The Lying Game Review: "Never Have I Ever"

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Coincidentally, "Never Have I Ever" happens to be the title of author Sara Shepard's follow up to The Lying Game, the book that spawned thiss series. It's also the title of a fabulous game showcased briefly in tonight's episode, one that reveals a few secrets and ,with this crew, you never know what you're going to get.

However, I think at this point the secrets lie mostly with the adults. That scene when Ted and Kristen ran into the doctor who called her Annie and recalled a wild weekend in Santa Barbara? Oh, Ted, Kristen is SO onto you. All this time we thought Alec was more devious... but is he?

Never Have They Ever

Well bribing your son with $20K to get him to do what you want is pretty devious. So is telling a troubled woman that she killed one child in a fire and that the other is a schizophrenic. Sheesh, can we get more clues on this already? What about the pages missing from the album and Justin being so protective of that box?

We know the bracelet wasn't the only thing he was hiding. A preview of next week's episode tells me that Justin may have been sent by someone to look into the Mercer family. He is onto Ted as well.

I loved seeing everyone just hanging and partying as friends. Thayer has joined Laurel as one of my favorite characters and not for his wit but rather for his smarts. He is an asset to solving this whole mystery. Hey, maybe if we loaned him to the cast of Pretty Little Liars, they'd be closer to finding out the identity of A.

I also love the chivalrous Ethan. I don't buy his whole bad boy act. He's a Ryan Atwood (OC fans, rejoice) in that he didn't have the best upbringing and ended up in trouble a few times but still has a heart of gold. When he first put a drunk Emma to sleep, I was nervous about him leaving her there, but alas we found out that he never left and was there to save her from a sexual assault by the skeevy Travis.

Laurel was pretty damn convincing about her virginity. I figured maybe she just got nervous and backed out, but that girl is just a great liar. Fits right in with this crew!

Something I found a little hard to believe was Sutton's whole release from juvi. I doubt that a juvenile detention center would come up on a caller ID. I also doubt that you can bail a minor out of jail anonymously, though I could be wrong on both accounts. Also, how did Annie escape from the psych ward?

Overall, an episode that featured the takedown of Travis, some tunes from the new Bush album, and a cameo by Madison Burge from Friday Night Lights, ranked pretty highly in my book. I'm a bit confused now that there are more characters incorporated. I'm also really curious what Alec was planning to do when he got Sutton as Emma released from jail.

Only two episodes left this season!


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I do love Laurel she is the best sister. She could teach Emma about sisterhood. I can't get over Emma taking her sister's man , I don't care if Suttons slightly bitchy. I think Ted's the father too but does he know they were twins? Why just take one? It's not like they couldn't afford two.


If Emma was already in the system then they wouldn't need to take her prints possibly. Nice to see the group all together. Emma was written into trouble but at least she had a good reason. Sutton wanting a pillow cover was funny. I suspected there was more to Justin then just that he was a squatter and stuff and I was right. Alec doesn't know anything about Justin's ulterior motives I'm assuming. A government office should show up on Caller ID afaik. The juvie storyline was a bit rushed. Annie escaping is stretching credulity. So my theory: the twins are Ted's, Annie was underage at the time, Alec got Annie committed (she possibly had a breakdown on her own), the twins are put up for adoption, and Alec made sure Ted got Sutton, Annie got better, Annie only could find/knew that only Emma was alive, Annie lived with Emma, Alec burned down Annie's house, Annie was committed again, and Emma bounced around foster homes.


Did they not fingerprint "Emma" at the juvenile detention center? Wouldn't they have realized it wasn't Emma and that it was someone else?


i like the episode and can't wait to see what happens favorite part was when ethan knocked travis out.i agree that sutton does need to come back and actually work with emma on trying to get there mom back.i think the next episode will be good because sutton will actually get to see what emma's life is really like and how hard it is.


I don't think is was a really good episode...
And Ted may be the father of Emma and Sutton, according to the druk docter saying something about Annie and a weekend in Santa Barbara.
I don't think you can actually escape that easily from a psych ward. And where does Annie wanna go? She can't find Alec or Sutton and Emma by herself.
I think that Sutton needs to come home soon and that Emma and Sutton need to help each other to find their mother back. It's getting way too boring, with nobody finding out that Sutton actually isn't Sutton but Emma.

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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Thayer: You must love do everything alone.
Emma: No. No I hate it.

Let's just say you can't run from your past.