Sons of Anarchy Review: Shots Fired

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Guns were drawn, shots were fired, an innocent life was lost and Clay's leap over to the darkest of dark sides was finalized this week on Sons of Anarchy. Yup, just another day in the world of Charming.

Let's start with Clay's deal with the devil. The incredibly cool, entertaining devil named Romeo, that is.

Clay vs. Unser

This isn't the first time Clay has arranged the death of someone associated with SAMCRO, of course. But even though Opie was an actual member on season one, the President wasn't acting alone, nor was he acting in his own self interest. Clay and Tig truly believed Opie had turned rat. They did what they believed to be best for the club.

Clay's actions on "With an X" couldn't have been more of a contrast. He's looking to save his own murderous ass, plain and simple. Do I believe Tara will actually be killed? No. But her death wouldn't shock me, either, and not simply because I don't exactly believe in Unser's plan to scare her away, admirable as it might be. Jax isn't one to run. When he learns of that anonymous letter, he's far more likely to stick around Charming, guns ablaze. That won't be good for anyone.

Instead, I could foresee Tara going down just because Clay has become that cold-hearted. Everyone except Happy was at least somewhat torn over the way the club was torturing its Prospects (and, let's face it, he's Happy), but Clay's reaction? Sometimes you need to thin the herd. Shutter. Guess we shouldn't really be surprised. This is the same man who arranged for the death of SAMCRO's co-founder, after all.

RIP, JT... and RIP, Miles. Damn, Juice.

I'm still not buying this storyline enough. As I first wrote in my review last week, we just haven't seen enough racism within the club. I know it exists in this world, I know Kurt Sutter has blogged about it and Chibbs summed up why someone such as himself would go along with it well here. But think about the actions Juice has now taken: he stole the cocaine. He gunned down a fellow club member. He did all this because it's seriously that bad to have an African-American heritage? This point has scarcely been brought up in previous seasons and now it's driving a major character arc.

Elsewhere, Jax is a confused man. Does he want to be a part of this world or doesn't he? He's always been an especially soft soul for a biker, but he reveled in killing the Russian on the premiere. And, yes, he stood up for his family by beating down that porn star "whore" this week... but at some point he has to realize that such actions are not getting him farther away from the club, which was his stated goal to Tara when this season began.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Jax is burying himself deeper and deeper inside SAMCRO. He didn't look like a man plotting his escape when he handed that wad of cash to Tara last Tuesday night, did he?

We close with a cute little Tig story. No, cute is not typically a word associated with the man Gemma warned Tara to keep away from her new nanny, but the show has kept him surprisingly sensitive. There was the feud over a dog with Kozig, and there's always a vulnerability whenever Clay chooses someone else as his wing man. Tig just wants to be loved, people! And in place of love, he'll settle for pretty much bribing his daughter to visit him once in awhile.

Sons of Anarchy closed with another outstanding montage this week. It set the stage for the second half of a season in which Juice is a murderer with a secret; Clay is a heartless assassin; Jax is a protective family man; Unser is Tara's elderly angel; and Miles is six feet under. Be it Piney, Juice, Tara or the President himself, odds are strong that someone else we know well will join him in the near future.


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I have a question how does Clay think he is going to explain Tara's death? I mean he had the Mayans to blame for Donna, but who is he going to blame for Tara's death? If he says its the cartel then the club is going to want out of business with them and clay stops making the big money he wants to retire. And the cartel is suppose to protec them from the russians and if they dont then the club wwill become disilluioned with the cartel and want out since there will not be a reason to be involved with them anymore. So did he even think about how he will get away with this?


OMG, I was glued to my seat the entire hour, by far the very best show this season. It is time for Son's Of Anarchy to be recogonized emmy's, awards what have you, but give them recognition for writing, the actors everything about the show, they are all truly awesome. Can't wait til next week.


Shudder, not shutter.


what is the name of the song in the montage at the end?


I dont think juice is doing all this precauti because of race, more about the fact that it is very clear that the club kills liars, not to mention those that kill club members... RIP Chibbs, wait for it


I have read most of the comments and I truly think there is merit in all of them. I dread the day when I here...Stay tuned for the "season finale of Sons of Anarchy" Truly one of the best shows on television...I just


Can this show finally get some Emmy love?!? If this isn't amazing a** writing I don't know what is.
This is kind of OT, but does anyone know why it's ok for the club to let in Hispanics but not blacks? I'm just curious.


OMG This episode left me breathless several times. RIP Miles, but DAMN IT JUICE!! I was cussing him last week when he swiped the kilo & then fell asleep! Love that guy & he's obviously desperate, wow. I don't know that we've seen the last of Ima Skank. Lyla is still in the business, so surely she'll turn up again. That was a glorious moment for me when Jax smashed her face in!! I've been waiting for that tramp to get hers for soooo long. Love that Unser is looking out for Tara like that. What a piece of sh$t Clay is! Some devoted grandfather/father... Just trying to save his own a$$. Makes me sick. LOVED the Tig/Margeaux storyline in there. Tig's got a heart & I like the occasional glimpse we get of his vulnerability. I think Chibbs is definitey suspicious of Juice, which makes me even more nervous for Juice. Love that Piney gave Opie the grown-up version of the woodshed treatment. That was a "Come to Papa" moment if I've ever seen one. This episode was awesome, the show is wonderful, & I can't wait until next week!! Kurt Sutter, you are a terrific conductor of a diverse orchestra contructed of phenomenal talent resulting in a rock & roll masterpiece of a show. Thanks SOA for another Tuesday that was well wort the wait!


For Juice being drummed out and forced to give up the MC is a nightmare. Everyone else has family (wives, kids, girlfriend, whatever), but Juice has only the boys in the club. The revelation of his dad came as a shock to him so obviously he doesn't have a relationship with that whole side of his family and he's always on site never talking about going home to Queens so there must not be anything there for him. THAT is where this hinges, not on the racism being seen or heard its in Juice. He's scared that he's going to lose everything and we all know that the scared kid with a gun is more likely to shoot than the calm one. All of the reviews seem to be missing that. It doesn't really matter if its the reality, Juice's perception of the worst-case is the point.


HoLY COW-- a master episode,1-juice will be betrayed by the cops or killed by the club or both in the end, 2 clay will get his in the end 3 it didnt suprise me that the porn ho got tuned up by jax-ttara is the mother of his kids-remember the pilot episode.3 the coke biz goes on but it will bite them in the ass in the end 4 you could SEE in chibs face that he is suspicious of juice-he will have a significant role in the juice subplot and may be the one that kills that cheese eating rat 5 there is no ban on hispanics for cultural reasons,6 the whole thing with clay is overblown emphasis of the TCB thing , whatever it takes right? 7 the girlfriend thing is the same as the mafia, is accepted for the most part if its kept on the side and does not cause domestic problems-clubbers hate domestic BS 8 there business is wheeling,dealing and TCB ing-and business will continue to be good much to my entertainment

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