Megan Stevenson Cast as Zoe's BFF on Hart of Dixie

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As evidenced by this week's new episode, Zoe Hart is starting to make some real friends in Bluebell. We loved her interactions with Wade and Lavon on "Gumbo & Glory."

But Rachel Bilson's doctor is about to get paid a visit by her true best friend, as Zap2It reports, as Megan Stevenson has been cast as Gigi, Zoe's good pal from New York.

Who else will visit Zoe in Alabama later this season? Look for her mom to return, while Zoe's non-biological father will also be seen for the first time.

Moreover, look for Wes Brown to debut as a veterinarian and a love interest for Zoe. Because she definitely needs another one of those, doesn't she?


How could this be renewed? Rachel Bilson's character is more like a nymphomaniac call girl than a doctor.Now we add another potential spoiled from New York to suck the South dry.


"Whow!" lol!

Uncle jackass

And the Daniel Craig and Sean Connery Montages help apparently...


Wow. That's a lotta guest stars!


Zoey deserves real friends in Alabama for what she's done!!

Saad khan

Wilson Bethel is smokinn hawt!

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