South Park Review: A Broadway Bro Down

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What do you get when Tony-award winner Robert Lopez stops by to write a South Park episode with his fellow Book of Mormon co-creators, Matt Stone a Trey Parker? A "Broadway Bro Down" of course!

Randy at Broadway

I knew I was in for a weak half hour when the episode opened insulting my Dolphins and praising Tim Tebow. I mean, seriously, Miami makes for way too low hanging fruit for these guys.

From there, Randy quickly discovered what pretentious men around the world have known for years: Broadway musicals lead to blow jobs. But Randy was let in a little secret the rest of us never learned and that's why. It's not a nice evening out with your woman. It's the subtext.

Clearly, so many aspects of the episode were meta. I'm sure Stone and Parker (and probably to an extent Lopez) were probably considered a little too "bro" compared to their established Broadway composers. And I'm sure they really were lectured at first for not putting enough "subtext" in their show. Not so much in terms of blow jobs, but you get the idea. But no how matter how clever an episode of South Park gives is, we watch it for the comedy, don't we?

There were definitely some fun theater references, including the most appropriate costume Randy could have grabbed to sabotage a play, Spider-Man, but was the one-note joke of the blow job really enough to sustain the full half hour of laughs? For me, not so much.

Oh, and then there was the B story of the vegan family. Sure, it seemed to tie-in nicely with the Broadway adventure at the end, but it still felt undeveloped and, well, not that funny. And the life jackets? That connection felt a little forced and too convenient.

Maybe the episode just needed a little more Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, and a little less Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Elton John. The installment was clever in concept, but just not that funny.

But, bros, what did you think? And you know where to go to view and submit your favorite South Park quotes from the episode.


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Alright guys, we're turning things real mature. And for that I'm out of these comments until next week. Let the Eric Hochberger bashing resume.


You did a great job Eric, RandyLover only knows how to be funny not give constructive criticism


Hey Randylover FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! The guy's giving his honest opinion, so go screw!


What do you get when know-nothing idiot Eric Hochberger stops by to write a South Park episode review with his fellow ass lovers Cocky McDickinmyears and Fags Mcdickinmythroat? A "Shitty Review" of course! I knew I was in for a bad review when Eric opened his paragraph up with the sentence "I like fish dicks in and around my semen covered mouth."


your the reason why they made the your getting old episode. maybe this show isnt for u anymore. let a younger person review it that gets the geniuos of these episodes. u should review bevis and butthead. maybe thats more ur lol funny type show. and p.s. south park has evolved 10 times sinces the first season. i know so many people that liked the first seasons and hate it now. ur obviously one of those people cause the new ones are nothing like the old ones. so if ur comparing new to old, that explains why ur such a CYNICAL ASSHOLE REVIEWER.


Heh guys, I know you all think I'm not a fan. Or apparently a "cynical asshole" or a moron who can't pick up on semen references. All I was saying is I personally I wasn't laughing out loud enough and I thought the one-note joke (that I realize SP specializes in) didn't work for me. I still thought the episode was clever and it definitely made me laugh. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. Remember, our ratings here are relative to the show, not all television. I just thought there were better South Park episodes. Clearly you guys want to find anything you can to hate on my reviews. And that's fine. Like I said, if you feel you can do better, submit me yours. I'd love to find someone to take over as the official South Park reviewer here. If not, feel free use the comments to discuss the episode with what you feel are "true" South Park fans and ignore my opinion. If you do insist on commenting on my opinion, just keep in mind I've been watching this show since the first episode aired, far before we created TV Fanatic. I don't watch it for the site, I watch it as a fan. Love,


Eric, your reviews are quite remarkable. Firstly, the first joke was not "insulting [your] Dolphins and praising Tim Tebow" but making a witty observation that people - especially people like Randy Marsh - are victims of the moment with regards to sports, or anything of the such, and are fickle in their praise / criticism of any given person, group or event. The fact you take this joke at face value highlights that this show might not be for you. I second the notion that you should check out Family Guy which, while arguably funny, spoon feeds jokes for those who do not have the intellect or conviction to decipher the subtext of a subtle joke or comic observation. I'm not sure if you're getting paid for these pre-determined criticisms of perhaps the most high-brow intelligent show on television, but if you're not, please, please stop. You simply don't get it.


What's wrong with you Eric? This was a South Park episode dealing with Randy and semen! I bet you hated Creme Fraiche too then huh? "We watch it for the comedy"? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! Are you only talking about straight jokes? Go back and watch the part where Randy sees Wicked for the first time, and listen to the voice that says "You'd do great here in the Emerald City! I'm sure you can't wait to gooouhh!" The voices are hilarious. I don't think you appreciate the voices and other things that may not be obvious "jokes"




Wah. If any of you would like to submit a review for South Park, I'd be eager to read it. Feel free to email or private message it to me. Consider it your submission to review the show for TV Fanatic.

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