The Lying Game Review: "Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High"

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How can you tell if someone's lying?

Well, if that quote isn't the premise of this entire show, I'm not sure what is. "Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High" took us one step closer to everything we've been waiting for.

Sutton is out of jail and slumming it in Vegas. Lucky for her she has an awesome, loyal, hilarious best friend in Lexi. Lexi was so close to Emma she knew instantly that it wasn't Emma. I think Sutton was shocked at what it's like to have a friend like that.

A Death Stare

Hopefully now that Sutton has seen what Emma has been dealing with in Vegas, she'll go easy on her when they reunite. The scene when she got in Clarice's face and told her off had to be my absolute favorite Sutton scene of the whole season. She may be stuck up, but she can also stand up to someone and that's a quality I admire.

The Oscar De La Hoya/De La Renta line cracked me up. We've spent this whole season watching Emma pretend to be Sutton. I found it really fun to watch the roles reversed. Lexi is a great addition to the show.

Back in Phoenix, I still don't really get why Alec made Derek break up with Char. If he wanted Derek to get information, why would he have Derek dump Char? I know Alec tends to pull the puppet strings with everyone, but this didn't seem all that necessary.

Then we watched Char get that phone call. Hello Charlotte Chamberlain, this is your Aunt Annie. Wait, so Char is Sutton and Emma's cousin? Char's mom flipped her lid when they got that call. Apparently Annie was her sister, who lost her way, and "they" ruined her." "They" obviously refers to Alec and Ted.

At this point I'm going to assume that either Alec or Ted is the biological father of the twins and I'm kinda leaning with Ted. I know the viewers have been vocal about this theory too, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they think of this latest development.

This whole episode everyone kept preaching about honesty. First, we had Justin on the golf course telling Ted he was his role model for honesty, then Laurel going to Kristen about how she should've been honest about having sex with Justin. Awkward! Last, but certainly not least, we had Kristen breaking down and telling Emma that her birth mother might be alive. The one caveat? She thinks the mother is really Ruth Peterson, the woman who forged her name on the birth certificates.

While Kristen may be left out of the loop, everyone else seemed a little more clued in. Next week looks intense - watch the preview NOW! - as the twins are finally reunited. I can't believe it's already the finale!! How about you, TV Fanatics?


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I am just curious to find out if Sutton will tell Emma about finding their mother in the psych hospital and that their mother thinks Emma died in the fire and that Annie said that "He told me she (Emma) died and He would not lie to me." Those comments mean that either Ted or Alec or both know that there were twins. I'm guessing Alec knew and that He now knows that Emma is not Sutton and therefore the girls switched places, especially after he was shown watching Sutton come out of Juvie. Alec also looked pissed that Sutton was picked up by someone. One of my guesses for the finale is that Alec will try to cause another car accident for Sutton just like he did for eduardo.


Alec wanting Derek to break up with Char was strange unless it's all part of the plan somehow.


Go Lexi! Char's their cousin! I said last week that Lexi would know. So was Sutton not close enough with anyone besides Ethan for anyone else to think Sutton isn't Sutton just different? Did Sutton tell Ethan about Emma? I forget. Laurel, Char and Mads didn't know about Emma. Loved Sutton giving Clarice hell. Loved Emma making Alec nervous. Loved Emma reading Sutton's letter. Loved lexi outing Sutton. Sutton was just Sutton when she was playing Emma this episode. Emma as Sutton is like a combination of the 2.


IT IS NOT THE FINALE NEXT WEEK! Could somebody please acknowledge that there are supoosed to be 12 more episodes after next week and therefore it's the midseason-finale. :)

Saad khan

its one of the shows that has grown on me with each episode.. Can't wait for finale as pre-finale episode was great. I really love Ben Elliot and Kirsten prout, they look really like a couple together.. i hope to see more of them too.


i can't wait till the finale it looks really good.this episode was really good and i liked seeing sutton have to pretend to be emma because she knew what her life was like but when she had to live it for a day she saw how much worse it was than she thought and i didn't really like that sutton was kinda mad that emma told lexi everything when she had done the exact same thing with ethan but i liked that sutton was shocked to find out that lexi knew she wasn't emma the second she got in to the car because they are such great friends and sutten doesn't have friends like that i loved the part at the end where emma said she was going to have to leave as soon as she could to ethan and the worse part would be saying bye to everyone especially him and then he said not him cause he would go where ever she was going and i just thought that that part was so romantic i felt kinda bad when emma grabbed the letter from kristen because she knew it probably said somthing about her and sutton switching places and then at the end when she read it i felt bad for her because her sister thought that she was stealing her life and that she didn't know how far she would go and emma didn't steal her life sutton asked her to pretend to be her till she got back and she hasn't gotten back yet and even though she ended up in juvi as emma that was her fault for getting caught and going the mental hostpital and breaking the rules.


It's NOT the finale next week but the midseason finale. I really liked the fact that Lexi noticed right away that it wasn't Emma but Sutton. I'm still surprised that nobody in Phoenix (except for Ethan) noticed Emma's not Sutton. I'm SO looking forward to the next episode, I can't wait to finally see Sutton and Emma meet again, although I'm sure it will not end well for Emma...


Yeah, can't believe it eather actually. The final is next week. And when is season 2 coming up? I hope soon. Really want to know what is going to happen, if Emma and Sutton are meeting Annie again and if Kristen is going to find out about Ted lying to her.

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C'mon no girl wants to be a drooling idiot when it's her first time.


Sutton: Have you ever noticed what a big stupid mouth I have?
Lexi: Frequently.