Ringer Exclusive: Kris Polaha on The Episode That Will Change It All

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Following the stunning conclusion to last week's episode of Ringer, I had a simple request of star Kris Polaha: give fans a preview of tonight's fallout.

"People can expect to see something shocking," he told me earlier today. "It will be completely out of left field and it will change the course of Henry's life forever and, consequently, the life of the show forever."

Well... okay then. Safe to say I'll be tuning in for "A Whole New Kind Of Bitch."

Ringer Group Shot

Overall, Polaha says he has come "full circle" with this part on Ringer because Sarah Michelle Gellar is actually the first professional actress he ever auditioned for.

While at NYU, Polaha appeared in a play that garnered national attention. As a result, he earned a chance to try out for Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a role that eventually went to Marc Blucas.

Fast forward 11 years and here he and Gellar are again. But which of Gellar's siblings will Henry eventually get close to? The actor would simply tease that he'll be a "safe character," but viewers "don't know who he'll be safe for: Bridget or Siobhan?"

Look for the answer to start to emerge tonight and on next week's episode.

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this show has become one of my favorites.. who am i kidding? it has been my fav since its pilot episode. i love smg! is Gemma a regular or a recurring character?

Uncle jackass

Once again, I have been dis-proven about what was going to happen next. Loved it.


Tonight's episode was crazy. I am of the opinion that Henry did do it. He certainly had no problem cleaning up the mess. It was shocking to me, to see this though. I wonder if he got the lowdown on Bridget before he did do it though. Will he have something to hold over her head? Is he psycho enough to force her into a relationship? Every episode draws you deeper into the show. I Love it!


I love this episode and please tell me Harry did not do that and they just using it as a way to make us tune in next week. I am liking Bridget and Andrew more and more now and am kinda glad that Siobhan was not in it because she is a homewrecker.


Sounds great! :D


So...have the writers ever been to NY? There haven't been public lockers anywhere since the '89 bombing at the WTC. And who neither locks their phone nor gives up on calling a person who doesn't ever respond? Bridget must have been really, REALLY close with Malcolm to confide in him and continue to call him everyday when he doesn't answer or call her back.

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