The Good Wife Review: The Death and Desire Zone

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Based on events from "The Death Zone," is it a coincidence that an anagram for The Good Wife is "Weighed Foot."

Okay, probably. But the presence of both Eddie Izzard as opposing British council and an anagram-loving barrister - sorry, solicitor - on the team of Lockhart/Gardner made this an especially enjoyable Case of the Week. It didn't hurt that The Wire's John Doman was at his pompous, shady best, either.

Eddie Izzard on The Good Wife

The libel suit also gave us another glimpse at a newly confident Alicia, who made Will both proud and aroused when she took initiative during the deposition. There are clear problems with these two dating, but the chemistry between the characters is undeniable.

It's like Alicia said to Will on the season one finale: it's not a question of feelings, it's a question of practicality. As the hot scene inside Will's apartment last week proved, and as their role playing jokes and near-bathroom dalliance made clear here, Alicia and Will couldn't be more comfortable with each other. This relationship has been a very long time coming and both are very much into it. There's just the pesky little problem of Alicia's employment.

As always, The Good Wife blends the personal and the professional better than any show on TV. It features mature, rational characters facing mature, rational decisions, such as Diane visiting Alicia one moment on this episode, complimenting her apartment and giving her respect for how she has handled her marriage... and then telling Will the next moment that they might need to fire Alicia.

Is this Diane being duplicitous? Not at all. She's simply a strong, intelligent businesswomen who has never made any secret that the law firm comes first in her life.

It's now on Will to bring this issue to Alicia and for the two of them to formulate a plan. Let's hope the show doesn't drag that out too much, as Will also takes his job very seriously. I can't see him risking the firm, even for all the American Revolution-themed sex he can get.

This development also raises a question about Peter: is he really just trying to run a clean office? Does he have a vendetta against the company? Both the writers and Chris Noth have done an excellent job presenting Peter as a complicated, difficult-to-read individual. He comes across as sneaky behind his desk, but then as open and honest at home making dinner. My guess? He is going after Lockhart/Gardner.

Elsewhere, was it any surprise that Kalinda and Eli made for an entertaining duo? It's startling to think they had never met before, but expect to see a lot more of this savvy pair together. For all of our sakes, Eli, invoice your new employee next week and the week after that, too.

Finally, I always enjoy making a list of the current events or people name-dropped by The Good Wife each week. By throwing out Anthony Weiner and The News of the World scandal, the drama really does make you feel like Eli Gold is a real crisis manager living in Chicago. These additions add a sense of realism, although even The Good Wife has its limits: we'll likely never know the identity's of this week's potential Presidential candidate. Gotta be Chris Christie, right?

For the record, his anagram would be "Hitcher Crisis." We've uncovered the scandal, Eli! Get on that.


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I've just seen the episode and enjoyed it, but as a Brit whose experience of the UK courts is admittedly limited to a couple of weeks Jury service and UK dramas - the treatment of the Judge / Barrister did seem too go heavy on caricature and Wills references to Britain seemed borderline offensive at points. Strange with so many British actors on hand they couldn't have provided a better representation.
In fairness though I was surprised the writers let the Solicitor deliver the winning argument.
Great show.


for a wise and high-esteemed woman, i cannot imagine her husband would get another chance.she forfeited her career to be a good wife and mom only to find out her dear husband have cheated on her so many times. the humiliation, financial burden coupled with tense working environment make her a different women. she is no longer the women behind the scene or her husband but a woman who can well handle challenges herself. as long as she takes good care of her kids, no blame should be placed on her. she did not say a single bad thing about her husband in front of children. the relationship she had with will is a long time coming. they are in love with each other and she did not do it for revenge on Peter. she is just moving on and starting a new life.


Will has thus far he has never hurt alicia like peter has, (BULL) everytime he touches her in that slut way he is hurting her self esteem. Any woman who thinks that is good sex better take a second look at themselves because when it gets out you become the office whore. A label which is hard to get rid of without leaving town and family.


i don't think alicia and will sleeping together is morally right, but due to the separation and peters actions it is at least in a bit of a grey area, like so many of the other characters decisions. i also think that there will certainly be repercussions down the line as demonstrated by will conversation with Kalinda in ep1 and with Diane in ep2. as for 'reality no longer has a place in this show' yes it does! the reason you know that office romances usually end badly is because this happens all the time in real life. If alicia took peter back and totally forgave him after countless new revelations about his affairs no one could relate to her. THe fact of the matter is people hold grudges, especially after being so publicly humiliated. in my opinion the main reason she is still angry with kalinda is not that she slept with peter years ago but that the entire time she was becoming freinds with her k was lying to her face and now she will never know if k was just being her friend to make up for sleeping with peter. i also think peter may well start trying to get back with alicia so maybe they wont divorce this season as she is still partly the good wife ( though admittedly its only a small part!) - if she wasn't she would have made the separation public to humiliate peter and told the kids why she kicked him out to turn them against him but she hasn't. as for the will-diane conversation will might not end up stabbing either of them in the back - 'if she works against us" was way to generic for that, and will could easily say he thought Diane meant on purpose rather than inadvertently ( he is a lawyer after all) so he won't have to fire alicia though he is by no means a white night - all that stuff about blake covering up his theft for instance, but thus far he has never hurt alicia like peter has. xx


Either way they are both wrong, she has known for 2 yrs what went on except the Kalinda affair which was to late to bring out. On the other hand she has been hiding all her affairs and desires from everyone and thinks it is alright, it is not the same thing but pure deceit from within that will be found out shortly and probably destroy all she thinks she has built up.


She knew but he doesn't that is the difference plus lying to the kids also.

Matt richenthal

@Sha: Peter slept with multiple women, including a prostitute and Kalinda, while married.
Alicia separated from her husband before sleeping with anyone else. Where do you see similarities?


leenokinnee-----Amen to your assessment, you hit nail on the head.


I'm pretty tired of seeing people debate whether Alicia is justified to sleep with Will because of Peter's naturally, I'll just add my two cents on the issue. :) Simply put, I think that Alicia and Peter look at these affairs from two different perspectives: one highly logical, and one highly emotional. When Peter admits to sleeping with Kalinda, he tells Alicia that it was "before she was your best friend." And he's right! While it significantly hurt her, it's not the standard act of betrayal that you see in most situations when a husband sleeps with his wife's best friend. And at the same time, Alicia is justified in being upset about that development, and I think her reaction to it by forcing Peter out of her life and letting Will in is one that's emotional...because it just can't be classified as logical. Sleeping with your boss when your husband is the State's Attorney is one of the dumbest things anyone can do, regardless of the situation that led you there. I admire the character of Alicia tremendously, but she's the "good wife", not the "perfect human". Her affair with Will will have, and rightfully should have, significant consequences. This was another excellent episode. I just can't get over how well-written this show is.


Alicia is NOT doing to peter what he did to her. Alicia and Peter are SEPARATED. He cheated. She ended things before moving on.

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