Prime Suspect Review: What's a Padiddle?

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Not only did I learn a new punching game from "Gone to Pieces," I also got to witness a show that found its groove. Prime Suspect is now fantastic.

Prime Suspect Crime Scene

It’s always a pleasure to watch a new show grow up and figure out what it wants to be after an initial struggle (other good examples: Chuck and Cougar Town). Those first few episodes are the awkward teenage years when you see potential in someone and the opportunity for them to do anything/be anything... but they haven’t quite found their path just yet.

Then it’s off to college or the working world and they just get it, they know who they are, they know what they want out of life, and it’s all about the hard work and foundation building needed to get there. Long-winded metaphors aside, Prime Suspect did just that.

“Pieces” brought the rest of the cast into the spotlight. As amazing as Maria Bello is as Jane Timoney, she isn’t all by herself. Reg, Luis, Augie, Evrard, Lt. Sweeney. All of them got to share center stage.

Augie’s wit and comedy carried the light-heartedness and I was genuinely laughing at almost everything. And the guy has a thing for produce, especially tomatoes.

Without the sexism (alright, this is the final time I’ll say it) we get to see detectives actually work and show us why they earned their jobs and badges. This was probably the first time the team was actually collaborating from all sides. Augie and Luis had no idea what a padiddle was after heavily drinking with a homeless man, but Sweeney did; and thanks to the wonderful world of sharing it led them to catching the bad guy.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Jane and Daniel. It was mostly just awkwardness between the two of them. I’m assuming they have some kind of past and he’s jealous of Matt, but if that is the direction the show is taking in regards to a potential triangle I have to ask: Is it necessary? This might be a case of me jumping off the bridge too soon, but I like that slightly unstable Jane has stability in her life at home.

Plus, I don’t want to lose crazy Trish.

I suppose I could actually talk about the case of the week now. The beginning reminded me of Castle’s pilot episode, with the flowers draped over the victim’s body, but I have to give Prime Suspect credit for making the murderer someone who I never would have guessed or seen coming. And he cut out her vocal chords. That is just creepy (and scary).

Overall, Prime Suspect has become one of the best cop procedurals you’re probably not watching (it is on NBC after all, and in danger of cancellation).

Other thoughts:

  • Can I take credit for the new and rather awesome opening? Thank God that stupid PowerPoint slide is dead.
  • Instead of Nicorette, Jane was chewing down on some toothpicks. I counted four.
  • Dunkin Donuts as a product placement doesn’t further the cop stereotype at all.


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WOW !!! I've been reading many reviews that are trashing the new Prime Suspect show. What is wrong with these people????? It is BRILIANT. I love the whole cast. The writing and stories are good. I definitely get some great laughs with this show. I can't say who I love more. Kirk Acevedo is charming and funny. I certainly liked him in Oz, but with this character he is great. Brian O'Byrne as Duffy, well what can I say, being half myself, he is a delight to watch. And then there's Maria Bello. Jane is truely a blessing to watch in this show. She has fire and spunk no bullshit attitude. Love the hat. Her character is a strong beautiful women who tells it like it is. It's refreshing to see this role she plays. Keep up the wonderful work to the entire cast. This is truly a hit series and I hope it airs for many many years. Cheers, Maggie (from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)


i missed this episode, but when I look for it (Comcast "on demand"; NBC "watch live"; and IMDB episode list - it's missing!
?what's up?


I love this show, too. It troubles me to read "likely cancellation" lists and see it on them. This show really has quality acting, quality writing, the whole nine yards. I look forward to it ever week, and it always lives up to or exceeds my expectations. I hope the network will give it a chance to thrive because it's one of the best shows on TV at the moment.


I miss Dunkin' Donuts, down here in the DEEP SOUTH. I guess I will continue to make do with Spudnuts!


LovE this show!!!! Just want to let the world know - I think it will catch on. Stick with it!!!!!


i watched all the eps today for the first time (from ep 1 to 5), and i loved the show. Jane is charismatic, sassy, sarcastic and bitchy enough to make me fall in love with her. i hope this show sticks around!!!


Personally, I thought Prime Suspect found it's groove with "Bitch". But then again, I actually liked "Great Guy Yet: Dead", and thought that Jane's interactions with Louise, and the idea that closure means precisely sod-all to the loved ones of the deceased was the real meat of the MOTW story. But still, Prime Suspect remains the single best scripted drama this season. Too bad it's getting its ass kicked in the ratings. Watch this show, damn it people


When new shows start I try to view as many as possible to see any potential. This show and the outstanding acting won me over from the very first show and I have watched every episode since. Move it to a less competitive time slot and hopefully more people will be hooked on this outstanding cop drama. Reminds me of "NYPD Blue" . Give this show a chance.


I could not agree more. I think this show has been very strong since the first episode and was almost panicked by the news (that I heard last week) that it was "on the bubble". The character development and storylines/writing are not good, but absolutely top notch. Maria Bellos character portrayal is amazing really. It is one of those very few shows where the writing is so good, and the actors are so good in thier roles, that, for me, I felt like I had known the people for years. Yes, on this episode, "Regrets, I've had a few", they really did come together as a group, and it was a great episode for expanding the other characters and showing some other dimensions, especially with Duffy, but really with all the characters. Keep the good word on Prime Suspect going and maybe we won't loose this absolute GEM of a show.


Fucking awesome episode!! Hope the ratings get better..

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