Supernatural Round Table: "The Girl Next Door"

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Sam and Dean returned to hunting as a tandem last week on Supernatural, a welcome development that earned "The Girl Next Door" a 4.0 rating from our critic.

But there's a lot more that can be said about the installment, which is why staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna have gathered below for the latest edition of the Supernatural Round Table. Won't you join them?


What did you think of Jensen Ackles second time as director?
Carissa: I honestly don't know enough about directing to know if he did well or not but acting in what your directing has to be a challenge no mater what. Additionally, at Comic Con, Jared Padalecki said that Jensen was a great director because he knows the characters so well and what it takes for each actor to reach their moment.

Kate: It's fun to watch episodes that actors direct because they know their character and their co-characters so well. Just as Supernatural is going back to its roots with the brothers, the Impala, and the monsters-of-the-week storylines, Jensen Ackles' directing showcases the brotherly dynamic perfectly.

Sean: I agree with Carissa and Kate that the actors certainly know their characters, so, it adds that whole extra element when directing. I think Jensen did a great job, especially because he was in a fair amount of scenes. I hope he continues to direct, especially for Supernatural.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you enjoy getting some more backstory on Sam?
Carissa: Yes, especially since the actor has remained the same. I really like that kid. I had always thought he tried to stay as out of the family business as he could, but he seemed wrapped right up in it to me. I liked what they chose to share very much.

Kate: Yes, definitely. The actor who played young Sam was amazing; he had the same floppy hair and the puppy-dog eyes even at that age. He and Amy were adorable together even if she was a she-demon.

Sean: I have to agree again with my fellow panelists. Sam’s conflict with his family and his desires stemmed from an early age and it was clear to see how much he teetered on that line. Plus, his first kiss was with a supernatural creature! No wonder he’s constantly thought about monsters as more than just “monsters.”

Dean killing Amy. Good choice or bad choice?
Carissa: I don't know. Sad choice. Logical choice. Leaving the boy with no one will likely turn him into a real force to be dealt with as time goes on. I admit was shocked that he killed her, and wish he didn't. But I get where he was coming from.

Kate: Bad choice.  It's almost like Amy was a substitute for everything that was wrong with Sam. Of course Dean would never kill his brother, so he went with killing Amy. Would she have killed again?  Possibly, but Dean's reasons were unclear and unconvincing.

Sean: I know the morality question about monsters has been discussed before and I understand both sides. That said, I was shocked that he killed her. I know he’s usually been black and white about his job, but I thought for once he chose to listen to his brother and side with him. If Sam ever finds out he was betrayed, that’s where the real problems will happen.

What was your favorite moment of the episode?
Carissa: Bobby rescuing the boys in hospital. He looked hot in a suit! Who knew??

Kate: New rule: you steal my baby, you get punched. Who do you love more, Dean? Sam or the Impala?

Sean: I don’t know why, but Dean and Bobby being enthralled with the Spanish soap opera just seemed funny. The show really knows how to combine the lighthearted moments with the darker ones.

Does everything really taste better with cheese?
Carissa: I'd venture to guess there isn't enough cheese in the world to make that guy taste good, so I'll have to go with no.

Kate: Oh yes! Slather a person with enough cheese and you won't taste anything but. It's good to know that the Leviathan has something in common with humans, right?

Sean: On a human? That’s just gross. I may have lost my craving for it now.


Actually Amy didn't lie to Sam and admitted that she killed those people. The sympathy factor lies in the fact the she is and was different than the other monsters they tracked and killed. She did work as a mortician and feed off the dead which is what caused her son to become sick. The people she killed went to her son to help him recover not for her. She plainly tells Sam this and also that the killing is done because after the last one her son's fever broke. Now, I'm not saying what she did was right, but in order to save her son she literally had no other choice.


Does everyone forget that Amy was about to kill a human right before Sam caught up with her again? She was NOT only eating the brains of the dead at her job, but she KILLED several humans and was about to again. Why does everyone on the blogs all over the Internet say killing Any was so awful because she was only feeding on dead brains? NOT TRUE, she was killing HUMANS! OF COURSE she had to go. She was lying to Sam about that. Amy was so well played, and likable, maybe that is why people seem to have forgotten she IS and WAS a monster, KILLING humans?


I liked Fridays episode. Loved the flashbacks to Sam's childhood. He was so smart, quick, and witty. Sam is always mistrusted and discarded by Dean. That's why I think he killed Amy...He thinks he knows better. Dean left the child alive because he said he hadn't killed a human yet. Tawrens is right about Amy possibly killing again to protect her son at any cost and Dean considered that when killing Amy. I have a feeling that the comment the kid made about killing Dean was an omen of things to come. The plot thickens!


I loved the episode! Jensen Ackles is one of my favorite actors. Been a fan of his since his Days of Our Lives days. It's good to see him successfully navigating the waters of both acting and directing. One of my favorite moments in the episode was the spanish soap opera thing. Maybe that's from me being a Latina women who occasionally indulges in them myself. I don't know but my brother and I laughed hard at that. @mj2zio- I think everyone is wondering how Bobby got away from the Leviathans and I suspect they will eventually touch on that. But as for having copies of everything...that's classic Bobby and not far fetched at all. If you had valuable one of a kind information that you couldn't ever get anywhere else and you knew that information could someday mean the difference between life and death, or even save the world, wouldn't you make copies and hide it elsewhere? I would.
Jensen, great job! Now, go do some movies!!!


I love this show but this episode left some major questions. How did Bobby escape the Leviathans? He was on his way home before Sam and Dean were to get there. Shouldn't the leviathans been after him, too? We've been told he's a paranoid s.o.b. but to have copies of everything -- that's far fetched. I do think Dean had to kill Amy and the only reason he didn't kill the boy was because the fans would HATE that. It may be foreshadowing that the boy tells him he's going to kill him just like Dean had said to YED.


Actually Dean inst black and white, he let Lenore live even knowing she was a vamp. Amy told him she won't do it again but the truth is a mother would od what's needed for her child. IE Mary in Home. If Jacob got sick again what would stop her from committing murder again? What got me is why he left Jacob alive? Probably because child killing would make him too much the villian but the kid was like his mom a brain eater and wouldn't think to eat brains hopefully those of the dead. Problem is the child witneesed his mothers death by a Hunter/Human whats to stop him from taking the serial killer tact of I'm better then yhese ants and start slaughtering people? A young man lied to by his mother for years about what a good man his dad was resulted in him refusing to believe the evidence in front of him and he murdered the people involved with his dad's death when they attempted to bring him to justice. Jacob may decide humans are just food and nothing more


We want more. More of him directing SN and for him to get into other avenues like movies. I found his style deep, thoughtful, and intriguing. He makes a good show even better. Nicely done.


J. Ankles needs to direct more supernaturals he rocks this episode and weekend at bobbys were awsome. Keep up the good work. :)

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