The Big Bang Theory Review: Halloween Hijinks

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The Big Bang Theory did Halloween this week in "The Good Guy Fluctuation," and instead of getting bogged down in traditional holiday events, it was all about scaring the crap outta each other. And, well, Leonard's girl troubles.

Don't get me wrong, I don't advocate cheating. Ever. Okay, I do. Leonard what were you thinking? Break up with Priya! She is across the world and, more importantly, not right for you! Alice was perfect. She was cute, funny, had common interests and lives in California. What more could you want? The writers messed this one up big time. Any chance he can repair the damage and get Alice back? For the first time, I didn't want Leonard and Penny to be together. That's huge.

A Good Scare

Sheldon oh Sheldon ... so smart, yet, so clueless. How can you not just adore this guy? Jim Parsons should submit this episode for his Emmy consideration because he rocked it tonight. In typical Sheldon fashion, he was not fooled by the elaborate horror show put on by Raj and Howard, but freaked out at the unexpected sight of Leonard in a monster mask. While that was funny, it was merely a set-up for Sheldon to get payback - mostly unsuccessfully.

Sheldon's first few attempts were surprisingly weak, but in the entirety they were brilliant and they worked. They progressively got more elaborate from the snake, to the mailbox, to the electric shock handshake. Sheldon shaking his own hand and electrocuting himself was laugh-out-loud funny. Even better when you realized that he pranked himself worse than his friends ever did, by electrocuting himself not once, but twice.

Did you fall for Howard's pretend heart attack? At first I thought he was faking, but then thought it was real. Poor Sheldon. Played again! In the end, though, Sheldon got the best of Leonard and it was worth the 30-minute wait. I'm pretty sure that I jumped when Sheldon appeared from within the couch! It doesn't get better than this. "Bazinga, punk. Now we're even."

Overall, this was a well-done Halloween episode. The only thing that was missing was the whole crew dressing up together. I did miss that from previous episodes. Did you enjoy it?

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This was TBBT at its best. I like Kunal and Simon as actors, but an ep that didn't have their lives as the main story was awesome. I love that no matter how bright sheldon is, he still looses grasp on the simpler things in life.
A solid episode from what appeared to be an extremely weak start!
I hate priya.


Loved this episode of TBBT and it's the best of the season and maybe the best episode they've done in a long time.
I liked Alice but I've got to say that Leonard seemed to be a bit of a jerk with him trying to justify cheating on Priya, yes in the end he did the right thing but not after doing some bad matter what your thoughts on Priya are she is his gf and I would've expected better. If he and Priya don't break up after her revealation then I would argue that it was only done in order to make Leonard seem more sympathic and less of a jerk.
The Sheldon parts were so funny....Jim Parsons was excellent in this ep and his scream of terror were awesome however, the joke at the end almost killed me....did not see it coming and it's easily one of my fav TBBT moments if not the best.
Also, excellent picture that caputres the episode perfectly!

Sue ann

I also laughed out loud at this episode. The comic store owner being unable to talk to Alice made me also giggle. (He must have broken up with the girl friend he mentioned in season 4.) Leonard going to Penny for relationship advice was kind of sweet; his reasoning that all of his friends are too stupid to ask was true, but it also RANG true. Not one of them would have been able to give him good advice. And it could have been very awkward for Penny to give him that advice, although I don't recollect that Leonard is aware that she is sorry that she broke up with him. Raj knows, but I never saw him tell on her. That was a beautiful snake. But to scare an Indian with a pretty orange snake -- yes, he should have thought that one over a bit more. I liked seeing that those two desks are still in the office, too. Consistency. I was bemused by how Leonard set up the mail box to avoid Sheldon's trick; it must have gotten him earlier when he was alone, or he could not have added the one which floored Sheldon. Really, it was very funny to see Sheldon obsess over getting revenge on his friends; the only improvement I could have wished for was to see him consulting with Amy Farrah Fowler about possibilities. I like Amy, and Mayim. I did appreciate seeing Bernadette getting into the spirit of the whole thing with Howard. And the yelling being Bernadette rather than Mrs. Wolowicz was a nice carry-over reminder of the hospital episode. I appreciate that although the writers have said that there is no over-all plan for the direction this show will take, that they do pay homage to points made in past episodes, little nuggets that dedicated fans will catch. That kind of attention to detail and continuity is one of the things which has made NCIS continue to grow in popularity over the seasons, and I can see this show growing, too. A three-year renewal this off season was a great vote of confidence. If they nominate this episode for Emmys for Parsons and the series, I think it would give both a good chance of winning.


Agreed - this was the first time I laughed out loud at Big Bang in a while. Sheldon electrocuting himself was hysterical.


I thought this was one of the funniest things I've seen on television in a LONG time. Rarely do I ever even chuckle out loud when watching television - the only times I've found myself actually laughing out loud continuously whilst watching television are during the comedy central roasts - and that too, only at the more intelligent, witty routines. That having been said - when Sheldon popped out of the couch at the end - I don't think I've laughed harder at anything I've seen on television in my entire life. That was absolutely epic. I think the way it tied in with Leonard's phone-call and the mood that had been set by that just prior greatly attributed to the humour and shock value of Sheldon's prank. I was in hysterics for a good two minutes after watching it - then I rewound and rewatched the bit and laughed again for another minute. I totally think this episode should be submitted for Emmy nomination. Kudos to the Big Bang Theory writers and, as per usual, to another epic performance by Jim Parsons.


This episode rocked!!


I agree with the review. Best Bazinga ever!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Leonard: Oh. Watch out, Sheldon. This little boy Casper is a g-g-g-ghost!
Sheldon: Droll.
Howard: Not as droll as a grown man passed out in a puddle of his own urine.
Leonard: That was pretty droll. With a hint of ammonia.

[reading on wall] "See you in hell Sheldon."
The most frightening thing about that is the missing comma.