Nikita Review: "Knightfall"

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Nikita finally hit a new groove this week in "Knightfall" as sides have been taken and motives are much more clear.

I thought Amanda was going to run a clean Division, but it seems that was easier for her to say than to do. While I didn't think Michael would be killed - I mean, come on, it's Michael - I was surprised when Amanda actually blew up the building.

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As much as I love Nikita and Michael working together, I'm most intrigued by Amanda. She is in a very difficult position having to clean up Percy's messes, retrieve the black box, and continue to run Division missions. I wasn't sure what a "clean" Division would look like, but it appears that covert missions, including assassinations, are part of the program. Even though she was disgusted by what Division had become under Percy, she continued to use Ramon as a scapegoat for assassinations and was willing to sacrifice him when he failed.

Amanda is looking more and more like Percy each week. The only difference being that supposedly these missions are sanctioned by Oversight and therefore the United States government. Though, I do wonder if she questions what she is doing. Was that a tiny look of regret on her face after the building blew up? What is driving Amanda? Is it just power?

Nikita, Michael and even Alex are all driven by righting the wrongs of the past. I hope we get to see them collaborate on a mission soon, even if it's only a temporary arrangement. Alex would be helped more by partnering with Nikita and Michael than she is with Division and Amanda. Unfortunately, Alex is swept up by Amanda's understanding and manipulation of her need for revenge and Amanda is using that to Division's advantage. A shift in partners could be necessary now that Alex disobeyed Amanda by shooting Anton Kochenko. Her quest for revenge is blinding her to what else is going on around her and ultimately preventing her from being happy. Will she come to realize this before it is too late?

It pains me to see Alex in her situation, but on the opposite side... are you loving Nikita and Michael together as much as I am? Oftentimes, shows keep the main characters apart romantically, but putting these two together has made Nikita better. Their amazing chemistry was on fire tonight. For someone as self-confident as Nikita, it was nice to see that she got jealous when Michael kissed the reporter. What a change from last season when she was shooting at him (though conveniently missing), to sacrificing herself to try and save him.

When the building blew up and Nikita thought Michael was dead, it was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen. It was emotionally eclipsed slightly when she realized that he was alive and they embraced. Seeing their love for each other and their partnership both personally and professionally makes me a little sad for Alex. If she picked the right side, she could be part of this amazing and loving family.

I enjoyed last season of Nikita, but the changes this season have improved the show. I'm loving it! Are you?


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I LOVE this season! Its great seeing Nikita, Michael and Berkoff together. They add some needed humor. I didn't know if they would be able to improve over last season but YES!


Mike is Nikitas knight. Remember Coup the Grace? Such a beautiful episode


For some reason I like alex to be the bad guy well girl not care about anything and get her father's company's back.


Knightfall. Good title. Michael was Percy's knight. Now he's Nikita's I guess.


Kinda annoyed by Ramon. I do see his point but he's not necessarily right. Love Alex at the end- Amanda:Abort, Alex: F U I'm taking the shot!
Given the nature of the show, I don't think Mikita will become boring. Digging Alex/Sean?. Alex is all "I'm gonna cap his ass up close and personal!" and Sean's all "Dumb move, girl! and Alex's all " *sadface* Good point, my future love interest!" Percy grinning was funny!


I like the development between Michael and Nikita. The writers handle the relationship deftly without being overwrought and melodramatic. Its a nice change because a lot of shows especially on the CW are written immaturely with a lot of wishy washy soap opera junk. Michael and Nikita's characters are well written and their relationship doesn't compromise the larger story line and action. Alex, Amanda, Birkhoff, Percy, Owen all are interesting characters that weave in and out of the story very well, always driving the show forward. You know the season just gets better with each episode. Season 1 was an amazing ride, I know Season 2 will be even better.


For some reason Im getting sick of Mikita, they need to kill him or change her love interest he aint cuttin it, its very boring!!!!


I don't know. I liked the Michael/Nikita interactions but at the same time I can't imagine watching them being like this for the rest of the season. I don't see a strong plot-line this season... and yes we know the characters motives (except for Amanda's) but I still don't believe them. I would have Alexandra kill Michael by accident while being all revenge dazed. That would devastate Nikita and have her fight Alex while actually meaning it.


I love this show, the first season was surprisingly awesome. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did, and now I have a super a crush on maggie q and her awesome legs :p

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