Revenge Round Table: "Duplicity"

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Did you hear the good news? Revenge has been picked up by ABC for a full season.

Did you hear the even better news? Staff writers Dan Forcella, Christine Orlando and Leigh Raines are back with another edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Below, they dissect various aspect of "Duplicity," choosing a man for Emily and giving her latest scheme a grade. Let's dig right in...


Rate Emily's Revenge on the good doctor on a scale of 1 to 10.
Christine: I'd give it a 7.  She'll never have a practice in the Hamptons again, will most likely get sued by her patients, and with the videos still floating around the internet she'll have trouble starting a practice anywhere else.  I would have loved to see her suffer in that storage container a little longer though.  She deserved it.

Leigh: Last night's revenge was artistic! A cold hard 10. Not only did she take down the doctor, but the doctor's patients, and somehow got the finger pointed at Victoria. It's all starting to piece together now for me.

Dan: I'll split the difference and go 8.5. My favorite part is that she threw herself in the video in order to throw everyone off the scent. Smooth moves, Emily.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

What's Tyler's end game in getting Daniel wasted and away from Emily?
Christine: I honestly don't know.  Is he gay and secretly lusting after Daniel?  Is he exacting his own revenge?  I can't figure out what's in this for him.

Leigh: Tyler has his own agenda fueled by jealousy. It must have something to do with the past. It's shady, but I'm not sure what it is yet.

Dan: The fact that none of us have any idea what Tyler's deal is shows that they're doing things right in this case. The suspense of not knowing what his goal is makes for some pretty interesting twists and turns.

Team Danily or Team Jackily?
Christine: I was Danily up until last night.  Daniel certainly backslid into old habits pretty quickly.  Plus this was the first time I felt the chemistry between Jack and Emily.  I just don't think she's going to be willing to go there.  Her focus is on making Victoria pay and Daniel is a great tool to get that done.

Leigh: Team Jackily. Daniel is hot, but she and Jack have the unspoken vibe.

Dan: I signed up for Team Jackily so early that they gave me a free jersey. Instead of a number on the back it's just a big heart. I agree with Christine that Emily is too driven at this point to worry about Jack, but it will happen. Oh yes, it will happen.

Play screenwriter and explain how Emily both got the office recordings and got the doctor into the storage unit?
Christine: The recordings are easy.  Dr. Banks leaves her alone in her office and Emily either accesses her computer or finds the digital recordings.  She's been seeing her for a year so there are a lot of opportunities there.  Getting Banks into that storage container is trickier.  If Emily knocks her unconscious and drags her off to the storage container she's risking someone seeing her or her leaving evidence behind.  If she has someone else do it there's the risk that they'll turn on her.  It's a toss up, which it was.

Leigh: Well, we know that she knows how to rig camera systems. It could've been as simple as sneaking into the office and planting a device or she could have hacked into the software somehow. As far as the storage unit, I'd say it was probably a chloroform situation, but the doctor got startled and Emily just knocked her out. She knows how to fight, remember when she took Nolan out in the pilot?

Dan: Christine and Leigh have some good ideas, but my question is why didn't we get to see any of this? I wanted to see Emily in action again!

Was Declan's accent thicker than usual? And has it become annoying?
Christine: Honestly I didn't even notice. I thought he and Charlotte were adorable and it was nice to have a small ray of sunshine in the middle of all of the angst. 

Leigh: Declan's accent was thicker, but he was sweet with Charlotte and I liked his shades so I overlooked it.

Dan: I couldn't handle it. I was annoyed by the accent.


I'm team jackily for sure. I think nurture will prevail over nature and Daniel will act like his parents when it comes down to it.
I was thinking....maybe it's not Daniel who gets shot? Have they said it's for sure him? Because there is another character who has similiar hair...that tool that Charlotte is hooking up with.


Team Danily all the way........


Rate-8. Emily really did think this through very well. "Good Doctor" will most likely never be trusted ever again. Tyler's deal? Hmm.. I think he is jealous of Daniel spending so much time with Emily, and is trying to get her out of the picture. Team Danily:) Declan is adorable


why isn't there a forum for that show?


