and the smart phone killed the bar room debate, but the "dark ages" were not a nostalgic time of ignorant bliss to be mourned like Ted did on this week's episode,"Mystery vs. History." 

He, of all people, should have never doubted the value of foresight as it pertained to his dating record. Robin and Barney hacked into our hearts once again as we flashed back to them snapping into "research mode" each time Ted announced a new woman in his life.

The smart phone is not America's favorite food, but it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, although even a mini-fridge fetish wasn't enough to freeze out Ted from the beautiful Paula (Rachel Sterling).

HIMYM Fight!

A reluctant Kevin could only hold his tongue for so long before letting Robin and her friends know what he really thought about them. (See Fisher Stevens role as Roger on Friends' "The One With the Boobies.") Kudos to the the writers, though, for using Kevin to poke fun at the character tendencies of the sitcom. Yes, they are predictable but they are endearing, too, a great testament to the creative staff behind each episode. 

But "Sweet Mother of God," did they run that spitting joke into the ground. Some jokes don't deserve a call back. I'll admit I felt like I was missing the reference here. I'm not a bigfan of CSI, any cop drama for that matter, so I felt like something was lost on me. Even still, I felt the spitting relied heavily on the show's laugh track after the first couple times it was used.

Saving graces of the episode were moments such as the physical violence montage, the burlap sack baby outfit, Mia's excitement at seeing hot dogs, Robin's father flashbacks and various Canada references. Were we being set up for another Robin Sparkles episode? I hope so.

Anyone else think Barney could have used the baby's sex as leverage to get out of the Ducky Tie bet? 

Overall one of the weaker episodes, as it often felt disjointed, but Marshall's announcement to Lily that they were having a boy will make it one of the more memorable ones for me. I just love those kids so damn much!


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i didnt particularly like this episode.
i for one think Kal has like 0 chemistry with robin and the group. Ill admit he's a funny guy but he just doesnt fit in the group. Pretty much every other guest, cameo, and girlfriend fit in like 10x better than he does
i didnt like the whole "therapist analyzing the group" bit, thought it was a cheap forced bit.
pretty much the only thing i found entertaining was the barney/robin bit overall 3/5 Also something that just dawned on me[something ive been subtly noticing but just wanted to finally acknowledge it] is that Ted "presumably" the protagonist for the show has definitely become one of the least entertaining, least significant characters. [although admittedly this probably has more to do with Marshall and Barney stealing the show than anything].


The other issue with the spitting gag is that it has been done many times before on this show. The ending to the date was a fizzer, but other than that a good solid episode. Kevin is a bit of a stop gap, you know there is more to Barney/robin story and that Kevin is a fling. Takes the fun out, but I think he was hilarious.....


I thought that this was a greta ep and the best one of the season so far (I certainly laughed more with this one)
I like the whole researching Ted's dates and seeing him freak out at the potential secrets his date was hiding was a lot of fun. Also, it's always nice to see Robin and Barney together and the chemistry between the two characters really shone brightly. Also, I think that Kal Penn is getter better and better with each episode and I really enjoyed his parts...also whilst his blow up is similar to that of Roger in friends, they are two completely different charactars as Kevin isn;t as big an ass and tried to make up for his outburst straight away.
Overall a great ep!


funny how people said Robin had No chemistry and her acting feels forceful now look at her


i thought this was quite funny actually. i love barney and robin playing off each other. and it was ashley from greek!


I hate hate HATE robins bf. Doesn't fit in with them at all. No chemistry and his acting feels forceful!!
i love this show but i will end up skipping episodes with him in it when i re-watch them

Uncle jackass

I was more thinking about how this episode relates to a University of California study about the "Spoiler Paradox" with the theory of minds. Do you like or dis-like spoilers in advance? The larger of majority of people prefer spoilers as it only makes it more engaging and anticipating.

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