Project Runway Review: And the Winner Is...

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It's the Project Runway grand finale and Josh is still ticked we have a final four and not a top three.

As the finale sets off, our creative quartet is given a surprise trip to Mood with $500 to add to their collection. This gift is a godsend for some. Anya's collection needs help and the influx of black and white prints is just the ticket for her.

But for Josh and Viktor, it may be a double edged sword. With the ability to change their collection also comes the possibility of fixing something that isn't broken.

The Deciding Trio

Back in the workroom, Tim stops in to make the rounds and give his critique. I love it when he admits he found judges comments frustrating during the last runway. It appears he loved all of the things that they hated and it's such fun to hear Tim speak up about it. We never get to see that side of things after the judging is done.

When Anya talks to Tim it sounds as though she's giving up. She feels like she's in over her head and the tone of defeat in her voice is a little heartbreaking. She's so talented. I wanted to run up and shake her and tell her to work her ass off until the very end.

Tim isn't thrilled with what Josh is doing. He's going back to the neon he wanted from the beginning. After talking to Tim, Josh says he feels like he was just tackled by a linebacker. Really? Tim, a linebacker. In what sport?

Kimberly insists on including that damn bubble skirt or as, Josh calls it, the booty skirt. I hate it no matter what you call it or what color you make it in.

Viktor seems to suffer the most from the influx of cash and materials. He ditches several outfits and makes five more in see through black chiffon. The judges liked what they saw last week. Why change it so drastically? I think he's headed in the wrong direction but what I think doesn't matter much.

On to the judging...

  • Kimberly: Her collection looks great. Very urban, cool, and modern. The judges love it. She took all of their advice and made it work for her but Nina questions if she's really ready for her own line.
  • Viktor: Everyone loves his printed pieces and his one long print dress is amazing. It's nothing I could ever wear but I love it just the same. Guest judge L'wren Scott says she can picture some Hollywood starlet wearing that dress and she's right. It's that stunning. But the black see-through outfits are too over the top. Heidi says it's like viewing two separate collections. Did Viktor mess with a good thing?
  • Josh: Heidi completely gets his point of view. She and Michael like the psychedelic prints and the use of plastic and neoprene. Josh's clothes aren't something that I'd ever wear but it certainly is a unique look and its very well done. Nina thinks he is the most improved of the bunch but is it enough?
  • Anya: The judges love the island vibe and all of the printed fabrics but Heidi's concerned that eight out of ten looks have a V-neckline. Her opening dress is Michael's favorite of the entire show. It's sexy without being slutty. Anya has taste, style, and a great eye but her penchant for waiting until the pressure is on is a little worrisome.

Who is going home? Kimberly's out first. They expect to see amazing things from her in the future but this isn't her time.

Next to go is Viktor. I think he might have had this if he had left his collection the way it was. The gift from Mood turned out to be more of a curse.

It's down to Josh and Anya and the judges really surprised me, in a good way, as...

... ANYA WINS! It's a Cinderella story for the girl who just learned how to sew. They think her line is more commercial and I think they're right. So glad Anya's good Karma came back to her.

The Tim Gunn Hug Report:  It's the last official installment. Tim gave out encouraging hugs to each designer, as they watched their work go down the runway, but the embrace Anya got at the end was serious and heartfelt. Go Tim!


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alex"s cloths look old an wore out Haida has turned into Oboma. Agree with me or we will have another test to see if the person I want will win.


Ok I really dont like Anya she could not of been sewing for only four mounths she is a joke. YOU LIAR


Viktor was robbed. The fact that the judges placed him third is a slap in the face. Kors, Garcia and Klum had a chance to redeem their credibility after Mondo, and have only succeeded in destroying it completely.


Congratulations to Anya. I can see why she won the fan favorite. Nice, talented girl. But looking at the whole season, I think Victor was the most talented and creative and showed the most expertise.


Am I the only one who wishes Josh had won?


so pissed anya won


ANYA U DESERVE IT. You WON the PIPER Line, you won the in your red, white and black 3 outfits design, you won the Marie Claire spread and YOU WERE THE OUTRIGHT WINNER LAST NIGHT. I WOULD NEVERRRRRRRRRR WEAR ANYTHING JOSH CREATES. MOST OF THE LOOKS CREATED BY JOSH LOOKS LIKE A MAN THAT'S TRYING HARD TO BE A WOMAN WOULD CREATE. ITS HORRENIOUS. BUT Anya, your cool style, it translate and its not only dubbed for one type of culture (although most people who are into the rock and roll look would not wear it, example, those on this blog) but i can see this look being worn across the world. Josh designs dosen't carry that notion. SO ONCE AGAIN CONGRATS ANYA.


I can not express how disappointed I am with this years show. You could tell from the beginning who was going to win. Even though she has no talent - everything looks the same. If any other designer makes anything that slightly resembles what they previously made they are criticized and voted off. And the challenges were horrible. Give them challenges that spark there imagination and let them work alone. I was dedicated to this season. Watched every episode each week. Found myself not really liking any of the designers since you were highlighting Anja and I thought her clothes were dreadful. At least try to pick someone who has some diversity, style, and can sew. I will have to think long and hard before I watch again next season. The all stars should be good but it will have to really WOW me to get me to stay a fan.


I am so disappointed in the results last night! Do the judges know that Anya was sewing her models into the dresses every week just before walking the runway? Of course they did...they even gave extra money so Anya could finish her line of clothes. I thought Anya's designs were nice but who the hell would wear them outside a tropical setting. The girl didn't make one structured thing that looked nice. I really thought Victor had more talent and is an incredible designer. His clothes were flawless and would appeal to more people. I wish he would have stayed the course with all his original designs instead of feel pressure to add new stuff just because everyone else had an imcomplete line. I'm not watching this show anymore!
I think they already had Anya slotted to win when the gave her a spot in the finale. She even knew her line/designs weren't up to the standard of the others as mentioned to Tim before the finale. OMG, how could you not consider Kimberly with the gold blouse and pants... just an amazing design pulled out at the last mintue. I wish all the young designers well. Anya is going to need a lot of support....she in not very experienced and may cave under the pressure....SHE's the one who isn't ready!


Victor got robbed of a victory that belonged to him. I didn't care for his personality, but I have to give it to him - he has the sewing skills and talent. Anya has a great personality and she's a pretty girl. She's even creative, but Project winner - I think not. Joshua provided more tv entertainment than talent. Kimberly's runway show was great. I would love to rock that pink dress, although it would need a few edits for this bod. Yes, it would have made for a predictable show if Victor had won, but it would have been a "fair" win - Judges you've disappointed again this year.

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