New Vampire Diaries Poster: Paint the Town Red

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Attention, Vampire Diaries fans. If you're waiting for Stefan to leave the dark side any time soon, the show appears to have sent a message: keep waiting.

The CW has released a new, November Sweeps-based poster for its most exciting show and it simply focuses on Paul Wesley as Stefan, glaring into the camera, holding a blood red apple. Is there any humanity left in Stefan? Did Klaus take it all last episode?

This image certainly doesn't feature the Stefan with whom Elena fell in love...

Stefan Salvatore Poster

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@Kristine, everybody already guess that Elijah and Klaus was in love with the original Petrova and that she had to be sacrifice to curse Klaus back in season 2 so you are a season late.


Stefan looks really scary!


I was thinking maybe Klaus had a thing with the original Petrova girl, the one who was sacrified. With every hybrid he makes he gets revenge. They did sacrifes her so that he couldn't make any or become one. I think atleast Elijha had a thing for her, the way i looked at Katarina/Katharine the first time he saw her. And the reason why Klaus isn't affected is because he lost all his humanity when he lost the love of his live. But just a feeling I have.. But the witch is also possible, but didn't Klaus say something in the reckoning about how the original witch hated him?


that is so unbelievably hot!


Stefan is looking sexyyyyyy


@manty I know right?So stefan is all alone in this ordeal after everything he has sacrificed for.I used to like elena when everybody thinks she's all boring but now she's starting get on my nerves.


OMG!i luv stefan so much,he's flipped the switch just like damon said in EP1,but wat is really annoying me right nw is hw damon couldn't help stefan to be back to his old self nd elena jst gv up on him.its weird,in season 1 al stef want was 4 damon to b gud,and nw he can't do d same in return,nd elena u really suprised me after all,so jst coz stef has turned it off u'l just gv up on him,u culdn't help him after all he's done to u,i can't believe elena can accept damon's dark side nd fall in luv with him like dat and reject stef dark side.Hw can she suddenly 4get all d gud tins stef has done 4 her,nd see only dt of damon.I jst hp d writers wil make her feel guilt like hell.


I like the idea of an interest between Klaus and the witch. I frankly want Klaus to remain in the show for as long as it can. We need to see another soft side of his.
I particularly like this Stefan because he was getting boring with his sentimentality. I don't want him to remain bad but I don't think he should go back to the good lover either. If he acknowledges his vampire side things will be much more interesting.


His eyes! Compulsion?


Matt Nice pic of stefan! A parody on twilight's apple possibly? he's looking good, and dont miss elena's expression in that last frame with her. She's attracted to the bad boys, oh yes. Btw, Ive just had a major brainwave. That witch that cursed Klaus that was Klaus' first love. And when she betrayed him, thats when he went AWOL from the sentient race and became such a meanie. She's not dead. They are just building up to her return. And her name will be Sue. OK scratch that last bit (but Michael. Really?) and when she comes back even Michael will be scared back into the grave of HER. oh yeah!


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