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1.I loved the episode. It was funny and heartwarming. I actually wasn't as intrigued by the case itself so much as the office antics.

2. Favorite scene...It's a tie between the Tony and his pants thing I don't know if Michael Weatherly gets his due props for being a bit of a comedic genius. I used to love watching Three's Company reruns, still do, because John Ritter was a comedic genius. But while he pales in comparasion to the late great John Ritter, Michael Weatherly has that same knack for comedy, physical and otherwise, and this episode made me think about that. Other scene was Ziva and Gibbs. I am a sucker for the family moments and if I were capable of tearing up I would have been. Those scenes always give me the warm fuzzies.

3.I don't know. I kinda like them as is. I love her character. It's amusing watching his female counterpart, and if she were to come every now and then like Fornell does, that would work for me. I wouldn't be opposed to it. I'm not necessairly for it either. Indifferent I suppose.

4.Gibbs has always been the father figure. the familial vibes are just...they make me smile. I think it's only been progressing more and more each year, and this season it just happens to be more overt then ever. I will say it's something about this particular group. Not to speak ill of Kate, but this dynamic...GIbbs says there is no such thing as coincidences so there is no coincidence that a man who has lost his child somehow ends up working closely with, loving and respecting a team consisting of a lovable girl who is an orphan now, a woman whose father was present but still absent, a young kid with a damaged relationship with his father, and a guy with a strained relationship with his own father and tries everything to not be like him despite being like him. No ideal happy families there, they make the perfect family. They've all lost people and it somehow connects them. I love it. Gibbs is the father they never realized they wanted or needed until they had him. They are all damaged at best but they work when together. You see it tenfold now. "You're never lonely when you have kids" God, I wish I could cry...because that line spoke volumes.

5. I trust Vance like I trust that the lid is securely fastened on the blender when I'm making a smoothie. I hear it snap into place, I'm reasonably confident that it won't fly off, but I still put my hand over it to be on the safe side. I don't hate Vance. I don't love him. But I respect what he offers as the leader. I like that he's so ambiguous...you never know where you are with him. He's not bad, but he's motivated professionally and that can be just as dangerous. I trust that he will always make things interesting.


Can you tell me is we can watch the new series of NCIS in UK. I have the full Sky recepion.
Hope you can help me with this


I wonder if the writer knew they made a mistake Killing off Paul so their making it up by having Neal character appear one a season


I can envision all sorts of story lines. (Do you think Gibbs should take a vacation to Hawaii, to see former Colonel Mann?) I'm not too crazy about spin-offs; as much as I like a couple of individuals on the Los Angeles show, I don't really care for the show itself.

I don't really trust the current SecNav. Maybe Vance is setting his sights on that job? Should such an event come to pass, who should be the next director? Not a current special agent, definitely not Gibbs -- someone like Hetty. Just sayin'.


I don't believe NCIS will be ending anytime soon, with the way the ratings are going down the drain these days on network TV, NCIS is one of the few shows still boosting near 20 million viewers and that's rare, I can't see CBS ever giving that up, it's the one show that is pulling up their average rating numbers and keeping them at the top. Chances are there are at least four more years in NCIS to go before we ever get to the end. Hawaii Five-0 ran for 12 years on CBS during the original series, and CSI even now is at its 12th year, so I think NCIS will be hitting that spot before we see the beginning of an end. I think now it's just the characters are growing up, Gibbs' kids are leaving the nest because they aren't the little newbies they were before, I think it's a natural progression.

Most of the actors have signed I believe 4 year contracts so I think NCIS will be around for a long time to go, especially by the ways the ratings are going for this show.


You know people NCIS is not that old why do you want it to end


another great episode it had everything and more,superb acting from all the cast.i think gibbs and borin should certanly get together she seems to fit not like the scarey lawyer.

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