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Scattered. I'm not sure about Lydia being alive. It could be good or bad. The writers just write anything for Declan? I thought Declan was getting 2 lobsters and was going to cook them on the beach for Charlotte. That would have been smart and good writing but no we get a stupid sl just to intertwine with major plots/relationships. Tyler isn't well conceived. In theory, he's acting similar to Emily but we don't know his motives or background and so he's just an unsympathetic villain. I thought he was going to have sex with Daniel/make Daniel(or others) think he had sex with Daniel. I loved Emily attacking Tyler at dinner. Emily will fall in love with Jack and possibly Daniel and this will complicate her plans. Next episode will be a big one!


I loved this epi and I was scared for nolan's life but I hope this isn't the end of his and emily's friendship. I enjoy these two together!


I agree with Lois - I think Tyler is the one that shoots Daniel. I really hope Frank goes next week. he is making me too nervous.


It didn't fascinated me , Nolan is such a baby, he could lie and let the trace to the grayson , but he ran to cry to Emily , and left frank to know who is he working with, and the video,Emily is right he shouldn't be in it, he's to careless, I want this Tyler guy get what he deserves


I think this was the most unrealistic episode to date

Lydia is alive? Why? so you may or may not bring her back later. can you say Cliché? and with the ongoing investigation at her apartment, i'm suprised NYs finest didn't check the surveillance footage to see if anyone entered the apartment

I'm trying to figure what's Tyler's deal? I found it funny how Emily called him out at the dinner table, but why was Ashley so upset at the fact that Tyler lies and is fake? I'll never understand women

I'm glad it took an entire episode for the Grayson's to realize someone sent them that email.

All in all, the worst episode to date


Em really need to watch her back. Tyler will try something with her. I hope Jack will get with Em and take care of the others.


I think Tyler will be the one that kills Daniel.


Jack didn't kill Daniel...he found him on the beach!!!!


i think emily was right in not wanting to let anyone help her. she knows what she's doing and if she had gone to lydia's house herself, i'm sure she would have known how to do it more discretely than nolan. it was all nolan's carelessness that allow frank to identify him, and then right after being attacked, knowing full well that frank is in the vicinity, he leads emily away and has a discussion in full sight of everyone with a worried expression! what an idiot! even i know not to be having that conversation right away with emily!!!


The thing is, we SEE it is Jack that kills Daniel (or shoots - maybe he doesn't die - Season 2??? but I digress...) - but now, we have a better theory than jaded lover (too simple for Revenge). Frank sets it up. How better to punish Victoria and Conrad AND Emily all at once? Jack probably tries to protect Emily somewhere along the way & is why he's forced to do the deed. You can tell while he's doing it that he's troubled, almost as if he knows that if he doesn't kill Daniel, someone else will kill _______ (Emily? His brother?).

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