The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Wiggly Finger Catalyst"

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In "The Wiggly Finger Catalyst," Raj finds a girlfriend that he can communicate with and without alcohol. When the season began, I complained that it was getting a bit old for Raj to need a drink to talk to the opposite sex. While I'm not sure his issue is going away, it was refreshing to see that it is at least possible. I'd love to see the show use the new relationship between Raj and Penny to wean him off the alcohol altogether, wouldn't you? If anyone can do it, Penny can!

The Men of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory used Switched at Birth's Katie Leclerc perfectly as Raj's deaf gal pal, Emily.

Through Raj may have been able to interact with Emily, he was still socially inept. The funniest lines of the night were him trying to be "cool" with his love interest. Despite the fact that Raj now has one, Howard was still involved by translating for his buddy. This kept the Howard-Raj bromance alive. After the first date, they both acted like they had found someone! As much as I think I'm over the Howard-Raj jokes, I guess I'm not tired of them because they still make me laugh every time.

Unfortunately for Raj, his romance was short-lived. Well, for him, it was probably the only relationship he's had that lasted over a month. Who said money can't buy you love? Poor Raj! The show does a great job of incorporating his parents via Skype whether with him or Priya.

I always suspected that Raj's family had money, but "Richie Rich" money? Nope. The show has a tendency to drop storylines from one episode to another, but this is one I hope remains. It would be interesting to see how his bank account changes the dynamics of the group going forward. I suspect that the clique leaving him with the Cheesecake Factory bill will be the last time it will come up for awhile.

The secondary story of the night was Sheldon's resolution to use dice to make decisions. It was a fitting story for Sheldon and created some funny moments. I wish they would have shown a decision or two with greater ramifications than bad food or facial hair. We didn't see him deal with any terrible dice decisions or consequence. This quirk was infinitely better than last week's train obsession, though.

After the last episode's off-week, this was a welcome return to the hilarious show that I love! Check out some of the The Big Bang Theory quotes from the episode and sound off now.


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@Alessandro,from what I understood Sheldon was leaving mundane decisions up to the dice in order to free his mind up for higher thoughts.Revealing the contents of confidential documents is hardly mundane if you are a notary and while I do recall Sheldon saying he can't keep a secret , when he said that he was trying to refuse to hear one from Penny and then did everything in his power not to tell Leonard what it was for the rest of the episode.In this case the writers are saying that Sheldon went out of his way to know a secret -by going through the process of becoming a notary-only to reveal it on a whim and that doesn't sound like him at all.If he thought he couldn't keep Raj or anyone else's secrets he would simply have not become a notary to avoid knowing them.
I've heard the theory that Bernadette is being turned into Howard's mom but I honestly wonder why they are doing that.Howard's mom is entertaining to hear once in a while, but one of her is more than enough.I liked Bernadette the way she was.If they want to add Mrs.Wolowitz to the onscreen characters why don't they just have the actress who plays her appear?We've seen everyone else's parents(Raj's parents,Penny's dad,Leonard and Sheldon's mothers)why not Howard's?


as for sheldon blurting it out... it's consistent with what he's doing in this episode..leaving all moral choices along with the base practical ones, to the dice.
(and he's terrible at keeping secrets)


"Bernadette was a bit odd but cute and funny,and now they are turning her into a shrew .I think its to make Howard look better but actually it makes it seem as though being stuck in an engagement with him is getting on Bernadette's nerves" I thought that was actually a bit of clever thinking...they're gradually turning her into Howard's mother


@ Marie yes I agree with your points on the way Sheldon has had to act . Yes with Sheldon's genius he would have never betrayed a confidence in such a way you said especially with the friend ship agreement between the four of them .With the fact that it is just wrong .He never would have done it . And also I too get the re-runs running here in Bham. You can see a very big difference in the old and new showes even with 2.5 Men these showes have always helped me forget the world out side for 30 minutes but now these writers must be so lazy to push just a few buttons on a computer to look up a few details that would help to keep the showes funny and about how funny nerds can be scared of interactions with the opposite sex has been very funny in the past .Now its.all about making their on actors look heartless cold spiteful an inconsiderate to each other and to the people that spend there sweet time watching . I know everyone is wondering what had happened to Chuck Loree and his writers .heartless cold and I think a little lazy . Thanks for the message it does make not just me but others feel that someone else has noticed the same things about the show .I do feel better now ..and right now I am watching Sheldon climbing out on a ledge to Leonard's room cause he is scared about the break in ..thank goodness for old re-runs . Looking forward to TIM Allen's new show . I hope its not another P.C. the People in America need something funny to watch just to forget all the bad news we hear 24-7 ..please somebody come up with a show like the old re-runs on Two and a Half Men and The older Big Bang Theory . and if the writes see this go Back and watch the re-runs and get back to Nerds not this bad cruel heartless stuff that opens up peoples hurts and making marrriages look so cheap and making jokes about dying with heart Diseases and for the future showes any.other Diseases off your heartless writers table .and to the casts of these showes please have a heart and think about what they want you say cause instead of a real heart felt laugh .you could be.breaking your fans heart .you can make a differance in making someone happy or take someone's heart and hurt it where they never can watch you in anything ever again ...


