NCIS Episode Preview: Meet Ducky's New Girlfriend ...

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The promo for the next new NCIS promises an episode so compelling you can't turn it off.

Most NCIS fans don't turn any episodes off, especially when they're as good as recent weeks (see our review of "Safe Harbor" from last night), but next Tuesday's plot, in which a case is re-classified from accidental death to murder when evidence reveals a Navy lieutenant died of forced over-hydration, does sound unique.

More importantly, Cheryl Ladd guest stars as Ducky's new love interest. First Lily Tomlin and now one of Charlie's Angels. Dr. Mallard is definitely doing well for himself in the dating department.

Check out a photo of them below and click here for next week's NCIS promo ...

Ducky and His Girlfriend
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Way to go Ducky. Damn is she still hot!!!! I'll have to start watching these agian. Hope Cheryl stays on.


we will find out next tuesday.hope not for duckys sake.


I pretty sure she the killer why eles would they bring her up


or when they really liked a person


she might be the killer evertime the characters fell in love they bad in some why.


michael dont be so cheerfull you never know maybe she leaves to work in another state.


*sigh* @Michael- I know what you mean. Every time poor Ducky manages to get some sort of woman in his life, they are killers or are somehow written off the show. Seeing as Cheryl Ladd is only up for one episode, I think you are likely right. But maybe they will let her do the same thing Palmer's girl did... fade into the background, but still be a love interest?


I bet you she end up being the killer

NCIS Quotes

[voiceover] Anyone can achieve their fullest potential, who we are might be predetermined, but the path we follow is always of our own choosing. We should never allow our fears or the expectations of others to set the frontiers of our destiny. Your destiny can't be changed but, it can be challenged. Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one.


High-tech case - low-tech ass-kickin'!