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Hi :-) I´m sorry guys but I want break up Nikita and Michael. It would be interesting and dramatic! That would be another show! But of course this episode was great!


I didn't like the fact that she played the jealous role the whole show. It was a bitover the top. But, the episode as a whole was great! I don't know how to feel about michael having another child; i kinda wish they didn't go there. But, i think she should tell michael the truth and let him decide on his own what is best, but we all know that she won't tell him and it's going to be a big break-up! Setting us up for the next season; lovey dovey this season and hatred the next.


um, what? you're sick of nikita being jealous all the time? have i missed all these episodes where she's jealous? the only time i can remember her being at all jealous was like 2 seconds when he kissed that woman, and that wasn't even serious. bit of an overreaction isn't it? anyway, i'm annoyed they went there- a son, really? come on! it's so cw. anyway, i doubt she's going to tell him- nikita never tells anyone anything. it'll just be alex all over again


I agree. I'd think that Mikita and Sean/Alex not finding/knowing about each other is a stretch though. "You need to sacrifice a pawn to motivate your knights." "The chess metaphors come easy when you run Division." Percy's scary.

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