Revenge Review: Hypocrisy & Betrayal

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The past continued to haunt the residents of the Hamptons this week, as Emily's Revenge won't be stopped. Isn't that right, Senator Kingsley? This made has more than one "Betrayal" to answer for.

One of the most fascinating things about this week's story was that we learned Victoria loved David. So the ice queen has a heart. She even tried to save him. Conrad must hate that and Victoria must despise him for stopping her.

It seems they've betrayed one another so many times that Conrad can't possibly buy Victoria's trust with baubles, no matter how flawless and expensive.

The Past of Victoria

Do you think Emily is starting to feel something for Daniel? He's one of the few who attempts to learn from his mistakes and tries to make things right. At the very least, I think she has a bit of a soft spot for him... but will that stop her from using him to exact her revenge on his parents? I doubt it.

I love the hypocrisy of Senator Kingsley. The honorable, passionate, conservative public servant who is a little more liberal when it comes to his love life. He's anti-abortion but quick to pay for his mistress to end her pregnancy. He makes Emily's job far too easy. And since Emily's out to do more than just destroy his career, it looks like his wife will find out about his personal betrayal as well.

As an added benefit, Emily manages to engineer the e-mails to look as though they've come from Conrad's computer, thus making him doubt Victoria. Is she trying to turn the two against one another and watch them take each other out? That could be entertaining.

Every time I see Nolan I just want someone to cut his hair. Is it just me? I really find the shaggy look distracting. Other than that, I continue to like him. Nolan is in awe of Emily but still willing to assist, even when she isn't very nice to him. And his offer to help Declan take down his enemies sans violence is a nice surprise. Perhaps he really will make friends.

Speaking of Declan, sending Charlotte the sunset video is a nice touch. Now when her boyfriend's sex tape comes out, she'll run to the one person who makes her smile. Well played.

My favorite moment of this episode was a simple one: the eye roll Victoria gives just before she turns back to Emily when she asks if she can address her by her first name. Every instinct Victoria possesses tells her this girl is running some sort of game. She just can't find any proof. So these two powerful women smile politely at one another as they sharpen their claws for when the truth comes out. 

I don't wish for that moment to come too soon, but I know I'm going to enjoy the heck out of it when it arrives.


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Im really enjoying this show. Even my husband likes it, which is amazing. I like nolan, he seems like he really does just want a few friends. I know emily pushes him away but I really hope they end up as friends. Is it really jack that shoots daniel? I missed that part. I like daniel, he seemed genuinally upset and sorry for the sarah thing. I can't wait to see how emily gets victoria. But I never want it to end!


I've come to feel for Emily and what she has been through that the show keeps me on my toes and anxious that she will be caught in some way. I would prefer in the future that Emily end up with Jack, but who knows, he may not trust her after and if the truth comes out. It is by far, for me, the best show of the season. I look forward to this show than the other new shows and even some of the old shows. I can't wait to see who she gets revenge with next!


I wish Nolan would help out Declan by sending a hit man to knock the hell out of Charlotte's friend. He really bullied Declan while his friends held him back. I don't like bullies and I believe an eye for an eye.


Love this show!! Loved the look of the politician who saw his pregger gf. Man I think some of us dream of being able to do something like that! James Tupper needs his own show! Been following since Mem In Trees.


Love nolan, love his hair.....the show is awesome, my friend and I are hooked!! The one thing that I am anticipating and that can't come fast enough is how declans older brother gets involved and iss the one that ends uip killing daniel.....its like wtf? I also thought it was really sweet that sammy kept going to emily. Another question I have is that I sfind our hard to believe that amanda practically grew up with these people, blonde hair and all, and her father obviously knew them well, why hasnt anyone, especially victoria (who loved amandas dad) or declans older brother (who from wat we can tell was not only her best friend, adopted het dog and is still carrying a rorch for her, I.e. the boat) recognized her... I mean doesn't she look like her parents, I think victoria of all people would recgonize the man she loved in his only daughter....and her best friend not noticing some familiar feature? I dunno those parts boggle me but other than that the show is amazing!! I like emily van camp playing this type of character much more than her character in everwood.....


This was a good episode. I loved the end with Victoria and Emily. They liked like two prize fighters circling each other looking for a weakness.


this episode told me how sweet revenge can be. It was really brilliant!


This show is getting good! I think my favourite character so far is Nolan. I really like him, am I the only one? I really hope he and Amanda/Emily will become friends soon.


this show is getting better and better!!! Becoming more and more invested in the Characters and their stories! Good job ABC on finding this story and the actors to tell it!

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I'm a big believer in finishing what you start.


Victoria: Charlotte, it's 11 o'clock.
Charlotte: Yes mother, it happens twice a day.