@rick rice,it's true that it was Bernadette who made that creepy joke about the wife of the dying man being available since he was on a placebo instead of the medication that would save him.I agree that this sort of humor crossed the line but thankfully the storyline had Raj dating a girl Penny introduced him to instead.As I said previously ,the writing really is falling off this season,and this is yet another example of that.Bernadette was a bit odd but cute and funny,and now they are turning her into a shrew .I think its to make Howard look better but actually it makes it seem as though being stuck in an engagement with him is getting on Bernadette's nerves . Meanwhile,they are making Raj increasingly weird so I wouldn't want to see a relationship between him and Bernadette either : I don't know where this is going but these changes in the characters are dragging the show down.


I am sorry on my review yesterday I was so upset I could not pull myself out of it. I roofed.all of you about the bad so called.joke ..and banter Bach and forth about C.H.F the man dieing with it cause ( Bernadette ) said all those heartless things about letting Raj Take another man's wife. For a date cause (Beranadette) was giving a dieing man with Congestive Heart Failure medications that she knows for sure this dieing man was getting placebo's and laughing about it .knowing he was going to die in about four month with Coreg and Altace meds. In real life he could .and on top of this dieing man's troubles and fears she laughs about getting his wife to cheat with a Raj cause he is not long for this earth .so it was not Amy .that made those heartless jokes it was in fact ( Bernadette ) . Howard's girl friend not Amy that was so cruel ... How ever I still stand by my review of the two Chuck Loree Showes and I am now looking for show to help me forget about ..People dieing suffering a horrible death with C.H.F. Chuck Loree's writers Should look up stuff before they in bad heartless taste .Chuck you are blowing it with The Big Baby Theory too.


Bah! This was one of the most stupidest eps they have done... Chuck lorre might be to busy trying to keep that other kutcher show alive to care about TBBT but he needs to change his priorities!!!! This season is DUMB so far!!!! I thought season five was going to go back to bieng about the nerdiness and not the romance. It was reported here months ago. I want it back that way!!!


I thought that the writing is weak compared to what we have seen done previously on the show. The last two episodes were just boring. I am a huge fan of the show, but what makes the show work is not being put up front. The actors can only work with the material they are given. I hope that the writing tightens up and they get something moving and more interesting.


When I was in the hospital a few years back and the Doctor came in my room and said sir you have Congestive Heart Failure your heart is only working 20% . My aunt died last year with C.H.F. she smothered in her fluid in her lungs. It was hard watching her suffer gasping for breath . Any way last night Howard's girl friend made a joke that Raj could date this guys wife cause he had Congestive Heart Failure ..and she was saying it was ok to date a married girl because her husband has Congestive Heart Failure and she Amy new for a fact he was taking placebo meds. And laughed about it .so Raj could date a dieing man's wife cause she new for sure this dieing man was not getting his Coreg that could help save his life .but this sick dieing man was now going to watch his wife date another man cause he was nothing any way he is dieing with a bad heart . Well I have to say I while watching 2.5 men after getting out of the hospital at home the show came on where Charlie told Allen that Rose had glued his privates together and it looked like a fruit bat .I laugh so hard ,my wife and daughter came running into my bedroom asking what's wrong .you see after you get the news like I just got I watch Charlie for 30minutes to forget your going to die with C.H.F. for the first time in months I was laughing .Now that Charlie is fired from the show it is not funny .I quit watching the second show .when Allen and walden were naked laying together after getting drunk together. So I was Giving Chuck Loree A chance .watching his show Big Bang Theory. Until last night when Amy's joke broke my heart .it made me feel just like I did when the doctor told me I had C.H.F. any way I needed a laugh but ended up feeling like as a man with C.H.F. my life does not mean a thing .what if chuck loree wrote in a joke about penny could date a man cause his wife had breast cancer and Amy laughing saying it ok cause she knows for a fact the wife is taking placebo's .I think with Chuck Loree And his writers nothing is off the table .just put down any one dieing or not . Now I believe it was not Charlie Sheen that was the bad person it is Chuck Loree . and his writers for both showes. But up until this season two. New showes I did enjoy the laughs .but my heart is broken after last nights Amy's so called joke .I hope Loree does not reap what he soe's


It was an interesting episode but having Sheldon flat out reveal Raj's wealth when the only way he knows about it is because he is a notary is lazy writing.Notaries are as obligated to secrecy about the documents they see as a lawyer and I can't imagine someone as painstaking as Sheldon would ignore that fact just to reassure Penny that Raj could afford to be generous to a gold-digger.It would have been more credible to have some financial papers discovered by one of the gang because Sheldon had left them on his desk before filing them,than to have him blurt it out.
A minor detail,I know,but you can't show a character as obsessive about rules and contacts for years-witness all the story-lines revolving around respecting the room-mate agreement,or his place on the sofa-and have him be suddenly be as flaky as those he is usually at odds with over these issues.
Also , why would Raj have feared deportation a while back?I've yet to hear of anyone with money not being able to get a visa to stay in the US for as long as they pleased or better yet apply successfully for citizenship.The government controls visas to avoid adding to its burden ,but if you can prove you won't be one ,you are welcome to stay.
The writing seems a lot more sloppy this season,and while this is still a good show ,it is losing its quirky sharpness.In my area,reruns air alongside these new shows and the downturn in quality is very noticeable.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Leonard: We enter the dungeon.
Sheldon: You see a dragon.

Leonard: See, this is the good thing about having a girlfriend 9,000 miles away I can spend my nights doing whatever I want.
Howard: You mean playing nerd games with us and then taking a suspiciously long shower?
Leonard: Maybe.