Why aren't there any forum for this show? The more I think about the last episode, the more I think little Charlotte is Amanda's sister... No mother would say she didn't want a child...except if she was the living proof of her infidelity....As for Daniel, I never really liked him but now I like him even less... I much more prefer Amanda with Jack or Nolan. Nolan because he is so protective and caring for her....Jack because he is the old flame that's still burning. I really like that show, but as some of you already said, it's a show with an ending. After destroying each and everyone of these people's life, the show must end. It cannot last forever...Some shows like that went on and transform themselves and that would ruin it....I say It has material for 30-40 episodes max.


Scale: 6. It was ingenious playing her session on the tape but too many unanswered questions. Which is weird because they usually show how she accomplishes everything. Hopefully they will show us what happens later. Tyler is either gay or out for his own kind of revenge against Daniel and would be the person who kills him at the end of the Summer. I really don't want it to be Jack that kills him! I was pretty ridiculous the way she could have done it all on her own, which is why I think she had some outside help, maybe someone at the institute that she was at or someone from her school in barcelona... Maybe we will find out in later eps. I don't like Declan. If I had a father who loved me like that I would not be able to not do his final wish. He is the tool. Daniel and Emily are a cute couple but she doesn't love him. Of that I am sure. I think she is into Jack but he would reject her, he is in love with Amanda Clark, but she is Emily Thorn and I don't think she can go back.


i think Tyler's jealous of Emily! he must had a crush on Daniel!! team Jakily in the very first ep!!


Revenge on Dr.: 6 - Was hoping for a little more excitement (perhaps how the good doctor was put into the container) but the video was just okay. Glad Emily put herself in as well, smart move. Tyler's end game: I'm not sure. I'm on board with the gay idea however it could be something more. It seems as if Tyler was living off Dan (by having him pick up the bar tab, showing up unexpectedly for the summer) so it could be money. Tyler was very shady when Emily asked about his family so it may be simply a cash flow issue. Team: Jackily, since episode one. Can't pass up a hardworking hot guy with a dog and a boat. Hands down winner. Office Recordings/Storage Unit: It's simple to install a camera. Remember how easily she broke into the financial offices to get client information? She may have had the camera hooked up to a drive off-site & bam, instant access. As to the storage unit, I'm thinking she had to have been waiting for her or somehow was able to drug her. It's perfect payback to lock her up scared and alone just as she was. Loved it. Declan's Accent: I only notice it sometimes but it really doesn't phase me. Guys with accents are sexy anyway.


Rate Emily's Revenge on the good doctor on a scale of 1 to 10.
Compared to her previous plots, this one is super lame. I'll give it a 5. Just because there's too few things building up to the revenge. And yes, we don't get the explanation on how she installed the camera and drag the Doctor to the storage unit. What's Tyler's end game in getting Daniel wasted and away from Emily?
He's gay. Definitely. I'm with Leigh on this one. Team Danily or Team Jackily?
Team Danily. Jack is still blah. Needs to step up the game a little bit. I felt bad for Daniel when he saw Jackily having dinner together. Play screenwriter and explain how Emily both got the office recordings and got the doctor into the storage unit?
She contacted "A" from Pretty Little Liars since they're both so good at ridiculous plots. Was Declan's accent thicker than usual? And has it become annoying?
Connor Paolo's voice is sexy. End of story.


Rate Emily's Revenge on the good doctor on a scale of 1 to 10.
I say a 8 only because I was expecting a lot more but I do very much love that she got Victoria in all of this, let it be the start of taking this witch down. What's Tyler's end game in getting Daniel wasted and away from Emily?
It's so easy to tell, hes gay and love him some daniel, have you seen daniel he is freaking hot, who wounldnt turn gay for him. Team Danily or Team Jackily?
I'll say team both,can we please do a true blood and she can be with both men. Was Declan's accent thicker than usual? And has it become annoying?
I don't care he is too cute.

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