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1. My favorite scene was a tie between the Celeste/Peter/Will interaction and the scene with Will trying to tell Alicia how he feels. I love the tension between Peter and Will. Peter just looks like he wants to punch Will while Will wants to escape as fast as possible. Both of them do a good job acting professionally despite their issues. And the other scene just makes you love Will, despite his flaws. I love seeing him vulnerable, as you don't see that side of Will very often.

2. Yes I think Will loves her very much. He had to move on in season 2 after he thought she didn't feel the same way about him but he has always felt the same way. I think she loves him also she just has to be emotionally guarded about him. She knows acknowledging a relationship with Will means having to make tough decisions about her marriage. I hope she will get there eventually cause I just love them together.

3. I think Celeste is a good recurring character but she is too evil (so far) to be a regular. I'm assuming she must have some redeeming qualities but we have yet to see them.

4. Definitely Cary and the AUSA. I think the thought of Kalinda and Eli romantically are creepy.


At the end of season 1, Will told Alicia in a phone message erased by Eli, "my plan is I love you. I have loved you since Georgetown.". He thinks Alicia didn't hear the message because she told him in season 2 that she didn't (though she did). He has clearly wanted more than sex with Alicia for some time, and she knows it.


Jasmine Richards:

I think it was Romany Malco who played the head of Legal Aid, I know him best from playing Conrad on Weeds.


Please, please tell me who the guy is that played the head of Legal Aid . I thin he was referred to as Mr. Coin. I have seen him in something else and I am going crazy trying to figure it out.


1. Agree with Matt. My favorite scene (out of many great scenes) was seeing Eli trying to figure out the dynamic of the "Mom&Pop Store" that is Lockhart&Gardner. They are two of the best characters on the show and when they are together it's..golden.

2.Without a doubt. He's loved her for quite sometime. Even before he told her he loved her the first time. And she knows it, and I suspect she loves him too, but not as much. But for the record...I totally said "Love you" on the phone w/o thinking whether it meant something or not.

3. No. I liked that she opened the doors to see more out of Will

4.Cary and the AUSA. I would never want to see Kalinda and Eli hook would just be wrong on so many levels. They're diabolic w/o adding anything romantic or sexual into the picture. I don't think Cary will hook up with the AUSA either but that's more likely and more acceptable. I kinda like her. She's spunky, kind of a badass, and she knows how to play the legal game and play it well. She fits in, much better then the other woman Cary occasionally worked with who lacked a personality. I don't think she was "playing the discrimination card" I loathe that terminology, by the way, it makes it seem like discrimation itself is a game rather than a genuine issue (or that it's a "non issue" at all). I think she honestly believed that he was guilty at the time, and part of her job is to make sure she if he was his sentencing wouldn't have a disparging difference from a minority's sentencing. We've come along way but any of us would be foolish to believe that it's far enough. I actually liked the reverse aspect of it this episode. They always manage to handle race (and all other delicate issues) so eloquently compared to most shows. She also did what all the lawyers on this show do, she totally used one of her connections to sway a judge. I love watching all of them do that, even though I kinda hate it too.

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