Private Practice Sneak Peek: What is Peter Afraid Of?

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This week's new episode of Private Practice will come down to multiple matters of trust, as teased in the official ABC preview for "Deal With It."

And no relationship will be tested more than that of Pete and Violet, as teased in the following clip. Watch the former go off on the latter, only to be stopped silent when asked what is truly going on. What is Pete afraid of?

Elsewhere, look for Addison and Jake to team up on the unusual case of a woman who wants a child, yet lacks a uterus. Cooper will also receive a major surprise.


I hope Violet thinks of her son and Pete first instead of herself all the time. Pete held everything thing together for Violet while she took a long time to come to turns with everything. Now it is her time to help Pete instead of her new career writing books.

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Lucas's mom is amazing.


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