Supernatural Spoilers: Who is Getting Married? Who Might Return?

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Are you still trying to recover from the conclusion to last Friday's Supernatural? If so, you may not be ready for the following scoop...

According to producer Sera Gamble, via an interview with Entertainment Weekly, one of the Winchester boys will be the groom in a wedding on this season's eighth episode! She even jokes: Enjoy your comments section!

Oh, we will, Sera. Let the guesses rip, readers!

Gamble also teased that the "monster-of-the-week element" will be re-introduced on this week's installment, while also addressing the topic of Castiel, who Sam and Dean presume to be deceased.

“We all love Misha [Collins], and we plan to write material for him. But in terms of where we are in the story right now, it’s a lot about Sam and Dean and Bobby losing this person that was incredibly important to them.”

Still, it's a safe bet to say that Castiel will return. In some form.


Please come back Castiel... Also my money's on Dean getting married.


My money is on Dean getting married.

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