The Good Wife Round Table: "The Death Zone"

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The Good Wife was highlighted this week by a British invasion and by the first-ever meeting between Kalinda and Eli. There was talk of American Revolution-themed sex, as well.

With Lisa Edelstein set to debut on Sunday, let's take a look back via the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Won't you join Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica as they break down the most recent episode?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I'll expound more below, but the introductions of Kalinda and Eli. It definitely seemed like the writers were having some fun, winking a bit at the audience, by having the latter repeatedly mention how odd it was that they hadn't met before.

Christine: Surprisingly, it was Peter trying to tell his son why Alicia kicked him out... without actually saying the words. I can almost respect Peter as a parent for trying to be truthful with his kids without giving them more information than they need. Of course, if he hadn't screwed around in the first place his kids wouldn't have to ask these questions.

Carissa: Without a doubt, Alicia and Will contemplating their quickie in the bathroom. Even their mere mention of getting it on gets me flustered. They are that good at making me believe their desire for each other. Best sexual chemistry on television by far.

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Kalinda and Eli: A great pairing, or the greatest pairing?
Matt: Very solid, but let's not get carried away here. Castle and Beckett? Booth and Brennan? Damon Salvatore and a bubble bath? There are some tremendous pairings out there.

Christine: Great, with the possibility of greatness. I enjoyed every scene they had together. Both are focused and driven and possess a rather ambiguous moral compass. The sly smiles they shared made it feel like the meeting of two kindred spirits. I can't wait to see more.

Carissa: For now, just a great pairing. They are so fun to watch, and Kalinda has almost met a match in Eli. They will certainly generate major excitement in episodes to come.

Are Peter's intentions with the audit request pure?
Matt: No, but the better question would be whether he's after something specific - such as something in Will's Blake-related past - or just fishing for anything to get Lockhart/Gardner in trouble.

Christine: Pure? Ha! I can't quite bring myself to put "pure" and "Peter" in the same sentence. He's after something. I don't know what but there's an ulterior motive there. Everything about that offer screams trap. It would be foolish of them to take the bait.

Carissa: Obviously not, or he would have requested the same of all three firms. But I don't know what he is looking for. I'm assuming it's not a financial audit but a due diligence audit. I don't know how it would work on their behalf to comply. Would being his attorney keep them from facing off in court? If not, then he'd have a lot of inside information to help with his own cases. I'll never trust him.

Give this week's case a grade.
Matt: A-. The Brits really classed up the joint, and also led to one of Will's best-ever comebacks: Intimidation is not a sonnet.

Christine: B-. Who knew people were just stepping over one another to get to the top of some silly mountain? I can't say I see the thrill. If nothing else, I enjoyed the British accents.

Carissa: B. Not because it was interesting, but because it tossed in the eyeroll factor by holding a case in front of a British dude on American soil. Can that really happen? Loved when "his lordship" questioned Will's posture, and Will was looking down and all around trying to figure out what the hell he was driving at. I'll keep the U.S. justice system, thank you very much.


Best scene was with Diane and Will discussing Alicia --Will agreeing that Alicia will go if she gets in the way. Maybe others so enamored of what a great guy Will is, will see his true colors now. He is either a liar and two faced to Diane or to Alicia. Who will he throw under the bus, Diane or Alicia. I have always said Will is a snake in the grass. Personally can't stand the character he portrays as you can see right through him in all the dealings he has with people of what a dirty backstabber he is capable of being. I also disagree that there is on screne chemistry with Will and Alicia characters. Must be missing something, to me they appear to be a couple of cold fish acting the part and just going thru the motions.


Can't wait for the WILL Alicia fall out it is going to be fantastic.


Best scene: I thought Peter trying to explain to his son why Alicia kicked him out rated up their with the best. Don't like Peter, but have to respect that he's trying to be honest with the boy, and that he fell in love with his wife again, albeit, much to late. Kalinda & Eli: Great pairing with the potential to be the greatest. I always liked both of these characters. There kinda of alike in a way. And both of them actually like and respect Alicia. I would like to see Kalinda and Alicia become friends again, though. Case: I actually enjoyed the case. Liked the idea of winning a case in American and having to re-try it England because the laws are actually the very opposite. These must be some very smart attorneys to be able to shift gears that quickly and win the case. But it's television.


Best Scene: I enjoyed the scene where the lawsuit was dismissed and Alicia and Will struggling to not show their emotions to each other. Which leads into me agreeing with Carissa-best chemistry on tv between Will and Alicia. I am so emotionally invested in their relationship at this point. Despite whether you think what they are doing is right or wrong, it is still such a great pairing. I worried that if they got together, some of the spark would be gone over their flirting/longing looks days. But so far I have been even more impressed at how much they sparkle together. Eli/Kalinda: Love them together with the potential to be great. They can banter with such great ease. Peter: Definitely has ulterior motives. Despite his refreshingly candid conversation with Zack, he clearly blames Will for the breakup of his marriage and will not hesitate to throw him under the bus. Which, if this is his way of winning back Alicia, is more likely to reinforce to her why she left him. I sincerely doubt his statement of running a clean office. Case: b+. It was very interesting but a little goofy with the British judge thrown in.


Favorite scene would have first been Kalinda and Eli, but then there was also that confrontation between Will and the Brit. Fair Fight! Kalinda and Eli - a great pairing, let's see if anything comes from this. I really admire how Eli's personality becomes so complementary. Peter just has ulterior motives. He wants nothing good for the firm and probably wanted to even the score any way he could. You know, this weeks case was refreshing, almost close to the real deal of it, for which I admire The Good Wife. Grade A+


i find it weird that not many people comment. if it was gossip girl there would be about 100 comments already

Leigh r

Eli and Kalinda were great, with the possibility for more greatness!


on the contrary, I thought the case was fascinating. It realky happened, as documented in Jon Krakauer's book on Everest!

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