The Good Wife Round Table: "Marthas and Caitlins"

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Alicia received some disturbing news this week on The Good Wife, while Eli plotted Peter's political future and Dylan Baker reprised his role as a wife killer.

In the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by staff writers Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando as they react to various aspects of "Marthas and Caitlins." Please, join them...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Alicia and Celeste sharing a drink, no doubt. Just two strong, confident women, each with her own agenda, each aware of the other's agenda and each trying to come out on top in the end. I think Celeste won.

Carissa: When, for the briefest moment, Celeste was almost human while having a drink with Alicia. They are a lot alike, but Alicia could never be as cold as Celeste. It was good to see Alicia interact with someone outside the office again, making me long for her friendship with Kalinda even more.

Christine: When Will told Alicia the truth about why she was hired. I was proud of him for being honest with her about why he backed David Lee on this one. Will's always felt something for her and that's how she got her foot in the door, whether she knew it or not. Loved the look on Alicia's face as it sunk in.

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So, Alicia was a "Caitlin" and only got hired because Will squeezed a favor out of David Lee. Worth her getting angry over?
Matt: Not really. At least not for longer than 30 seconds. Alicia was out of the legal game for years, married to the state's attorney and had a previous relationship with Will. Did she really think those weren't major factors in her hiring?

Carissa: Yes and no. In the long run, no. But that she was used so they could prove in a court of law that nepotism wasn't how they hired their associates was backhanded and dirty. It made her feel used, and that would make anyone angry.

Christine: Not angry but perhaps disappointed. It's lousy to know you didn't get the job on your own merits and that others know it, too, but that's reality. Many people get the job based on who they know. Of course she's kept the job because she's damn good at it. We'll see if we can say the same for Caitlin. The one I really feel for is Martha.

Will Peter get the keynote address?
Matt: I hope so. I hope the show just goes all out in this odd combining of fiction and non-fiction. The only question: who would play Obama at the DNC? I don't like Fred Armisen's impression. We can come up with someone better, TV Fanatics...

Carissa: Yes. No matter what he does, Peter seems to get everything he wants. Except Alicia.

Christine: If he doesn't do something stupid to mess it up, yes. Eli will do everything in his power to get it for him but I'm not sure that will be enough.

Should Alicia have told Grace's tutor to stick to the studying?
Matt: She could have handled it better. Maybe just have a serious chat with Grace first? Warn her of the dangers of dancing it up with strangers on the subway? Alicia should have been aware that Grace doesn't have any friends and understood why she may have been drawn to the tutor's shenanigans.

Carissa: Yes. I don't know if anyone else was as shocked as I was to learn the tutor was 22, but I thought she was a peer of Grace's! Completely inappropriate for her to be hanging out with a 14-year old girl like that, and really, putting her in harm's way. Her stunts seem like they're not a big deal, but people could easily get annoyed. I would.

Christine: Yes. It hadn't sunk in before this that the girl is 22 and Grace is only 14. That's a heck of an age difference. And I know her videos have been all in fun but accost the wrong person on the street at the wrong time and these girls could be in for an unpleasant or even dangerous surprise.


1. Tough call. I kinda liked that uhhh *blanks* the wife killer came back. He's awesomely creepy and amusing with Alicia and those scenes were fun to watch. I also liked when Will told Alicia how she was hired. It was honest and to the point and real. 2.No. In fact the fact that she got pissed actually pissed me off. Where has she been the past three years? They've all but made it known that she will be and has been used for her connections to her husband etc. that has always been fairly out there in the open from the get go. In law, like in most professions, it's all about who you know, favors for favors, connections. There should have been no suprise there. She was a housewife who had been out of a courtroom for over a decade, she wasn't exactly a catch. Who didn't think that she only got the job because she was a friend of Will's and because of her husband? It wasn't about how she got to job so much as how she kept it. Her connections, Will's favor is what got her in the door, her abilities and how she proved herself is what kept her there still working for them three years later, otherwise Diane especially would have sent her packing a long time ago. You take it for what it was. What sucks though, is that poor Martha who was qualified but didn't have the social connections and got screwed out of a job. Show wise I'm all for my girl Alicia, but from a personal standpoint of being a "martha" on occasion, that kind of sucks. 3.Probably. We got to keep Chris Noth around somehow. : ) 4.Yes she should have told her to stick to studying however she handled it wrong. Her approach was a bit off considering her profession, she should have had some more finesse to it. This tutor weirds me out though, with her strange dancing being on video, the fact that she dragged a 14 year old in it. I still think something else may come of it though...for some reason from the beginning I was getting an inkling that maybe they would end up being into each other at some point, I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is the significance of this storyline.


Matt get it straight Alicia did not have a previous relationship with Will in college, go back to the season 1 episode where she got the cell call from Will. The wispper one when she told him that if they had gotten together in college it would only have lasted a week. So there wasn't any previous connection between them, and from what I have seen lately there won't any connection coming up soon.


My friend and I were discussing: if Alicia was a Caitlin, did that make Cary a Martha? Remember, they competed for the position during the first year. I doubt this question is significant to future storylines, but it is something to wonder about. Cary is a great attorney, and Alicia at that point would've been hired because of who she knew rather than on merit. I'm anxious to see what Will did that Celeste knows about! As much as I appreciated Will and Alicia's flirtation, and even their "relationship" now, I don't know if I see them together in the long run. Maybe it's because I just can't see Will in the parent role. It's clear that right now they're having fun, but something's gotta change isn't always enough, unfortunately.


Alicia is a Caitlin in the sense she got the job because of who she knew. Considering the job market at the time and her many years out of the work force, that couldn't have been a surprise to her. But Alicia has never been a "C" student. We haven't seen the last of Martha. And of course, Alicia should have told the tutor to stick with studying. The age difference is inappropriate and so is taking a 14 year old street dancing with you. What tutor would think that is okay? The tutor is weird. The fact that Alicia is even thinking about it doesn't seem realistic. I agree she should have talked to Grace first. Boy, that is a kid who needs a hobby, therapy - something.

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