The Lying Game Fall Finale Review: Did That Just Happen?!?

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OH-EM-GEE, did that just happen? "East of Emma" amped up the action for a mindblowing mid-season finale of The Lying Game.

Sutton is back in Phoenix and ready to destroy the twin she begged to take her place. Problem is, there's more than a few people who want to destroy Sutton, one who obviously went to extreme measures to make sure she didn't make it to her own birthday party.

A Return Visit

The twins' 17th birthday party was the perfect setting to get everyone together for when the bombs dropped. But, of course, Alec had something up his sleeve and Sutton never made it. The one part he underestimated was Annie. I also think that Justin still knows something.

Let's break it down piece by piece shall we? Ethan is such a cutie and dropped the L word to Emma (and accidentally Sutton). I love the solidarity between him and Emma, he's ready and willing to go anywhere for her. I'm surprised he didn't realize that it wasn't Emma on the video chat. In fact, I'm surprised and concerned that Sutton's own family hasn't figured the switcheroo out at this point.

My mother would know if it were not me. Just sayin'. That brief exchange between the real Sutton and Kristen was so cold and bitter that it should have tipped Kristen off that it was not the same girl who was hugging her and crying just a few hours earlier.

Sutton had so much anger towards Emma for "stealing her life." I think the only thing she can legitimately be mad about is Ethan. Yes, her twin did unintentionally steal her boyfriend. As for stealing her life? We've gone over this. She basically gave Emma no choice and told her it would be two days. What was the girl supposed to do?

Besides, if Sutton weren't such a bitch to everyone, maybe they would have missed her more? I think it's safe to say I'm on Team Emma at this point.

No matter how over Sutton I am, she still did not deserve what happened to her! Would Alec really go as far as attempt to kill his God-daughter to keep his secret? Personally, I think that Derek was the one in the back of Sutton's car. That whole scene reminded me of an urban legend and hardcore freaked me out.

Lastly, Annie made a creepy hooded appearance at the birthday party. So now what? We have a few months to ponder what will happen next.

Here's my theory: I think this is the point where the writers might take a cue from the book. As readers know - SPOILER ALERT - Sutton is actually dead in the books and someone is threatening Emma to continue to take Sutton's place or she'll be next. The question is, would Alec go so far as to kill off Sutton and blackmail Emma? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section and hopefully I'll see you in 2012!


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I think Emma has something to do with suttons car going into the water because Emma gets to the party late and she is all wet I wonder if she's mad that sutton kissed ethan and out of revenge she tries to kill her


if you actually watch the episode ethan pushes sutton away when she says i want you, then sutton pushes herself on him so he did realize it was sutton


Ok what I don't get is that ethan said it wasn't sutton to Emma when they first kissed. But then when sutton and ethan kiss he doesn't notice! What's up with that????


Don't know why my comment got deleted. Great mid-season finale. Sutton/Emma scene was awesome. Laurel and Lexi were great. Lexi's genre-savvy. I hope Sutton lives. I say it was Derek in the backseat. Kristen didn't notice?! I'd have thought Ethan would have noticed quicker. I thought Justin was up to something from the beginning.


Triplets? Sutton, Emma and Justin. Remember this! The only major flaw: when Ethan and Emma first met he said he knew she wasn't Sutton because she didn't kiss like her. So when Sutton and Ethan actually kissed, he should have known!


Hah. A TV Show loves to throw false lead and raises suspicions among viewers.
Emma is just wet from the rain. There are ongoing theories about triplets, which is a bit weird if you ask me.
If Emma decide to go the party at the last minute, of course she's gotta change into something more "party"-ish.


I think maybe Emma did it. Maybe i'm looking way too much into things but why else would she be soaking wet at the party??


Leigh, totally love your review!
I agree in every single way.
This is a far better mid-season finale than Pretty Little Liars.
When Emma hugs everyone, Mom, Dad and Laurel, I actually felt sad for her. She truly loves them and I'm glad she decide to fight back.
Sutton died? Doesn't care. I always dislike her.
But the appearance of Annie Hobbs! Now that's what I call a finale.
This series has grown on me and I'll definitely be tuning in 2012. As for who's the guy in the back of Sutton's seat. Call me crazy but I think it's ETHAN'S BROTHER! The look at his face when he had his conversation with Alec, highly suspicious!


Okay, well first of all: u all r saying "why did Emma change dresses" well I thought it was obvious that the red dress wasnt actually a party dress anyway, cuz remember she was planning on switching into the other black and white dress anyway, so the red dress was just like a day dress even tho it was kinda fancy (but all her outfits are fancy). Next, some people are bringing up Lexi vs. Char and Mads. Well the reason Mads and char didn't guessing bcuz they didn't know there was a twin; Lexi did. See, If I was char or mads then I wudnt guess "omg this is t sutton, this is some twin sister!!!" bcuz that kind of thin duznt usually happen. Ud just think "hmm suttons acting different... If u actually KNEW there was a twin, THEN u might realize it wasn't sutton. Lexi knew, char and mads didn't. Annim almost positive it was Annie at the end, cuz she ha been looking for them. Also duz anyone know if that person who jumped in suttons car was still there when it sunk or how did they get out? I dot think it was Derek cuz he wudnt do anything to actually HuRT someone. He wudnt go that far, even if that was Alec's requirement to get back with char. I think it was ethans bro.


I know Sutton is dead in the books but for a tv show it's way more plot line potential to keep her alive. Plus Sutton is the more daring and bitchy twin we need her spark. What's with the Thayer and Char moment? It's the second one since he's been back. Just another player?

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