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@Jennifer and Hacky - I called this an exclusive because I spoke to Paul on the phone. I received information from the source himself. That's the definition of an "exclusive," not whether or not he uttered a few of the same words to another website.

Just so both of you know: this is how 95% of all "Exclusives" on all sites work. Actors go on media tours and give one interview after another. TV Fanatic is doing the same thing as TV Guide and any other outlet. Instead of nit-picking one word for some odd, bitter reason, why not just enjoy what Paul said or go elsewhere? I apologize for doing my best to give readers interesting, free content.


@Hacky and Jennifer: If you're going to attack TV Fanatic for doing their job, than leave! They take time out of their day to do this for us people who love TV. So don't be so rude.


how is this exclusive? i read a better interview with Paul, AJ Langer and KaDee Strickland on TVGuide.com LAST NIGHT. know what's an exclusive and what isn't, mr. editor in chief.


Seeing as everyone spoke to Paul Adelstein today, not sure why you're calling this exclusive. nice try though

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