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Great episode - loved it when Tony and McGee looked at each other like they were in a duel and then racing to call Gibbs. I too was disappointed with Tony not getting the George Kaplan reference. As a mother of an adopted child, I take offense to the fact that Abby thinks she doesn't know who she is now that she found out she was adopted. Thankfully, Gibbs told her that her family means the people who raised her not who gave birth to her.It's fine that Abby wants to find out about her birth parents, but i hope they don't draw it out. It was too weird seeing what a resemblance Abby has to her new brother. What about her other brother? They need to bring him in.


Loved the episode but I gotta say I could not believe Tony did not immediately recognize the name "George Kaplan" from "North by Northwest" given that he can rattle off the most obscure movie trivia. It took me about two seconds to recognize the reference and figure out who "George" was - or wasn't. Loved the Abby "who am I?" plot.


loved this episode and it had everything in it.i can't wait to find out more about abby and her real family and i hope we see her brother again.it was nice seeing toney back to the old him messing around but he was alot more mature now but it was still really funny.i also liked how abby was going to give up a kidney to a stranger just because she wanted to.when abby met her brother i thought they kinda look alike and they are alike in alot of ways like he likes to help rescue puppies and in a few episodes abby was helping a puppy or helping a dog be proven innocent they were also both willing to donate a kidney to some stranger just because they wanted to.can't wait for the next episode.


So if abby was put up for adoption then they should have a Doucment on her or something on file so I wonder what her real name is Also I was worry about them taken Tony back to where he was a few season ago but I was shock that they let him keep some of his mature.

I love When NCIS get along with the local cops it always full


loved this episode it had everything and more.


I was more curious why the Actor Brett Tucker was called Lt Commander Brett?

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