Sons of Anarchy Trailer: Will the Truth Come Out?

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's episode of Sons of Anarchy. Then, stop everything you are doing and go do it. Wow. Seriously. You won't regret it.

Following "Family Recipe," there's likely one pressing question on the minds of all SOA fans: Will Piney's corpse be discovered next week? The quick answer: yes. By whom? Watch the official FX trailer for next Tuesday's "Kiss" right now...


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My husband and I watched all 4 seasons in 3 weeks I friggin love this show. I love JAX I hate clay though omg it's awesome can't wait for season 5


This is absolutely my favorite show! I await anxiously for the next episode. I don't want to see any of our good characters die, (except Clay) He deserves it!!! (In my opinion) I love Tara and Juice, Bobby is great and Unser is too, I just hate to see any of them go! Jax needs Tara!!!!!
These characters bring something so special to the show, It really deserves some acknowledgment at award time!


Is that a '64 Fairlane 500 at the 8 second I loved those cars. This season has been such a rush, although last year was OK....this year is amazing. No other show on TV right now has me anxiously awaiting next weeks episode like SoA does.

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

I'm sorry that the family I was given has created such chaos in the family I've chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much.


Your father knew the patch was a mistake, and so do you. Look at the violence in the last three days alone. Is that the life you want for your child. If you love him, give him more.

Ashby (to Jax)