Revenge Round Table: "Guilt"

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Death knocked on the door of The Hamptons this week, as Emily Thorne's plans took a fatal turn on the latest installment of Revenge.

It was awesome! In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines and Dan Forcella break down "Guilt," rating Emily's most recent scheme and looking ahead to the fallout of Lydia's death...


Rate Emily's Revenge of the Week on a scale from 1 to 10.
Christine: Ooh. I'll give it an 8.5. Setting Lydia up to take the fall for both the senator and Dr. Banks was brilliant. And since Conrad's already paranoid and Victoria already hates her, they'd be quite willing to believe she's the villain.

Leigh: I'd have to say a 6, despite how crazy this whole episode was. It wasn't a new revenge, it was Emily simply moving a few of her pawns around. Setting the blame on Lydia was ideal, but there were so many things that could - and almost did - go wrong.

Dan: 9. I think the fact that she was working off of prior moves was what made this feat so interesting. Emily so seamlessly made everything fall into place this time around. 

Revenge RT - depreciated -

Who will take the heat for Lydia's death, Frank or Nolan?
Christine: I think Frank's going to do everything he can to make it look like a suicide but I worry for Nolan. He left his prints all over her loft and on the balcony railing. They may not be in the system but if someone spotted him there, he's in trouble. He needs to hold onto that video. But I think Frank's a great character. Is it bad to say I don't want to see him get hauled off to jail, at least not just yet?

Leigh: I agree that it will be made to look like a suicide. It might work for awhile but I'm betting Frank will somehow end up taking the fall for the Graysons. Plus, he now has a bite mark from Lydia and I can see that raising some eyebrows.

Dan: Well, since Nolan is around at Emily and Daniel's party it's difficult to say he will be in serious trouble, but I do see him getting the early blame. Because he's so smart, he will work his way out of trouble, leading to Frank's ultimate demise.

What will Emily's reaction be to finding out Lydia has died?
Christine: I think she'll be devastated. She never meant for that to happen. She wants her prey alive and suffering, not dead. We may get to see more glimpses of Amanda because of this.

Leigh: Emily is going to be upset and thrown off kilter. Death was not a part of her plan.

Dan: I agree it will hit her hard, but our Emily still has her eyes on the prize. She won't let something like this take her down. Emily has the determination to fight through.

Is Daniel working at Jack's bar a good idea for all parties?
Christine: I love the idea but I'm sure nothing good will come of it. This may very well be the road that leads to Daniel getting shot.

Leigh: Daniel working at the bar might not be a good idea, but it's going to be great for our entertainment.

Dan: I think it will lead to the two guys hitting it off and becoming buds. This will inevitably make the shooting scene that much more emotional down the road.


@ Aurora: I don't think that Jack is the shooter either. I really think that Tyler is the freak and the shooter. Its gonna be very interesting to see how this plays out.


I wonder now....what if it isn't Jack that shoots Daniel? I think (or hope!) that Tyler is the actual shooter and Jack is with Daniel at the time but runs off because he doesn't know what to do...Would be epic =) That or Daniel becomes vilified enough that we empathize with Jack's need to shoot him!


O and i agree with you Dr.CerrenoMD about the secret circle part lol


nanny cam video*


Rate Emily's Revenge of the Week on a scale from 1 to 10.
6, it didn't feel like a big set-up, i was more engrossed in Lydia and Victoria's constant clashes Who will take the heat for Lydia's death, Frank or Nolan?
If it is Frank, then Nolan's hidden nanny can video has to be the reason. however even that could lead to further questions like how did Nolan get the video as well as what was a camera doing at Lydia's house? What will Emily's reaction be to finding out Lydia has died?
I don't know if she will feel guilty, but if she does, it will prove that she isn't as cold blooded as people may expect. Is Daniel working at Jack's bar a good idea for all parties?
No way is this gonna turn out good for Jack as Emily will be visiting Daniel a lot in the bar, and the latter is gonna get more attention than Jack.


1. I think that this deserved an 8. All she did was use suggestion and manipulation to achieve exact this part of her plan for revenge and it was awesome. 2. It will definately be written as a suicide but there are a few loose ends that could tie both Frank and Nolan to the scene if the Medical Examiner and detctives feel otherwise. 3. As Emily maybe it won't phase her, but as Amanda (who is not dead), she may be devestated and appaled. Only time will tell how the writers are gonna deal with that. 4.This should be interesting, but I am over the long looks they Emily and Jack give each other. Its starting to be like THe Secret Circle.

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