The Good Wife Episode Teaser: From Witness to Suspect

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Lisa Edelstein debuted on The Good Wife this week, fighting against Will and Alicia in court and then eventually admitting she needed a new job. Will her character of Celeste Serrano join Lockhart/Gardner?

That question is not answered in the following promo, but next Sunday's episode ("Feeding the Rat") will feature Will and Diane discussing the firm's future. It will also center around Alicia's pro bono case, which takes a strange twist when a witness becomes a suspect.

Watch the official CBS trailer now:


I've got no use for the left-wing social commentary sprinkled through this show. It's a great series and I've enjoyed each and every episode, but when a TV show starts to preach at me (remember Boston Legal?), I tune out. We get enough of that boring rhetoric on news shows and the most obviously biased shows - no need to include it in shows that are otherwise intelligent, sophisticated, and (mostly) entertaining. BTW - enough already of Lisa Edelstein - don't like her character or the actor

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