Ringer Review: A Secret Revealed

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Wow! I really never saw that coming. Not this soon. "It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It" let one of Ringer's biggest secrets out of the bag and I couldn't be more shocked or delighted.

But let's review the rest of the episode and save the best for last.

Did anyone else find Agent Machado's ability to pop into a room a little creepy? Was it his FBI training that allowed him to sneak up on people like that? It was rather disconcerting but I'm guessing Bridget found his recording more of an issue. Thankfully for her, he interpreted it wrong. He thought that Siobhan was calling about Bridget, not the other way around. 

Of course, once he figures out the truth, our mystery may be over... and who wants that?!?

Ringer Scene

The birthday necklace was a sweet way to give us a glimpse into Bridget and Siobhan's childhood, along with another look at their falling out. Siobhan was furious with her sister and looking to move on when she met Andrew. It appeared she had started to soften towards her sibling but maybe not since she seems to be actively trying to kill her now.

Speaking of Siobhan, she seemed to have men falling all over her.  First Andrew, then Henry, now Tyler, who literally got shoved out of her bed and still came back for more. So, was Siobhan simply searching to steal funds or was she out to destroy Andrew? Time will tell.

Henry really wasn't getting the message and I almost felt sorry for the poor sap. Yes, your married lover has gone back to her husband now that she's pregnant. As a writer, you'd think that storyline would be something he'd understand. Then again, writing it and living it are two different things.

Given all of their incredibly compromising conversations with Andrew and Gemma in the same house, you'd think the adulterous couple would have the common sense to close a door. Someone overhearing was really just a matter of time... yet I still didn't expect it when Gemma heard all of their sordid details.

The poor woman looked like she'd just gotten hit with something. The whole thing must have seemed surreal. Her entire reality turned upside down as she sat at this lovely party and the truth sunk in that her husband's lover was her pregnant best friend. Talk about feeling sucker punched.

I don't know what I expected Bridget to do when Gemma threatened to tell Andrew but it certainly wasn't that. How do you explain that you took your sister's identity and have it go well? How does the rest of this conversation follow? Oh, and by the way I think she's dead but I didn't killer her. Really, please believe me. Yikes!

I have no idea where Ringer goes with this, but I can't wait for next week to find out. And that should be the goal of every episode.


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I loved this episode Ringer just keeps on getting better. I also thought the open door would lead to trouble plus Bridget's last conversation could have been heard by that awful FBI agent. Is it just me or have Andrew and Bridget never properly kissed? I wonder if he would notice something was different if that happened.


This episode honestly felt like a midseason cliffhanger, so I look forward the actual midseason cliffhanger.
I can't explain it, I really can't, but I just knew that Bridget was going to tell Gemma! Judging by the promo, I could tell that Gemma was going to find out about the affair, but I also knew that once Gemma found out, Andrew would find out, and that can't happen!
I'm really liking how the show keeps building up and up to a massive explosion. I'm honestly in "ahhhhh" from this episode. I can't even think of words. Yeah, it's amazing that Bridget has taken over Siobhan's life so easily and how she intends to keep up the charade, but how can she expect to when she keeps revealing it to people? She's told two people in a span of four episodes.
I don't know where Malcolm has actually gone, so I'm gonna pretend he's dead. As for the FBI agent, he's just bothering me. I honestly don't understand why he constantly keeps pursuing Bridget/Siobhan. I also don't know why he'd go to her best friend, but NOT her husband.
As for Siobhan, I knew that she was only getting with that Tyler guy in order to get back at her husband for something. I don't know what it is, but hey, the show is known for it's mystery.
I am honestly in shakes from watching the episode. I can't wait for episode 5!

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