Meredith Monroe to Guest Star on Hart of Dixie

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Meredith Monroe is on her way to Bluebell.

The former Dawson's Creek star, who has since appeared on episodes of Psych, NCIS and The Closer, will appear on at least one episode of Hart of Dixie later this year.

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In what capacity? That must remain a secret for now, but TV Line teases the character as a "very important former Bluebell resident" with ties to already-established individuals in town. Our educated guess, based on our recent interview with Wilson Bethel?

Monroe will portray Wade's ex-wife.

Megan Stevenson has also been cast on Hart of Dixie. She'll come on board as Zoe's BFF from NYC.


She plays Lemon's mom. They make her look older... when they do flashbacks its appropriate. She's 43 years old. If she had lemon when she was young this would be doable - she's probably playing a few years older than she actually is.


Meredith is to young to be Lemon's mother and to old to be Wade's ex wife. Meredith plays younger very easily as she did in Dawson's Creek and who's to say Wade did not marry an older woman. From what I can figure out is that the main characters are supposed to be in their very early 30's And Meredith keeps a picture of Dorian Gray in her attic; I am going to say Wade's ex wife.


@Uncle Jackass
i know it's mean, but i am just saying how it looks to me. i am tired of bad female role casting in movies and tc shows. for example i really don't see why is everybody saying that Lemon is beautiful. i think she looks fake, and edgy (not in a good way) and i don't see why two guys would be into her, especially George. i mean if she were gorgeous i would understand why he is willing to look passed he obvious mean streak and pompousness. Rachel Bilson is so much better, she is gorgeous, smart, quick witted and knows both worlds, plus she is not mean, inside she is a good person, so why is he still in love with lemon? i would understand if they showed that he is still staying with her out of obligation and because of past love but he had plenty of time to realize that she has changed for the worse, so why is he still with her? it's like a pandemic now both in movies and tv shows!! good man choices and cheap or old or just too simple for women choices!! sorry if it is mean but i am just soooo tired of it!!

Uncle jackass

@farsia2010, Well that's very mean. All of the other cast (except Bilson and King) look like Gen X. Wade always look like Trent Lane from Daria to me...


she is too old to be Wade's ex!

Matt richenthal

@anonymous: Lemon's mom?!? How old do you think she was when she had her??


Lemon's mom!


Wade's ex-wife? Sounds interesting!

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