Sons of Anarchy Exclusive: Maggie Siff on "Moment of Clarity" for Tara

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When Sons of Anarchy fans last saw Tara, she was told by Jax that everything would be okay and their family would remain safe. Cut to an armed Prospect in the couple's kitchen.

Yes, this is what passes for safety in Charming these days when it comes to SAMCRO and its loved ones.

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"Tara has been sitting there for a couple of days with this death threat having been issued, under this so-called protection," Maggie Siff told me over the phone today. "And she actually has a pretty clear head on her shoulders this season."

So what will that mean for this week's intense episode, "Family Recipe?"

"All season, Tara has been asking herself: 'How do I set up our lives in such a way that our children are protected from this insane life?'" Siff said. "She'll experience a moment of clarity tomorrow night."

To the end of keeping her children safe, Siff talked about Tara's struggles with the infamous Maureen Ashby letters.

"She knew if she showed them to Jax, it would set into motion a chain of events that would make it impossible for them to leave Charming," Siff said.

So Tara opened up to Piney instead because he's mentioned in the letters as someone JT trusted and, "by extension," Siff says, "he's someone Tara trusts to act as a kind of guide in getting to the truth of the matter."

Of course, a separate chain of events was set into motion as a result: Piney threatened Clay, the drug business worsened and the fate of almost every SAMCRO member could go either way as season four winds down.

Will Tara be around to see the fallout? Will she be six feet under? Six thousand miles away? Siff wouldn't reveal, but let's be honest SOA fans: would you even want to know right now?

Sons of Anarchy airs a new episode tomorrow night on FX. Visit TV Fanatic the moment it concludes for my detailed review.

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if tara leaves, They already took opie,if she leaves i am out.


I think Gem ma needs to step up to the plate she already let clay take to much from her, Jaxs needs to stuff and bag him for the antis to fest on or try out a new round on him give him some of the same lump some there's Donna,wife father, maybe good thing he doesn't have a bother. will ho be in his web next probable gamma she made him mad so watch out and lets see


If Jax and Tara breakup or they kill her off I will stop watchin the show period......They are too good together.


Love this show. So shocked. Clay is such a dick. Because he's gotta go, he won't. I do think if Tara's killed off, I'll quit watching. I really thought she was a poor casting choice but it shows what a great actress she is considerating how much she's grown. I really hope she comes back.


Sons#1in detroit!


Sutter can't kill off Tara , Jax isn't stupid he'd figure out Clay was behind it and that would set off a chain of events that would end the show . I think Clay is on his way out , unless Piney gets killed during the attack on the clubhouse tonight . Even then to many others know about the letters now , to contain them .
My over all thought is , in the end , Jax will end up with control of the MC and return it to what JT envisioned when he started it .


@ Mark "Tara lives, Juice lives, Clay get kicked out of the club, Jax gets promoted to the head of the club. Either Bobby or Opie gets the vice prez job and the club lives happily ever after. Mark my words on it." Really?? You honestly think they will wrap it up this neatly. Let's assume Clay does get "dethroned" - he will still be IN the club. Jax becomes president which he doesn't relish and Tara whould HATE because it keeps him tied to Charming. Clay answering to Jax adds a whole new dynamic to the Jax/Clay/Gemma relationship. Jax will try to have the club go legit, which will piss off the cartel and leave the whole club (as well as Tara and his kids) vulnerable. This all makes for great TV. In the end (of the season), Clay is kicked out as Jax is depatching him and burning his club tatoos, he sees a letter/medical note/something in Clay's club jacket confirming that Jax had to be his REAL father.....and scene! That's my prediction....


God I hope juice isn't dead! Tara is in sum shit. John Tellers letters are fucking bullshit I wish that dead man wud quit talking. Duh clay killed him n Gemma knows but if John teller was such an awesome up n up guy he wudnt be neglecting his family for Irish pussy. Tara needs to understand that n burn those fucking letters
no she won't die n really I dont want clay to die but sumthing has got to give the club is falling apart !


So LOVE this freakin show!! Clay has turned into a total dick, wouldn't bother me much to see him go...Tara just can't die, Jax would go off the deep end. I seriously doubt that the new FED is Jax's dad or any relation for that matter, but who knows? I hope Juice is alive, he's one of my faves and it would suck to not see him on the show every week!


Honestly I just dont like tara's character and havent since the beginning. she honestly doesnt belong in the club life and she was even thinking of leaving jax and taking HIS SON,Not her's, with her while he was in lock up.If you love someone you wouldnt do that shit. Plus what kind of person who says they love someone would just let the persons kid get taken.

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