How I Met Your Mother Review: "The Stinson Missile Crisis"

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How I Met You Mother took us to DEFCON High-5 this week on "The Stinson Missile Crisis." Robin stomached watching Barney shower Nora with gifts for days on end. She sat nearby, ready to launch an attack on her unassuming coworker like Cuba in 1962 personified, but with just a hint of a Canadian accent and a killer body.

We knew from the start Robin had unleashed the fury on a woman, but she dangled the truth just out of reach while she recounted her efforts to steal Barney back. As Barney began describing his vast array of BDS's, I simply loved seeing him do so while wearing the Ducky Tie. The continuity from last week to tonight was very reassuring for some reason.

Getting back to Barney's WMS's (Weapons of Mass Seduction), I did not think he could top Arnie Linson attourney at law, but then we met Jack Fantastic. Also, did anyone else want to see The Cold Call 5000 take on Joshua from War Games in a round of Global Thermonuclear War or at least a nice game of Chess? 

Kal Penn on How I Met Your Mother

By the end of the episode Robin, like Ted, learned that sometimes love means taking a step back. In Robin's case, that step back was also a step in the direct path of the dumb blond trying to meet Barney. As much as I could picture Robin in prison selling smokes down in the cafeteria, I was excited to see how she interacted with Kal Penn in her court-mandated therapy.

Sadly, I didn't feel his character at all, and moments like when he called Robin a "dog" for trying to lure away Barney fell sadly flat. 

While Penn's role was a missed opportunity for some great scenes, Marshall's demand to go to the birthing class was a completely unrealistic way to get him and Ted alone in an awkwardly funny situation. No husband in the history of pregnancy has demanded to go to a birthing class after their partner already said they themselves didn't want to go. It just doesn't happen. The resulting humor during the class, though - like when Marshall's eyes bugged out as he told Ted "I beleive in you," - made up for it. 

As for pieces of the Mother Mystery, we got a little glimpse at Lily alone in the delivery room and Robin's green dress, which I thought just represented her envy of Nora, but may have been a reference to the green dress we first saw Ted wearing during a flash in the Mermaid Theory episode. 

I loved seeing Robin usurp Ted as the one to tell this week's long, drawn out story, complete with flash backs. The others got their due, as well, and while we were subjected to yet another Mosby-woesby pity party, I did really appreciate the montage of three-man halloween costume ideas. He had me looking forward to the upcoming episode, featuring my favorite night of the year.

A solid Halloween and that fifth slap episode would really make for two memorable chapters in what has already a pretty special start to the season. Let me know what you thought and don't forget to vote on the best quotes from the episode


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Really weak episode for me. Firstly, Robin & Barney DIDNT work, they both knew it, and yet Robin is willingly going down that route again? Why oh why! She deserves better. And I dont believe she IS in love with him, that came way out of the blue. The whole of S4 showed us Barney's feeling and we believed in his journey. This is just lazy writing IMO. As for Barney; loved how far the writers let his character go. All his BDS' were funny tonight. I just didnt buy the corny BF part at the beginning; this is BARNEY STINSON, master manipulator - would it really be that quick and easy for him to revert to soppy boyfriend material? Lily, Marshall & Ted's story was boring as hell. She's like 8 weeks pregnant? Couldn't the birthing class wait until a bit later? Just weird that a) Marshall would be so keen to go and that b) That he & Ted would be allowed to stay, given they're MEN?! I did like the flash to Marshall not being there when Lily is in labour though. Very underwhelming episode, given how strong last week was. Robin and her therapist? Boring. Robin telling a story she wasnt a part of? Boring and odd. Robin's whole SL? Very boring, and played out.


I like Barney and Robin togther


So far this season has been very good, but this episode felt like a side-step or intermission entertainment. Nothing new was said that hasn't already been thorougly gone into in the previous three episodes of the season. I was also quite shocked and disgusted that a hugely popular show like HIMYM think it's OK to promote drinking during pregnancy. All scientific data suggests that total abstinence is the best for the baby - and if there is any doubt about the consequences, it's always best to be on the safe side. Perhaps it's normal to drink during pregnancy in the US, but here in Norway this is strongly discouraged.


I loved Robin telling the story. Kal Penn in his circle looking confused! They should have other characters tell the story for an episode. BDSs were classic Barney. The lamaze scene was dumb and unoriginal though the execution was funnier than it was awkward compared to other series. The lamaze scene ending was funny as was Marshall's poor knowledge of a certain female body part and the doctor's "You poor girl"! I'd imagine we'll see the Slutty Pumpkin on the Halloween episode. That is predictable though.


On the tie....I would say it's generally accepted that it go around the neck. I predict that it'll be there all year, and become a sticking point for some future situation. On the Barney/Robin storyline.....I think it's pretty anemic stuff. That they are trying to wring funny out of a woman NOT telling a guy she already dated that she's having second thoughts...Welcome to "Friends" territory...And I consider this show Anti-"Friends" On Kal Penn....He joins a long list of guest stars to comedies who are there just to draw a check...see Eliza Dushku in TBBT last year. On Marshall and Ted at Lamaze....Hated the premise, hated the execution. On Barney doing Barney stuff.....As usual, Doogie does all the heavy lifting in the funny department. A lot of good stuff there. On the ep as a whole....meh.


Really??? Robin in love with Barney. The whole story line sucks. Why do you make Robin into such an unlikable character. Get rid of the Barney/Robin storyline.

C f ohara

I wondered the same thing Eric. Was it ever stipulated that he had to wear it exclusively around his neck? He could wrap it around his wrist, tie it around his head, and I really don't want to speculate as to anything else he might tie it to.


Agree with you in that I absolutely loved Robin telling the story. Plus, I loved the show poking fun at itself through Kal Penn. Just one very important question. Will Barney be wearing that Ducky Tie all season!?

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