Private Practice Teaser: A Matter of Trust

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Private Practice posed an interesting question this week: how much does luck play a role in the methods of those at Oceanside Wellness? How much of a role should it play?

Read our critic's take on this issue via her review of "Breaking the Rules" NOW.

Then, get yourself ready for what appears to be an interesting installment next Thursday night. Titled "Deal With It," the hour will focus on various couples and how much they trust each other. It will also present Jake and Addison with the case of a woman who wants to have a baby... yet does not possess a uterus. Check out the official ABC trailer now:


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About time Amy Brenneman's real hair is being shown!
Aside from that, I'm confused to why Pete and Violet are now happy.
As for Charlotte and Cooper, I'm glad she's not letting it go! He broke her trust. Get him Charlotte!
Addison is going to get caught out eventually with Jake and it's going to blow up in the air, resulting in her and Jake getting together. I know the drill.


Anyone else think Violet is starting to look a little like Princess Leia?


I'm sad to see how much Cooper's stunt in the last episode affected Charlotte. It's completely understandable but I just want to see the two of them happy.


hi i am sahukar khan


i love Charlotte and Amelia, i like Sheldon is amazing the season 5

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