South Park Review: A Broadway Bro Down

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What do you get when Tony-award winner Robert Lopez stops by to write a South Park episode with his fellow Book of Mormon co-creators, Matt Stone a Trey Parker? A "Broadway Bro Down" of course!

Randy at Broadway

I knew I was in for a weak half hour when the episode opened insulting my Dolphins and praising Tim Tebow. I mean, seriously, Miami makes for way too low hanging fruit for these guys.

From there, Randy quickly discovered what pretentious men around the world have known for years: Broadway musicals lead to blow jobs. But Randy was let in a little secret the rest of us never learned and that's why. It's not a nice evening out with your woman. It's the subtext.

Clearly, so many aspects of the episode were meta. I'm sure Stone and Parker (and probably to an extent Lopez) were probably considered a little too "bro" compared to their established Broadway composers. And I'm sure they really were lectured at first for not putting enough "subtext" in their show. Not so much in terms of blow jobs, but you get the idea. But no how matter how clever an episode of South Park gives is, we watch it for the comedy, don't we?

There were definitely some fun theater references, including the most appropriate costume Randy could have grabbed to sabotage a play, Spider-Man, but was the one-note joke of the blow job really enough to sustain the full half hour of laughs? For me, not so much.

Oh, and then there was the B story of the vegan family. Sure, it seemed to tie-in nicely with the Broadway adventure at the end, but it still felt undeveloped and, well, not that funny. And the life jackets? That connection felt a little forced and too convenient.

Maybe the episode just needed a little more Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, and a little less Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Elton John. The installment was clever in concept, but just not that funny.

But, bros, what did you think? And you know where to go to view and submit your favorite South Park quotes from the episode.


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everybody who commented on this sounds like someone sp would make funny of in the show. dont look to deep into it just enjoy it


Randy Marsh has been slowly but surely turning into Peter Griffin and now transformation is complete.


Eric, You really DON'T get it. It's OK, a lot of people don't, but for God's sake please quit reviewing. In fact do us all a favor and just quit watching the show.


I'm so surprised I really thought this episode was funny and it didn't feel like some of the other new episodes, a bit dull and shallow (still better than other shows though). Giving Ass Burgers a very positive view was a mistake as it is a perfect example of how SP is losing momentum and originality. Having a dramatic crisis, outdated or unnecessary movie reference and just slow pace dialogue is where SP really needs to change. This episode did not feel like this and I found it clever and fresher than some of the other new episodes. Stop treating SP as just a way to air controversy and look at some of the older episodes where contra very and comedy went hand in hand perfectly.


How did this episode get through the FCC and air at this time of the evening? Even though its Comedy Central... If this episode makes it to syndication, numerous sexual references needed to be taken out!


Someone needs to extract the bug from your ass. The show is still funny.


South Park isn't what it used to be. These days it's just a dumb show for potheads. Pretty much every episode in this season has been a mess. No where near the greatness of the earlier episodes. A true SP fan knows this. Only a dumb fanboy can get pissed off at people who recognize SP isn't great anymore.


The fuck. Show is good. What the fuck you want Bra? You want to laugh till you choke on your own dick? We all know you can spelle. Don't review South Park because it's an asshead thing to do. Just watch the shit. It real simple like the time I failed GED for fifth time.


I respectfully disagree with your review and i think it was one of the best episodes of season 15. Some of these other guys should really learn to calm down though. It was just the reviewer's opinion and i'd freely admit season 15 hasnt been on par with south park's earlier shows like season 8 or something.

Dr toboggan

the episode sucked by recent south park standards.....there were like 2 funny lines and the rest was a recurring blow job joke that was funny for 5 minutes and then just got annoying

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There's a blowjob reference every 10 seconds. broadway writers call it subtext.

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