Pretty Little Liars Clips: When Alison Met Jenna...

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Forget candy and costumes. The best part of this year's Halloween will be the return of Pretty Little Liars, as this ABC Family favorite airs a special flashback episode next Wednesday night.

We've already given readers a look at what the girls will be wearing on October 19, and now we've got a pair of clips from the episode, which is titled "The First Secret." In the first, Jenna actually has her sight... and then she has her first encounter with Alison.*

* I am interviewing Sasha Pieterse later today. Send in any questions you have for the actress and return to TV Fanatic later in the week for the exclusive Q&A!

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i think allison did the thing to jenna on purpose because she saw jenna as a threat.when they first met allison didn't really like that jenna was going to get the same costume as her and when allison said her name jenna already knew which seemed a little weird to me.i think the person sending the messages is the person that was in the costume that showed up right in front of her when she turned around after getting the text.


radley sanitaruim was where courtney/alison went. (mental instituion) that was in the books tho.


@Love, No you do not. Alison did not know Jenna and Jenna did not know Alison but Jenna got invite to Noel party.


We already knew that Alison got those weird messages first and that when she disappeared the grils got them.
But that creapy costum was in the first clip, probable the one who send Alison that message. And we are going to see him/her (creapy costum) again at the party. I really wanna know who is in that thing.
@ DamonandElijah You have to know Alison to be invited to a party?


So Allison got those weird messages too?


omg is Courtney finally going to be part of the story line????


Wow! I think the reason Alison did that to Jenna is because she felt Jenna was a threat to her because she did not know Alison yet but she was invite to Noel party. Who lives in that house that they need to go to a mental ward.

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