Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Fruit for the Crows"

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Is this really the end of Juice? What other question could be on the minds of our Sons of Anarchy Round Table, following "Fruit for the Crows," an episode that concluded with either the suicide of a veteran club member, or his attempted suicide.

Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando debate this question, and a few others, in the following Q&A. Won't you pull up a figurative chair and join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Jax assuring Tara she was safe, and the camera then panning to her armed security guard in the kitchen. I actually laughed out loud at the dark humor. How did it work out the last time Tara was in a kitchen with an armed club member? Someone died, remember? Note to Jax: check yourself before you wreck your... marriage.

Dan: Because I've become such a big Bobby Elvis fan as of late, I would have to go with when the big man mustered up the courage to call up the vote for a new President. You have to give it up to Mark Boone Junior for the fear that he portrayed there.

Christine: I have to agree with Dan. I didn't see things going that way so soon,but the seriousness of calling for a vote to oust Clay sent a ripple effect through the club. No matter what the outcome, nothing will be the same.

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Is Juice really dead?
Matt: Folks are claiming they can see Juice halfway into this promo. I'm not so sure. I'll go ahead and say yes because SoA is not a show that's afraid to shake things up.

Dan: I originally thought yes, but now everyone's talking about branches snapping and thumping on the ground, so I guess I've changed my mind. Whether it turns out he is gone or not, in the moment it was still some of the most haunting stuff I've ever seen on television. Just absolutely raw emotion from Theo Rossi, and I loved every second of it.

Christine: On the fade to black, there was a definite crack and it sounded like something hit the ground so I'm going to guess that Juice survives. What shape he's in, who finds him and what happens next are all questions I can't wait to find out the answers to.

Will Clay get voted out as President?
Matt: Yes. Jax will then be voted in and his plans to depart will suffer a serious blow.

Dan: It's a great question to ponder. If he gets voted out, Jax most likely becomes President, and continues his arc to being as destructive and violent as Tara could have ever feared. If Clay wins the vote, you know that he will take it out on Bobby. If Clay continues the way HE has been going, I wouldn't be surprised if he puts out yet another hit on a friend of his. Oh, actually answer the question? No he won't.

Christine: I doubt it. I simply don't see enough members risking ending up on Clay's bad side because if you vote against him and he doesn't get outed, you're screwed.

More likely result for Tara: She leaves town, she gets killed, she does some killing?
Matt:Can I brag first and say I'm interviewing Maggie Siff on Monday? This will be the first question I ask her! For now, my guess is that Tara leaves town. She's too caring of a mother to sit around and place her kids in this kind of danger.

Dan: Again with the tough questions. I will go with: she does some killing. Like I said last week, I think she will murder whoever the assassin is that comes after her. Eventually she will leave town, but not just yet.

Christine: I'm voting for she does some killing but, to be honest, if I were in her shoes I'd take my kids and run like Hell. Eventually I believe the need to keep her kids safe will be the breaking point for her and Jax.


As far as the question about Tara i think she'll wanna take the boys and run but before she can she will be the one doing some killing. I agree with the statement about her trying to kill her killer i think unser is gonna get ave accidentlly killed by Tara when hes just trying to protect her. thats just my outlook on it. Juice lived and thats that yes the branch broke and there was a thump i think if he just comes clean with the club they'll have his back i mean damn he cant help who is parents are plus he can let them know that new sheriff is dirty! I could only hope they vote out Clay but i know they wont it cant happen that easy!!!!Cant wait for tonight!!


Juice is not going anywhere. If you watch the live interview on the homepage they talk about how Juice is going to get some girl action this season and he hasn't gotten any yet so the noise at the end of the eppisode must have been a tree branch falling.


I agree with Josie C. Tara thinks she wants out but she draws her strength from the family/club and she knows that in the back of mind. I do believe the safty of her children is going to be her prioity. But to do that will she pull a Lyla or a Gemma. Will she run from it all to keep them safe or will she do like Gemma become hard and embrace the power you get from the club. In all honesty I think if the club was not involved with all the illegal crap she would have no problem with staying. The safty of the boys and jax are her focus. Maybe Tara wasnt put into his life to get him out out but to get him and the club out of all the bad shit.


I know that this is never going to happen, but wouldn't it be amazing if Tara ended up following in Gemma's footsteps? Waiting on Jax to make it so they can leave without fear, getting used to the lifestyle and growing harder, liking the power of being the old lady of the President or VP, eventually Clay 2.0 comes along with some slick lies and Jax has a nasty spill on the highway. Tara keeps saying she wants out and maybe she is just playing the part of the happy old lady of the VP, but there are moments when you see that she's a few years away from being just like Queen Gemma.


I am not totally sure Gemma knows the real reason Clay had JT killed either. once she finds out she may be singing a different tune where Clay is concerned


To Cool and Matt from TX, You guys are amazing. I'm obviously not utilizing my Tivo to its fullest extent!


you can see Juice's mohawk at 00:13 in the promo while the club is being shot up


if you stop the promo at 0:06 and you look between happy and bobby you can see Juice.


The fate of Tara, to live, to die, to stay or to go? I think the pres. vote will keep getting pushed, due to the threat from the cartel, charming hieghts, etc. I mean all these military men didnt see this coming, the rival cartel cutting off the supple lines for their enemnys (SONS and MAYANS).


Juice looked SO torn when Clay gave him the patch. His inner conflict lead him to his "killing himself"??? Maybe he will actually bring the Sons out of their darkness & back to where John pictured the club to be in the first place. Jax needs to remember he is a Dad now & learn what really happened to John so he, Bobby, Opie & a few others can GET CLAY OUT. I love Gemma, & I know Clay is her man now, but Clay isn't thinking anymore

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