Sons of Anarchy Review: The Last Drop of Juice

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We don't wanna say we told you so, Clay, but...

"Fruit for the Crows" introduced an entirely new level of danger to SAMCRO, as the worst fears of Bobby, Gemma and everyone else who had questions about making a drug deal with the cartel came to fruition. In the most disturbing, despicable way imaginable.

Using an innocent family to carry out your own hits?!? Damn, Galindo cartel rivals. That's some Gustavo Fring $hit right there. 


Of course, even with this growing threat lingering around the club, it's the deepening chasm from within that may truly bring SAMCRO down. Where else can we start than with Juice?

Man. This was a fatal resolution that wasn't difficult to see coming, yet still walloped an emotional punch. We can thank Theo Rossi for that, as well as the way the show dragged out Juice's dilemma and truly made viewers believe he was left with no option other than to hang himself - and over Miles' unmarked grave, no less. Will anyone realize the connection once they discover Juice's body? I say no. Chibbs may have questions, but the members will forever believe Juice just couldn't handle the fallout from killing a fellow member.

(Note: Did anyone else hear a branch breaking as the SAMCRO logo was painted over the final scene? Is there a chance the tree snaps and Juice lives? I hope not. That sort of thing can happen, but would still feel like a cop-out.)

And where did the killing of that member originate? From the kilos of Mexican cocaine, which brings the club back to its agreement with Romeo, which might very well place more individuals in Bobby's camp and cost Clay his Presidency. No one can feel safe about the deal at this point, and even Jax can't truly believe this is in the best interests of his family, either the one in the compound or the one at home.

Ironically, and sadly for Tara, Jax is acting a lot more like the head of the former unit than the latter. Over the last few weeks, he's stabbed the head of the Russian mob, he's gleefully delivered a wad of cash to his Old Lady, he's sped after Alvarez's shooters, taking the focused lead even with a terrified Tara back at the clubhouse.

But, hey, don't worry, honey, you're totally safe... now excuse me while I leave you alone with an armed young club member. You man has business he must attend to.

All those life changes Jax wished to undertake while alone with his thoughts for 14 months in prison have seemingly been replaced by the role he was born to play, even if he can't admit it to: SAMCRO President. His time is coming, perhaps as recently as a week from now.

The only person actually looking out for Tara, of course, is Unser. What does he want with Margaret, exactly? I can only guess he'll use her to concoct some sort of job-related threat against Tara, extending the concern of the club for as long as possible and keeping her protected... from Clay, her son's grandfather. His plot almost makes the murderous scheme of the opposing cartel seem tame by comparison, doesn't it? At least they aren't killing a member of their own family.

So, the bodies are piling up, the webs of deception and blackmail (it's hard not to feel bad for Eli now even, isn't it?) are spinning in more directions than ever and poor Opie is single again. Who would have guessed that a porn star would be acting more rational than anyone else right now?

You never got along with Lyla, Tara, but follow in her scantily-clad, panicked footsteps. Make a run for it. Go. Get as far away from Charming as you can. Things are only gonna get worse from here.


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Lillyanna & CokedEwok, Guys, can we PLEASE respect the fact that many people purposely avoid watching the previews and don't want to be spoiled? I can't tell you what to post, but it's a common courtesy to put a spoiler warning if you bring up anything beyond the current episode - including previews. Thanks.


You didn't have to slo-mo it. He's clearly seen twice in next week's preview that was shown on FX right after the episode. Did you not hear the branch breaking while Juice was swinging and then the snap and thud of him hitting the ground?
By the way, is suicide going to be a theme this season? Big Otto faked a suicide attempt to get access to the Russian who stabbed Jax in jail. Juice attempts a hanging. Piney was seen loading 2 shells into his shotgun at the end of the episode and has already taken a shot at Clay. Perhaps he's planning a murder/suicide and saving the club the trouble of a vote? One only needs to load one shell if he was just finally offing himself. There is plenty of mystery left to the next episode, even if I did catch a supposedly dead character in next week's previews...


Spoiler***juice lives, you see him in the previews for next weeks episode. you can clearly make out his tattooed head in the scene where there is an explosion in the meeting room.


@CokedUpEwok Dude!? Dude?? **Spoiler Alert** Would have been nice. I watch this show for free online, so no DVR super-slowmo-see-what-happens-next-week-frame-by-frame. Give somebody a fighting chance before you shatter their reality. I'm still watching next week, but damn dude, damn. SANTA ISN'T REAL BRO! Okay, we're good now.


Katey Sagal singing "Strange Fruit" was powerful as shit. The second that I heard it I knew what Juice was going to do. When he killed Miles there was no doubt that he was going to have to pay, but I had no idea that it was going to be so harsh. But with the branch cracking at the end it seems like SOA will not go the extra mile, and just like Breaking Bad did with Jessie this season, it looks like the writers will find a way to let Juice live.


I heard the branch breaking....Juice ain't dead. But Clay will be soon.


So lets take a poll:::: Do you think Clay will be dead by the end of the season? I think they have backed the character into a corner. After all he has done, it will be by the end of this season or early in the next season.


Juice killing himself (or attempting to, who knows?) is sad but I saw it coming. I kinda figured he would see suicide as his only option. Now the question is how will the Sheriff take it, since it is his fault. I think Unser involving Margaret in Tara's death threat situation is his way of getting the police involved.


i love juice i hope he lives and comes clean and if anyone dies it should be clay im so mad that he could put a hit on tara and act like hes trying to protect her and kuddos to bobby for wanting a new president


Im curious, the thing that bugged the hell outa me was the Juice bust,,,you know I can get by with alot of the inconsistancys, the same look to all the bikes, no get backs on the levers, the funny little brain buckets, all the same horses all nice and shiny, the road trips with out a windshield(I guess no one on set has realy ridden a bike 70-80mph without a shield for more than 10miles so they dont know),bullets flying everywere and no one hears anything, felons packing all the time, every were they go,,, I can roll with it,, But C'mon now ,, Tappin out the Yeh-yo on your hand, then tasting it.arrggg..wait a minute, I know its super cop!!! I hope that was rat poison,,, oh yea,,, thats right thats why cops dont do that.. BECAUSE IT COULD BE RAT POISON or ANTHRAX or something else,,,I luv the show, kurt does a fab job writing, I luv it when Katey sings and the rest of the cast do a bang up job all around,, so i generaly watch with alot of poetic license, But there are just sometimes when I want to grab kurt by the neck and strangle the ever luvin $hit outa him and say WTF were U thinking!!!! I'd luv to tell him,, Kurt you've given us this great show, we luv it, theese characters are not just yours any more, how about not making them look stupid,,like a black barney phife, this isnt freaking mayberry.. ....

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